What’s Wrong With Wilson’s Hospital School in Ireland

Westmeath’s Wilson’s Hospital School is a great school if you abhor precision, debating, Gaelic games and travellers.

Westmeath’s Wilson’s Hospital School is a great school if you abhor precision, debating, Gaelic games and travellers. This is evident from the school’s Facebook page where its young, vulnerable charges are forced to measure themselves, just like their racist ancestors measured the indigenous Irish in times gone by for signs of criminal deviance.

The purported reason for this blatant racism is to delve into the golden ratio which they insist equals 1.618, which it does not. To say the golden ratio equals 1.618 equates to saying pi equals 3, which their equally ignorant cousins in Indiana once notoriously tried to do.

Although such precision sounds pedantic, it is anything but. Pi is not equal to 3 and the golden ratio is not 1.618 and to declare otherwise is to deny mathematics and therefore to destroy science and civilisation. Is that what Wilson’s Hospital School, given its dark and sinister part, is about? Is that why they resort to the discredited science (sic) of phrenology rather to an almost limitless range of other applications and observations to foster an interest in the golden ratio? Just what is their nefarious agenda?

Did outgoing principal and warden Niamh McShane approve of this codswallop? Did she sign off on it? Is that why she is dressed in what looks like a pink prison uniform here and here? Or is it for her former “service” in Wicklow’s equivalent of Wilson’s Hospital School or that she was “Tansition (sic) Year Co-Ordinator” in Alexandra College, which was founded by Ann Jellicoe, the notorious eugenicist? Although Ms McShane’s sartorial style is a cause for alarm, so too is that of the students, who flank her like rather rotund prison warders? Why force the boy to wear pants and the girl to wear a skirt? Why no gender fluidity to further wind up the local Catholics?

Although Ms McShane likes to dress like a prison convict, the vulnerable students don’t seem to fare much better. The school’s draconian dress code forces students to divide along binary lines and to dress as either a boy or a girl, with not even a passing thought given to those who are non binary. Is that the best tansition (sic) year students can expect from this school that insists that the golden mean is 1.618?

Although I am assuming Ms McShane identifies as a female, at least for personal pronoun preferences, I do this because the school’s Facebook page said she was presented with “a tile”. Although Wilson’s Hospital School’s vulnerable students could profitably debate whether she was worth giving a solitary tile to, perhaps Mr Burke, who runs their debating society, could rule on that one. If not, perhaps the Parents’ Council, if it actually exists, could provide their input. If not, perhaps Mr Milling, the new principal, seen here with what appears to be a costumed student, could opine.

For the truth of the matter is that Wilson’s Hospital School is not very inclusive. Not only is Mr Burke, the coordinator of their debating club currently in prison but Gaelic games are excluded from the school’s large menu of sports which only include the garrison games of hockey, basketball, rugby, soccer, cricket and badminton. Although Multifarnham GAA does get a passing mention on the school’s Facebook page, Mr Milling and the school’s management committee should declare whether the exclusion of GAA and camogie is a direct result of the schools original Penal era anti Catholic ethos.

Nor is the persecution of GAA players and the repression of transexuals the school’s only issue as its Facebook page boasts that one of its young girls, who actually looks like a confident young girl and not a muscular boy infiltrated into one of their female sport squads, is an accomplished boxer. If boxing and diversity are so important, why are there no travellers on bursaries there and why not invite great orators like Senator Eileen Flynn in to “learn the tansition (sic) year students” about Ireland’s diverse persecuted minorities, travellers, evangelical Christians and the like? Over to you, Mr Milling.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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