Liberals United of the Collective West Marching Onward in Their Gleichschaltung Saga

The Collective West fails to understand and acknowledge is that this longstanding process, which has reached its ugly peak with the crisis in Ukraine cannot be put on the back burner temporarily, let alone stopped for good.

From the looks of things we seem to be living in an age of serious oversimplification of history by the Liberals United of the Collective West or perhaps it has always been so? We are surely living in very turbulent times because all around us there is a plethora of overwhelming political issues which call for longstanding debates on all sides

Take, for example, all those insinuations spread by the “Putin paranoia” peddling tabloids that Vladimir Putin lost “his” war in Ukraine surpass anything imaginable. If one only listens attentively and tries to count the number of times Western puppet-like leaders parroting the semantic abracadabra collocation “Putin’s war, Putin’s war, Putin’s war” as if it were the Sound and the Fury’s Benjamin Benjy Comson muttering his feeble-minded thoughts in each and every of them. Now the pulp fiction tabloids came up with yet another unintelligent idea aka psyop, for the gullible masses of the West, to shovel into the headlines that both GRU and CIA work together in Ukraine for the benefit of each other’s bogus business and political dealings there, which is simply out of any thinking category.

All these tabloids of the lowest kind, which give the freedom of speech a whole new satirical meaning, regrettably, keep extolling the Russian retreat from Kherson a few days ago, even though none of us can be fully aware of the real reasons and the good reasons for the Russian retreat, given the current state of affairs there. Even a retired Polish military general did warn the Polish at least that the Russian retreat from Kherson is Surovikin’s military trap (Kudos to General Sergey Surovikin, the Armageddon, from the bottom of my heart).

On a related note, if we consider Alexander Dugin’s emotional reaction to that retreat, yes, Dugin did get rather upset because of the illustratively symbolic significance of the Kherson retreat for Russia per se. One of Dugin’s recent articles might be one of the most superb of his articles ever that this grim state of affairs in the world is the direct headlong conflict in between the West and the East along the lines of the Biblical Good vs Evil or alternatively the Divine vs the Diabolic. One has to be a most profound connoisseur of Dugin’s work in his most philosophically prolific lifetime to be able to fathom the depth of his thought. But even to a layperson, this article is a crash course into the contemporary state of geopolitical and historical affairs and its profoundly philosophical meaning of biblical proportions. This conflict in between the East and the West is surely beyond any reconciliation at least not in the foreseeable future.

Some political agreements seem doable at face value somewhere on the remote political horizon. Some peace forged may well be plausible in the interim. But the gist of this cavernous conflict is such that it does not allow room for any peace agreements and mercifully a longstanding peace in its political, social and cultural wake. No, this is not the right moment for it. These are not the right times for it. These are surely the times of earth shatteringly tectonic societal change in which one once “great” political power aka USA is miserably entrenched in the diabolic polar extreme in which the Faustian man comes to his/her most decadent decline (please pardon my pleonasm).

If we sweep the philosophy aside for a brief moment, and take a more practical look, take for instance Germany. One simply fails to understand that a country like Germany is inadvertently doing everything in its power to undermine and demolish itself to shattered pieces (yet again one might come to think) in a most inadvertently systematic way inasmuch as their own government is destroying their own resources in one way or another, be it the sanctions against Russia or their baseless Green agenda enveloped in climate change histrionics. Whatever we might tend to think about the Germans, they have been famous and infamous for their rational approaches to things. After all, they are Germans, right?

One has to remember Chekhov’s short story Steppe published in as early as 1914. The greatest issue Chekhov pointed out in his novella were in fact liberals … as if he were writing his novellas in this day and age. You can do anything you wish but you cannot talk against the liberals in the 21st century (un)democratic Collective West. What the Collective West call “neoliberalism” is de facto liberalism clad in the emperor’s new clothes. The liberals of the Collective West are desperately trying to whitewash history and all of a sudden they have been name shaming Putin calling him a Nazi or a fascist but the very same Collective West keep stumm about the Olaf Scholz’s Nazi family roots or that of Ursula von den Lugen. Or if we venture to travel across the Atlantic Ocean for instance a potential NATO secretary general may well be Chrystia Freeland, the deputy prime minister and finance minister of Canada, who is considered a strong choice but lest we forget her grandfather on her mother’s side had a bogus Nazi background.

