Ukraine Demands Yet More NATO Weapons and Generators

Although Ukraine’s power grid has been heavily hit, it is as nothing compared to what Syria is suffering this very day.

NATO’s BBC outlet reports that their NATO masters have promised to supply the rump Ukrainian Reich with yet more weapons and a pile of generators to keep Kiev’s Christmas lights burning brightly for both Christmas and Little Christmas. The problem, it seems, is that Russia’s Armed Forces have an increasing propensity to destroy Ukraine’s power grid, pulverize its water reserves and shred those NATO supplied weapons Ukraine does not offload onto Zelensky’s partners in the international black market.

NATO are unhappy with Russia’s actions, which they and their G7 flunkeys classify as war crimes, even though Russia’s actions are a watered down version of what NATO did in Iraq and what NATO and Israel currently continue to systematically do in both Syria and Gaza. The blockades of and systematic destruction of Serbia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, Libya and a host of other countries NATO put on their butcher’s block show beyond any debate that it is NATO and her BBC apologists that belong both in the dock and on the gallows; not only is it a disgrace that these serial criminals have yet to face the harshest justice they richly deserve for their multiplicity of war crimes but their evasion of the hangman’s rope indicts us all.

Although Ukraine’s power grid has been heavily hit, it is as nothing compared to what Syria, a third of which is illegally occupied by U.S. troops, is suffering this very day. Although Ukrainians are suffering from the cold, it is as nothing compared to what NATO has inflicted on Syria’s children, countless numbers of whom freeze to death, winter after bleak Syrian winter.

In her efforts to show that her husband, the Clown Prince, is not Kiev’s only joker, Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska compared Russia’s bombardment of their rump Reich to Britain’s Blitz and she then joked that all she and the rest of Ukraine’s privileged elite want for Christmas is some nebulous form of justice, which Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba explained was the capitulation of Russia, which Estonian Foreign Minister (and notorious Waffen SS admirer) Urmas Rainsal explained was to be achieved by massive missiles strikes into the heart of the Russian motherland.

Though it seems a few Dr Strangelove videos would make good stocking fillers for that crazy lot, Russia’s aerial attacks are in no way comparable to the Blitz, which witnessed the Luftwaffe, with clowns Hitler and Gőring at the helm, make strategic blunder after strategic blunder against England’s “bitter weeds”.

So much for the Brigadoon parallel universe of these profiteering charlatans. Russia, as it did in 1812 and in 1941, is simply using its weather for home advantage and who at West Point or Sandhurst could honestly fault them for that? Though the answer to Russia’s sporadic bombardment is conceptually quite simple, it is obviously beyond the ken of the Zelensky household who are too preoccupied with their holograms, their international property portfolio, their Milanese catwalks and their imports of Colombian nose candy.

The solution is for the rump Ukrainian Reich to return to the negotiating table, to stop murdering their own negotiators, to banish Ukraine’s (and Estonia’s) Nazi militias, to ban Boris Johnson and other sleaze bag British politicians from dictating their political and negotiating positions, to condemn France and Germany for their failure to uphold the Minsk agreements, to stop persecuting the Russian Orthodox Church and to rid itself of the Zelensky family and all profiteers like them.

All of those preliminaries would only be for starters. The real problem is not Russia, which will border Ukraine until the end of time but the U.S. which is using and abusing not only Ukraine but all of Europe to emasculate and enslave the entire continent from Dublin to Vladivostok.

Here in Dublin, our Prime Minister is blaming local protests on Putin’s machinations. This overpaid clown is telling us that “Putin is weaponising migration” and that it is somehow Putin’s fault that tens of thousands of Georgians, Albanians and Nigerians have, along with over 100,000 Ukrainians, been foisted upon us and are being housed and fed in five star hotels at our expense. Not only that but because of Putin, we must give Ukrainains their own houses gratis even as over 50,000 Irish people are homeless and have only the snow shrouded stars as their canopies.

For all the huff and puff of these hucksters, the story is not only much worse than that but is set to get yet worse. Just as Julian Assange pointed out with Afghanistan, so also has NATO a massive money laundering scam afoot in Ukraine. And with all scams, there are winners like the Zelenskys and the braying donkeys of the Irish and Estonian political establishment. The losers, who include not only all those Ukrainian soldiers who died in vain but also the ordinary Germans, who have seen their country’s industrial infrastructure destroyed to serve the insatiable greed of the Zelensky and Biden families. Once the worm fully turns, as it will in the New Year and the Germans, the Irish, the British and Europe’s other American flunkeys are forced to choose between eating and heating, between subsidizing the Zelensky’s property empire and keeping their own families alive, then all the “let them eat insects” spin of the BBC and NATO’s other media outlets will not stem the pending deluge that will be as unstoppable as the carnage that followed the 1789 storming of the Bastille.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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