A Day in the War for Reality

If you live in the United States, every day you wrestle with hopelessness and disappointment.  The media has gone insane, and it is that same media, of course, that is your only source for information on how Americans are responding to the sickening lies.

We call this a “Catch 22.”

I woke up today to a Norwegian news story that detailed Russia’s massive underground child torture chambers just discovered in Kherson.  The story, of course, is utterly false but it was sent to me by a leader of the anti-vaccine movement in Norway.

That person believed all of it.  Is discernment dead?


They call the current milieu in America the “post truth” era, a time when any fact can be tossed aside, and any conjecture or falsehood now has standing as fact, perhaps as “alternative facts.”

Americans in the Post-Trump era have been vaccinated, not for COVID but vaccinated against any and all “information” from any “well-established” or official source.

This is both good and bad as “alternative facts” are simply the same disinformation and psychological warfare.

Investigations that will never be widely reported easily demonstrate that the mainstream media and entire internet, including all social media outlets, secretly run by Israel’s Unit 8200.

The same folks that “pump and dump” the worlds markets long ago pushed aside the “techies” and took control of Silicon Valley.  Any investigation, no matter how perfunctory, gives us names, be it Intel Corporation or Wikipedia, that lead us to world organized crime.

Similarly, Wikipedia’s long history of character assignation against human rights activists and independent journalists is rather famous, just as with Intel’s “back door” access built into every processor.

This global organization, dedicated to disinformation, overtly controls Microsoft Corporation, Google, Intel, META (banned in Russia) and dozens of other familiar names along with most major entertainment and news organizations.

A Day in the Life

It begins each morning, the news reports.  From the US Congress, an acolyte of the Israel lobby, Congressman French Hill of Arkansas a bill regarding Syria is introduced.  This bill is predicated on the “alternative fact” that the crimes of ISIS and Al Qaeda (both are banned in Russia), the “bedfellows” of the CIA and Mossad” can be blamed on the Assad government.

No lie is too absurd to peddle on the “dumbed down” public.

Hill and his fellow Republicans, individuals funded by powerful Israeli “oligarchs,” read “gangsters” along with “big pharma,” “big oil” and the war lobby have accused Syria and President Assad of running a worldwide narcotics empire.

These same individuals, some years ago, claimed the Taliban (banned in Russia) ran a worldwide narcotics empire by running a fleet of long-range planes flying from what could only be American bases in Afghanistan.  Are Americans that careless or is this story just as crazy?

The CIA’s Drug Empire

Some years ago, in a debriefing of a US Navy SEAL commander working with a well-known PMC tied to America’s “right wing,” the details of the CIA’s heroin empire in Afghanistan came out.

Colonel Jim Hanke, radio host Mike Harris and I spent several enjoyable hours with a Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, the most senior of all the SEALS, hearing his descriptions of trucking heroin from Helmand Province in Afghanistan, into Pakistan for distribution, not by a mysterious and imaginary Taliban air force but something more familiar, American Global Hawks.

With a range of 16,000 kilometers and a payload of 1300 kilograms, the average payload of a Global Hawk, at wholesale prices ($50k per kilogram) makes a single flight worth $65 million.

Opium was processed into heroin using chemicals imported for “dry cleaners” brought in from Karachi, Pakistan by truck.  Processed heroin was flown out in long-range drones from a small landing strip north of Pakistan’s Gwadar, handled by Americans contracted to the US State Department.

Each of these transactions included paying off the Taliban(banned in Russia) but the profits went to members of the United States House of Representatives who chose to make “private investments” in commercial (read “narcotics”) ventures to aid the people of Afghanistan.

From there drug shipments went to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo where they were turned over to the MEK, a former terrorist group represented by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.  From there they travel to Mexico or to Brussels, on CIA contracted airlines and reach worldwide distribution.

A new and cheaply produced drug called Fentanyl has cut into CIA profits.

Then again, new opportunities in those areas destabilized by the current conflict in Ukraine open up new avenues, selling human organs, sex trafficking refugees and, of course, diverting weapons shipments to “friendly” terror groups across Africa.

The Captagon Fairy Tale

The current story says Assad is manufacturing Captagon, a methamphetamine comparable to the Ritalin Trump is allegedly addicted to.  Problem here is that previous investigations tied Captagon to ISIS and al Qaeda (both are banned in Russia), and were well confirmed.

Less publicly, reliable intelligence reports tied Captagon and Fentanyl production to Israel and Qatar.  When one Captagon manufacturing facility was found in 2015 in what was then ISIS occupied Raqqa, Syria, Qatari and Turkish officers were onsite as well as facilities for manufacturing chemical weapons.