Funnily enough, the UN Resolution for potential war crimes to possibly try and pin on Vladimir Putin’s lapel has been put forth for decades now on a regular yearly basis in the very same UN General Assembly and each year USA, Ukraine and Canada are the ones to fiercely oppose it and veto it out. How come all of a ‘historic’ sudden, it is being voted in the UN only this year again by the very same countries who have kept opposing it but now are all guns blazing in favor of it in their insanely immature effort to oust Vladimir Putin ? “The rules for thee but not for me” seems to have turned into a nursery rhyme for the Liberals United of the Collective West.

That liberalism ideology has reached a point when it is an insufferable form of any dignified thinking and practical coordinate system

The old conflict in between fascism and communism is not vitally important any longer in this state of geopolitical affairs in 2022

This ongoing conflict is a conflict between liberal in its most decadent form vs the traditional. On a practical note, if we narrow down our field of vision to the now Germany for a fleeting moment again, we can see German car industry is teetering in a dangerously pernicious standstill due to the shortage of microchips from China. The visit to China by Olaf Scholz et al got the poor balding man presiding in Bundestag to write up an article of his own authorship. Good grief! Can you imagine an article authored by Olaf Scholz in which he is lecturing Xi? As if the minute he was whisked away to China, Xi would brandish a magic wand and put a halt to his microchip industry and any other industry to suit the temper tantrums coming from the toddler boy at the helm of the Bundestag Regierung in Berlin.

But in effect, Olaf’s “blitzy” journey into China (and a rather long day’s journey into night for Germany and EU most probably being ushered in through the back door) was made so that Germany tries to avert the selling aka the takeover of the Hamburg port to the Chinese. Yes, yes, the Hamburg: the great landmark of Germany, Hamburg – the great symbol of German society and their checkered history, Hamburg with its superb Weltkulturerbe is being sold to the Chinese! Who would have thought! Two years ago one smallish percentage of Mercedes Benz was about to be sold out and the whole Germany seemed to have sprung to their nationalistic “sei stark und stolz” feet that they will not allow a national symbol of Germany such as Mercedes to be sold off to a foreign buyer and only now two years after, they are about to sheepishly sell the whole Hamburg Hafen on their beloved die Elbe river.

When Olaf went to visit China in his most recent visit to China only two weeks ago (surprisingly enough he stayed there for a meager eleven hours in total), there was no mention of Russia whatsoever and getting Xi to sanction Russia god forbid regardless of his vociferous pledges back home to his own gullible only too neo-liberal nation. Scholz managed to agree on the fact that it would be rather unwise to launch a nuclear attack at this point. Not an inch more than that.

Scholz went to China complete with his entourage of twelve biggest German companies, only to eat a humble pie and literally beg the Chinese to clinch a business deal or two with him and his German brethren to be able to scrape a decent living when back in his dear Deutschland. The same Germans who wreak havoc elsewhere globally, wherever and whenever they can, but they have to go and beg China to save Germany economically and financially. Come to think of it, if we go way back to the times of the Yalta Conference in 1945, the great leaders of yesteryear such as Winston Churchill, F D Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. The pseudo lackluster leaders of today tend to be incapable of any leadership whatsoever. There is a painfully obvious leadership crisis in the Collective West. What those Yalta Conference leaders agreed on back then has been abided by for 50 years, mercifully. But with a fast forward move to 2022, a quick look at Olaf Scholz, I have mentioned a few lines above, or take for instance his French counterpart Macron who is incapable of dealing with his own most frightening challenges in France with the Yellow Vests and thousands of other people protesting daily and weekly years on end for one political or economical reason or another.

What the Collective West fails to understand and acknowledge is that this longstanding process, which has reached its ugly peak with the crisis in Ukraine cannot be put on the back burner temporarily, let alone stopped for good. This new looming period in geopolitical architecture was not set in motion by the likes of the then overly intoxicated Boris Yeltsin whom the West “took for a great political and economic ride” regrettably or the alleged “Great Reformer of the world”, the one with the infamously idiosyncratic mustache. These are inherent societal processes, which have obviously been long overdue, and are now being forged by very serious and politically mature men in both Kremlin and Beijing, to name but two. Let us all hope that the traditionalists of the Collective West do not get overwhelmed and absorbed in the quagmire of their ignorant Collective West evil, liberal elites.

By Natasha Wright
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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