1244, Dayton, Brussels, Washington, Non-Papers of All Sorts

The Serbs may have been too naive and gullible to place trust in the agreements signed so far on this issue and performing on each clause therein in the same manner the Russians have placed a most naïve trust in the Minsk Agreements.

Resolution 1244, Dayton Agreement, Brussels Agreement, Washington Agreement, German-French non-paper: papers of all sorts which mean diddly-squat.

Serbs are on the barricades in the North of Kosovo. It’s been two weeks now. Repetitive gunfire and armed conflict in Zubin Potok two days ago, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic with the Serbian military general HQs chief visits Raska. Pristina bans Serbian Patriarch from coming to Pecka Patrijarsija and serving the Christmas religious service for the local majority Orthodox Christian Serbs.

Could anybody kindly remind Kurti (aka the local tribal mafia boss of his self-proclaimed pseudo state of Kosovo) that the Serbs are not afraid of his terror regime and his hit lists with the names of the Serbs to be killed by him and his blood thirsty mercenaries? Only a blurred video appeared in the social media with the sounds of repetitive gunfire but there is nothing to see clearly and only vague reports coming from both sides. The Quint countries keep sending out ultimatums to the Serbs to remove the barricades and the deadline issued is 48 hours for the Serbs. They should be well aware that the Serbs are allergic to ultimatums. A resurgence of hostilities by the Shqiptari yet again. The Serbs defending their centuries-old heartland. Plus a range of manipulation tactics by Washington and Berlin. Both KFOR and Pristina deny any incident happening there.

The Collective West and their mafia boss in power Kurti, the Shqiptari warmongering leader of dubious background, are waging a psychological warfare against the local Serbs and Serbia as a whole. KFOR and Pristina claim there was no attack on the police forces but still the police did intervene in them trying to remove the barricades bravely erected by the local Serbs. This seems like yet another deja vu manipulative tactic to raise tensions and fumbling in the political dark to see what the response by Serbia might be. Let us all remember that this happened right after the EU and the Western Balkan countries in Tirana only recently and immediately after Gabriel Escobar and Miroslav Lajcak visited Pristina the day after, only to leave immediately afterwards. One has to make a research informed assumption that it must have been a preplanned scenario. After all, the Kosovo Shqiptari always respond to orders from Washington, London and Berlin. They cannot bat their political eyelid without permission from the White House high officials being their evil elite enablers who put them in illegal power in the first place in the failed, quasi state they had robbed from Serbia in 2008, or at least for the time being. A well-informed source among fellow reporters reported that this apparently ‘invaluable’ piece of news about the reported gunfire there had already been prepared by one renowned Western news agency, which shall remain unnamed, on Saturday prior to the actual day it allegedly happened. The news was not released into the air on Saturday but the day after though when the Western media pretended it did happen.

One of Kurti’s malicious goals is to parade around with their ‘bogus claim to statehood’ in their false narrative. We are yet to find out about the end result of it all. They hope to generate a powerful potential to politically blackmail Serbia. Serbia may have been somewhat late in drawing our own ‘red lines’ in the manner Vladimir Putin famously did. But we Serbs are positive we shall prevail. We may have not been adamant enough to the decision makers in all this, up to now. Flaring up tensions elsewhere away from Ukraine is what the Collective West desperately needs right now to spin off the focus of the general public from their miserable failures with the buffoon called Zelensky in Kiev. Another goal is for the U.S. to show to the world and especially the EU who the real boss is here in their political, financial and economical enslavement of Europe. The Serbs may have been only too naive and gullible to place trust in the agreements signed so far on this issue and performing on each clause therein in the same manner the Russians have placed a most naïve trust in the Minsk Agreements signed so far. Yes, the Serbs are viewed by the evil Collective West as the nation which spreads an alleged malign Russian influence. So, what if we did? Russian it might be. Malign it certainly is not.

If we take into account what Merkel and Poroshenko blabbered out about the Minsk Agreements and if we establish parallels with the agreements the Serbs have signed so far, we can only recall that Serbian President Vucic recently said OK. Could you possibly kindly inform us (us the Serbs that is) which agreement in particular are we now supposed to enforce and deliver? There seems to be ‘a pick and choose’ option from a platter of alleged agreements; (note to self: Homer Simpson comes to mind).

