Anglican Leader Tours Ukraine

Though it is not easy to fill The Shoes of the Fisherman, Pope Francis need not be the total klutz or MI5 muppet all Welby’s ineloquent speaking in tongues, is.

The state-controlled BBC reports that retired banker Justin Welby, who fronts the religious wing of King Charles’ Anglican cult, has joined the van of MI5’s Russophobia bandwagon. “Archbishop” Welby, who claims to speak in tongues every day to impress the evangelical wing of his cult, says that Ukraine should not negotiate with Russia and that Russia delenda est, Russia must be destroyed.

On a visit to Bucha, which seems to be a mandatory stopover for every tin pot propagandist visiting Zelensky’s rump Reich, this banker in priestly robes blamed the atrocities that occurred there on Russia and said that “Lavrov and Putin” must “stop lying” about what occurred there. As someone who has spent very considerable time investigating similar MI5 false flag attacks not only in Syria but in Ireland as well, let me again put my cards on the table, just as I did when Pope Francis gassed off about Bucha’s atrocities, which the Pontiff tried to pin on, of all people, Siberian Buddhists.

Though I believe, like the world and his mother, that atrocities were carried out in Bucha, I believe, on the masses of footage documenting the time immediately after Russia’s evacuation, disseminated through Twitter and other social media outlets, that those atrocities were committed by neo Nazi units loyal to the Zelensky junta. Not only is there video footage galore pointing to that conclusion but all the evidence, both before and after Bucha, would lead the man on the Clapham omnibus to conclude that many of the Nazi forces fighting for the Zelensky junta have all the very worst traits, shooting unarmed Russian speaking civilians included, of Hitler’s Waffen SS. They are, in a word, scum.

As for Welby’s claim that Lavrov and Putin are naughty little boys who tell porkies and who must be spanked like Welby’s strange Eton schoolboy chums for it, Lavrov is the foremost diplomat of our era and Putin is a politician of no little repute. They are not, in a word, given to telling barefaced lies in Russian, German, English, French, Dhivehi, Sinhala or any of the other tongues they have collectively mastered.

On the subject of the Holy Spirit’s tongues, the only ones Welby seems to have mastered are the forked tongue and the tongue tied, at least whenever MI5 collusion with ISIS death squads is mentioned. As regards Welby’s supposed concern for the Christians of the Middle East, Welby and his cult, its evangelical wing in particular, are amongst their bitterest enemies. Although one need only look at the nefarious activites of Christian Zionist Anglicans Samara Levy or Andrew White, the self styled Vicar of Bagdad, to see that, their role, when one scratches beneath the surface, is much more invidious and only a BBC watching simpleton would believe that Anglican fixer Terry Waite was not wired for sound when Hezbollah grabbed him.

But back to this BBC report of Welby traipsing like Santa’s reindeer through the Ukrainian snow, where we learn that “local priests helped people escape [from Bucha and Irpin} under fire”. As the state funded BBC is promoting the head of the state funded Anglican cult, are we to assume those priests were Anglican vicars or should we assume those heroes were priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church being regarded as legitimate targets, as untermenschen, as the tongue of Goethe or, for that matter, Herr Hitler, would have it, and therefore being deemed eligible for all kinds of abuses, many of which have been documented here for reasons we have already strongly hinted at?

Oh sorry. The priests of the Russian Orthodox Church, like the martyred Syrian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic and Latin Catholic priests and bishops of Syria do not matter, at least not to the BBC, the Anglican cult and other state funded mouth pieces of the British and allied regimes.

Though my particular account of the proclivities of their BBC and Anglican front men won’t cause MI5 too many headaches, they should be aware bigger forces than Putin, Lavrov and even Pinocchio himself are onto their wiles. Here, for example, is Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ms Hua Chunying, calling out the BBC on their 007 like licence to kill the truth, to produce all the disinformation it likes with legal immunity from the British state that controls both it and Welby’s outfit.

Mention of the Chinese brings us back to Pope Francis’ attack on the Buddhists of Southern Siberia. Such attacks, as the more substantial Jesuits of earlier eras could have told him, do not go unnoticed by Ms Chunying’s department and, therefore, by Chinese President Xi, who recently declined a meeting with the Pope supposedly because he was too busy but, in reality, because he did not want to hear the Argentinian gas on about Hong Kong Archbishop Joseph Zen, who MI5 have landed rightly in the soup over the riots and related murders their agents committed to bring MI5 style democracy to their former colony.

Although I don’t believe Archbishop Zen’s case is entirely hopeless as there is a sizable Jesuit community in Hong Kong which included, until quite recently, my good friend Joe Mallin, whose father, Irish Citizen Army leader Michael, was murdered by an MI5 firing squad in 1916, the caliber of Jesuit has fallen like a lead ballon since Joe and his cohorts were hale and hearty.

Though it is not easy to fill The Shoes of the Fisherman, Pope Francis need not be the total klutz or MI5 muppet all Welby’s ineloquent speaking in tongues, is. The way forward for the Catholic Church is to stop wasting time with Anglicans and other fifth columnists, to lay off the Buddhists of Siberia, to respect as immutable that the Russian Orthodox Church is in the marrow of all Russians and, whilst breaking bread with Russians, Chinese and Vietnamese, to bring something more than Welby’s catechism of MI5 cliches to the table.

Pope Francis should, at a start, put down The Shoes of the Fisherman and pick up a copy of The Reconquest of Ireland by murdered Irish Citizen Army leader (and Michael Mallin friend and comrade), where he tells us “the thing that matters most is not so much the extent of our march, but rather the direction in which we are marching”. Pope Francis should let Welby and other MI5 show boaters prance about like puppies in the Ukrainian snow, while he gets on with the business of building bridges to peace with Syria, Russia, Iran and China.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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