COVID the Weapon

With well over 1 million Americans dead of COVID 19 and between 400,000 and 700,00 of the dead attributed to “vaccine avoidance,” one might want to look at the “spiritual and intellectual” basis for the varying movements, be it those who opposed masks and lockdowns or those who now claim that millions, up to one billion, children have died of vaccination related illness.  These stories fill Twitter and are heavily promoted by Google as well. The truth?

The founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, an organization intent on discrediting science and spreading bizarre lies about vaccines is an Israeli agent from Unit 8200 that was assistant to Israeli spymaster Michael Oren.

Sources in the Justice Department indicate that Oren was being investigated for stealing American nuclear secrets and running a spy ring that penetrated the US Department of Energy, not just stealing documents but nearly a ton of weapons grade nuclear material as well.

That investigation, under the loose reference of “The AIPAC Spy Ring” was terminated by orders from the Bush 43 White House and those involved silenced.

This weapons-grade nuclear material was, according to a senior IAEA official speaking in confidence, sold to Taiwan, Brazil and even Saudi Arabia while part was manufactured into “deniable” nuclear weapons used against Syria and Yemen among others while controlled media smeared anyone reporting these nuclear crimes.

One might think back to the Beirut explosion and take note, ammonium nitrate is inert, much like potassium nitrate, unless manufactured into an explosive.  With potassium nitrate, you must add sulfur and charcoal, then you get gunpowder.

The mixture to make ANFO is a bit more complex, far more dangerous and will not be published here but suffice it to say, all the ammonium nitrate in the world, burned or impacted in other ways is utterly harmless.

Was Beirut nuked?  Yes.  But let us return to our discussion of the weaponization of COVID.

We will also take note that stories reported but quickly discarded, even by the controlled media, have established that COVID 19 is a laboratory creation and cannot occur under any imaginable natural transformation.  From Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a licensed physician:

Nov 4, 2021

Dr. Fauci says that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) did not fund ‘gain-of-function’ research in Wuhan and even if they did, the newly created superviruses are genetically too dissimilar to COVID to have caused the pandemic.  The leftwing media allows this blather to accumulate without any critical analysis.

First, no one, not myself or anyone I’m aware of, argues that a recombinant supervirus that has been published in scientific journals is COVID-19 or a close relative.  If COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan lab, it would be a laboratory-created virus that the Wuhan scientists have not yet, and are unlikely ever, to reveal.

What we are arguing is that the techniques that the NIH funded in Wuhan to create enhanced pathogens may also have been used to create COVID-19.

Fauci’s sophistry is a straw man argument to avoid a fact that even the NIH now admits: that a recombinant virus created in the Wuhan lab and funded by the NIH did display increased lethality.

One way of denying that the NIH funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan is to scrub the NIH website of its ‘gain-of-function’ definition.

On October 20th, the NIH admitted in a letter to two Members of Congress that research supported by the NIH in Wuhan did create viruses that gained function or gained in lethality. 

On the same day, the NIH removed its previous definition of gain-of-function research from its website and replaced it with another term: “enhanced potential pandemic pathogen” research. As described on the NIH website, ePPP research refers to research “that may be reasonably anticipated to create, transfer, or use potential pandemic pathogens resulting from the enhancement of a pathogen’s transmissibility and/or virulence in humans.”

And wouldn’t you know it, the NIH letter admitting the agency funded research that strengthened bat viruses in Wuhan makes no mention of gain of function research either. Rather, the letter argues that the experiments do not count as ePPP research “because these bat viruses had not been shown to infect humans.” 

So what explains the change in terms? To avoid contradicting Dr. Fauci’s testimony that NIH does not fund gain of function research, the NIH is compelled to change the topic. The NIH is effectively moving the goalposts and arguing that any experiment that combines an unknown virus with a known pathogen such as the SARS coronavirus (15% mortality) is not gain-of-function because the experimenters do not know yet whether the recombinant virus will be enhanced.

That’s crazy!  Defining away ‘gain-of-function’ research by saying it doesn’t exist unless you know in advance it will occur is the very essence of hubris.

So, according to the altered NIH standard, recombing any unknown bat virus with a deadly virus like MERS (a coronavirus with mortality as high as 50%) is NOT gain of function research because the result is not yet known.

Why so many machinations and word manipulations?  Because ultimately, we’re talking about culpability here.  NIH, under Dr. Fauci’s tutelage, funded research in Wuhan that used recombinant genetics to merge unknown bat coronaviruses with a known pandemic pathogen, the SARS virus.

And Dr. Fauci still claims it isn’t ‘gain-of-function’ research because the scientists didn’t know in advance that the newly created virus would be enhanced or more deadly.

But isn’t that the very purpose of the experiment to see if the newly created virus has gained function?

Under Dr. Fauci’s convoluted definition, no experiment, no matter how deadly the combination, would be considered ‘gain-of-function’ unless the scientists knew in advance that the combination would lead to enhanced lethality.