There seems to be the fog of the war all around. This Nebel des Krieges is heavy and musty with the Nazi barb wires in midair so that it takes its toll on the local Serbs. Kurti already knows all the political magician tricks for his highwaymen. Regrettably, we will most probably have to respond the way Vladimir Putin had to on the 24th February earlier this year. Unlike the very same incident in 1995 we shall not just sit and watch the most abhorrent terror regime by the Shqiptari mafia warlords. KFOR is too weak, the U.S. military base in Bondsteel is in fact a secret prison among other things. Some tend to think there is no military base there contrary to the popular belief and contrary to what the USA wants to represent it as. Serbia will most probably face further political gruesome blackmailing in that ‘so called’ legally binding agreement under the false U.S. excuse of peace and stability. U.S. and EU together with the whole Collective West plus NATO tend to always sign pseudo agreements which are legally binding for others but not for them. Hey, Washington, Berlin, London we have seen through your woeful warmongering games. We, the Serbs, shall rise above it and we, the Serbs, shall prevail.

The institutions in the West cannot understand that and they seem to be rather uninterested in the whole affair because they are there to simply do their jobs (Nazi Gestapo style, they are there simply to tick their civil servants’ checklists. Their only mechanisms to do that are to send off endless special envoys for the Balkans. There seem to be eight of them right now, one cannot even remember who these names masquerading around are, including those from, believe or not, Greece and Slovenia. One simply has to laugh at the choice of the latter two. Why on earth Greece and Slovenia? They travel around, they issue official reports, but they are incompetent at delivering any solution. One can guess the distorted view of the world in the Collective West from all this. Neither do they wish to reach any agreement. If they did, they would lose their precious paychecks. They can keep their jobs only if they flare up tensions continually. Why do the Germans and Americans push their agenda and their fishy looking envoys? The USA, the UK, the EU and Germany particularly are using hodge podge tactics in their malicious interference. Yes, yes, yes we know already about the good cop, bad cop tactics. Now we can see ‘a more engaged cop and the less engaged/pretending-to-be-dormant cop’ in that both sides amateurishly feign political madness and pretend to be more of an allegedly uninterested/disinterested party U.S. and using Germany as their side channel of their malign underhand actions.

Please, Washington DC do not even try to pin this on Vladimir Putin. The Russians simply do not resort to this strategy in that they do not have instruments of destruction the way you do. We, the Serbs, are positive that both Russia and China follow all this with utmost attention and scrutiny what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija. Their only political mechanism is the UN Security Council. Serbia was brutally pushed into opting out of the Security Council to deal with the Kosovo issue and opting for the EU instead twelve years ago, which was a massive political error. The reason for this was that Serbia placed enormous confidence in the EU. But the financial crash in 2008 was a telling sign that the EU will end up in a blind alley of her own doing. No, Russia does not want the conflicts to flare up in Kosovo. Don’t you think if that were true, they would rather Taiwan blew up in smokes for China to get involved in the conflict of massive proportions and painfully realise then that Russia and China should go on standing together economically, financially, politically for ever.

Who is the chief wrongdoer in Kosovo (and Metohija)? Who keeps stirring trouble up the political quagmire? Russians surely don’t. The Russians were not the ones to have sent their dilettante speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan to poke and provoke. Americans did. What ensued was that the Chinese then organized the biggest display of military manoeuvres in their recent history. We, the Serbs, are well aware who the chief mastermind of all this in Kosovo and Metohija is. Vladimir Putin rightly asked in 2015 in the General Assembly ‘Are you, people, aware of what you just did?’

The Serbs cannot possibly tell what Kurti’s next move will be but the Serbs will not stand back. Not this time. If you look at the German-French agreement offer and they in their arrogance dare call it using a politically bland and arrogant name : a non paper . George Carlin, the late U.S. stand up comedian with acerbic wit, comes to mind)

The Shqiptari and their U.S. paymasters just pigheadedly go on with their demands offering nothing in return. They mysteriously transmuted a non-paper into an EU formal document using all manner of alchemist tricks firmly believing the Serbs will fall prey to blackmailing and hijacking of our institutions forever. We are painfully aware that the EU and USA tend to ignore and deny the new shifts in the global geopolitical architecture and overwhelming power shifts, without understanding that their political psychotic denial will render them useless and redundant pretty soon.

Given what Julian Assange disclosed in Wikileaks, that Serbia is to have a very bright future ahead of her with Kosovo remaining its integral part as has been for centuries and that Elon Musk a few days ago got Twitter to remove the quasi Kosovo quasi national phone number prefix (meaning: if you are based there you simply cannot create or use your profile using that prefix they would have to use the official Serbian phone prefix) the Serbs wonder if we are going to see a NATO stampede out of Serbian Kosovo and Metohija complete with their arrogant, half literate bureaucrats from EU the way they did from Afghanistan in September 2021) soon.

By Tatiana Obrenovic
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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