Donald Trump, the Most ‘Dangerous’ U.S. President Ever

If Trump were by any chance the thing of the past, why is the System so brutally after Trump again?

The former U.S. president Donald Trump will be charged and he will spend the rest of his misanthropic life behind the bars – says Jamie Raskin, a Democrat and the member of the Congress Board for the investigation of the Capitol Hill attack (note to the SCF readers = an alleged attack in my opinion) on the 6th of January 2021 and to avert that, says Laurence Tribe, Harvard University professor of law, in his defense he can only plead insanity. Donald Trump appears to be the most dangerous U.S. president in the U.S. history due to this insanity. It is debatable yet who is he dangerous for? In his Christmas address to his supporters and to the nation in general, Donald Trump reminded that only two years ago when he had to leave office in Washington DC, there was no war between Ukraine and Russia, and it would never have happened if he had remained in office in the White House after the 2020 elections, for which he still makes claims, and not unfounded claims at that, that those elections were stolen. For that very reason, there were massive protests by the Trump supporters on the 6th of January in front of the Capitol Hill, Washington DC, which ended with some of them barging into the Capitol Hill building (U.S. Congress building) (which for some Trump haters was an attack, an insurrection or even an invasion) but to some of us it looked like a well-orchestrated entrapment for MAGA supporters. That hapless circumstance came just in time to be used to declare that political rally a violent national rebellion against the legally elected national authorities.

Last month the Congress Investigative Committee, controlled by the Democrats (note to the SCF readers: not much democratic in the U.S. Democratic Party because their actions belie their actions) with their eighteen-month long work on the most thorough legal investigation of the 6th of January ‘attack’ completed with the conclusion which was rather predictable commensurate to its flamboyant political potential to make the already inflammable political situation in the U.S. even more explosive. After all, six months ago yet another legal suit among many others which are threatening Donald Trump, Republican senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham said if Trump eventually gets legally prosecuted, they (the USA) shall literally have mass protests and riots in the streets. Most of the Republicans, himself included, U.S. laws and legal ways are not applied in the ‘cases’ against Donald Trump. They just want to get at his back and demolish him. Senator Lindsey Graham cannot even be accused of being a loyal Trump supporter at all. As if they wanted to confirm all these suspicions against the legal system desperately wanting to demolish Trump, ‘useful’ investigators suggested that the Ministry of Justice and Merrick Garland, United States Attorney General, should initiate criminal proceedings against the former U.S. President for four reasons.

What is Department of Justice (DOJ) thinking about the legal issues at the heart of the case? The House January 6 committee argued that Trump broke four laws in his attempt to stay in power: obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy (though more benign) to make a false statement and assisting an insurrection.

All in all, this is sufficient for Jamie Raskin, a congressman from Maryland, to point out that the aforementioned Trump’s misanthropic life should end up behind the prison bars. And that he would be very surprised if the Attorney General does not start the proceedings against Trump. He says that it was blatantly obvious that DT tried to meddle with the election and prevent the verification of the election results which were previously confirmed by CNN, Washington Post, New York Times and other corporate mainstream media (note to SCF readers: the latter part is surely sarcastic) He thinks it is very important to punish both the perpetrators of the 6th January insurrection (note to the SCF readers: an alleged insurrection) but to punish their paymasters as well.

It is not fair if you send off hundreds of perpetrators to prison, but their paymaster gets away with it, this congressman from the ruling Democratic Party says. Elsewhere in the world these claims would be proscribed as illegal and not allowed political interference and pressure on the independent courts and legislature in general with all the entailing criticism of the authoritarian regime to dare do such a thing. Alas, special counsel to oversee this investigation, Jack Smith, appointed for this position by Merrick Garland for this Trump’s case understood what he was supposed to do. According to what the Guardian writes, he has already started. The bonanza for the lawyers in the form of thousands of testimonies and documents has already drawn the attention of the special counsel, Jack Smith.

He has on the 5 December requested all the documents from the Investigative Committee, all the materials related to the eighteen-month long investigation. Donald Trump’s reaction was both expected and dramatic. Trump responded: “”Our Country is SICK inside, very much like a person dying of Cancer. The Crooked FBI, the so-called Department of ‘Justice,’ and ‘Intelligence,’ all parts of the Democrat Party and System, is the Cancer. These Weaponized Thugs and Tyrants must be dealt with, or our once great and beautiful Country will die!!!” That cancer-ridden government system, which Donald Trump spells with the capital letter S, is not only after him by way of the Congress investigation demanding the life imprisonment for him but he is even being investigated in the state of Georgia for an alleged election fraud and a few more accusations for an alleged rape. His tax files are being published to the general public and investigated as well but inappropriate handling of the confidential documents seems to be the most grotesque one for which Hilary Clinton (note to the SCF readers: that vicious and vile war criminal Hilary Clinton) got away with without ever being charged during her term in office nor afterwards, when she did the very same thing to a great extent.

Washington Post has already started looking for a more desirable, more politically correct successor for Donald Trump among the Republicans. Florida governor, Ron DeSantis stands out a mile. Wall Street Journal has recently said that some Republican donors say that they should leave Donald Trump behind and commit him to history. If Trump were by any chance the thing of the past, why is the System so brutally after Trump again? One has to wonder how the former U.S. President himself and his MAGA supporters will respond.

By Natasha Wright
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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