Under Dr. Fauci’s word salad guidance no experiment combining viruses would ever be denied funding.

Then we look at more of the activities of another of the hundreds of labs involved in CIA funded “Frankenstein” research.  From Tass:

MOSCOW, June 16. /TASS/. Biological laboratories in Ukraine overseen by the US were studying viruses capable of being transmitted by mosquitoes, spreading, among others, Dengue fever, Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov said on Thursday.

“The stated goal of the project was the study of viruses capable of infecting Aedes mosquitoes. In accordance with the technical specification the viral preparation was developed by an institute in Kiev and delivered to the US to conduct air biological field research,” he said.

According to the military official, the interest of US clients to the mosquitoes that transmit such infections as Dengue fever, Zika fever and yellow fever is not accidental: during the last major yellow fever outbreak in Africa in 2011, some 170,000 cases of a severe form of the disease were recorded resulting in 60,000 fatalities.

It is not unreasonable to assume that an organization that would create diseases that could and perhaps did kill millions, would also, as part of what might well be considered a “social experiment” also build a capability of preventing measures to control these same diseases as well, such as “vaccine hesitancy” or citing well established disease prevention protocols as “tyranny.”

Is the sign of this success the bizarre fact that almost the entire alternative media has embraced these measures to the joy of those who create infectious diseases?

Early, during the initial outbreak of COVID 19, former CIA officer, Robert David Steele answered questions I posted him as to why he sought to find backing among right wing extremists and other “less desirable” elements.  His explanation, that after years of sending money fraudulent and corrupt religious grifters, the “Trump base,” as he coined it, would fund anyone willing to support childish Qanon and “anti-lockdown” drivel.

Behind it All

But it wasn’t just Israeli gangster cash and Unit 8200 managing the movement that led to the deaths of so many Americans, more than any war.

“From ‘America’s Frontline Doctors: All Roads Point to Israel

Big Money, hidden agendas, obfuscation, and the many disconcerting ties to AFLDS’ Dr. Simone Gold:’

“ALFDS was not a spontaneous grassroots organization but the brainchild of the Council for National Policy (CNP). The CNP formed a coalition in April 2020 called “Save Our Country. (SOC). This group’s leadership included Tea Party Patriots co-founder (a pro-Trump org) Jenny Beth Martin, Stephen Moore, Lisa Nelson of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and FreedomWorks‘ Adam Brandon, to name only a few.”

With all these American sounding organizations involved who would have suspected that ALFDS was headquartered in Israel.  Moreover, the ties that are perhaps most frightening are between those running ALFDS and those also running the biological research facilities in the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine that were studying bat-based CORONA viruses and developing “chimera” variants identical to COVID 19 at the time of the outbreak in China.”

It doesn’t take a genius to ask hard questions, sorting through the purposeful sea of disinformation to note that COVID 19 targeted nations where certain criminal groups could enjoy a windfall of both massive profits and political destabilization as varying laboratory COVID variants emerged in Iran, China, Italy, Spain and the United States with death rates, at first, running over 40 percent of those infected.

It was at this point that Russia sent decontamination teams into Italy, a nation that, only a few short months later, is now supplying weapons against a nation that had been their savior.


Trump simultaneously took credit for vaccines while those around him spread rumors that the vaccines had been created, in this case at Trump’s own urging, to depopulate the United States.

This was done, as part of a plan, to discredit their own vaccines, leading to economic collapse and a virtual “holocaust” with COVID 19 holding on now for years, spread through a population of unvaccinated yet, in its new weakened form, killing off the aged who are vaccinated.

Of course, what is purposefully “forgotten” is the fact that the more virulent strains of COVID killed unvaccinated at a rate 20 times that of vaccinated.

The end result was pushing US debt to over $31 trillion dollars with the last third (and more) simply stolen from the treasury with nothing to show for it.

A similar economic collapse occurred in 2007-8 when, mysteriously overnight, the top 5 investment banks, all controlled by Israeli oligarchs, suddenly went bankrupt and required taxpaying American laborers to bail them out.


The current military struggle centered in Ukraine but, in reality even more worldwide than wars we toss that name at, “world,” has pushed us into new territory.  By “new territory,” I am referring to “fake news.”  It isn’t “news” that is being faked, it’s reality.

I assert this, that destroying reality itself is an act of war against our planet and all that travel on her.  I also assert that the murder of reality, be it fake news or fake history, certainly fake “intelligence,” diminishes mankind itself.

The truth?  Mankind is being “socially engineered” on a massive scale, history fabricated or erased, religions turned inside out, all expressions of the advancement of mankind, almost all, turned to preserving a world order based entirely on centralization of utter and absolute control in the hands of mostly nameless families, often referred to as “bloodline.”

By Gordon Duff
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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