The Conservative Action. Who We Are, Who Are Our Enemies and What Do We Aspire to?

 The Conservative Action is a traditionalist think tank that includes intellectuals from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. We emerged as a vigorous reaction to the deplorable state in which our lasting space in history reached after the disaggregation of the communist system and the aggregation of ex-communist states to the Western model. This type of society is based on some false values induced in Modernity by moneylenders and merchants, who became the new masters of the order that destroyed the medieval Tradition. The social-economic and political regime that triumphed with the assertion of the dominant bourgeoisie imposed the liberal ideology as a justification for the inversion of values. The ethic of the gift has been replaced by self-centeredness, generosity has been replaced by rapacity, love has been undermined by individualistic selfishness.

The vertical perception of the world, which accompanied all human societies throughout history, was replaced by a horizontal vision, disconnected from the divine source, man giving up the aspiration for perfection and spiritual elevation in favor of self-divinization. Man became the measure of all things, without divine commandments and without moral obligations to the Creator. This is how all the totalitarian ideologies were born, which embraced the erroneous idea that man is born perfect and that a way of social organization based on a model sprung from the minds of some scientists could lead to the creation of an Paradise on Earth. This is how all utopias came about – from Thomas Morus and Karl Marx to Adam Smith and Karl Popper.

All modern ideologies are by definition materialistic, heliocentric, evolutionist-Darwinist, scientistic and technolatric. And after the disappearance from history of the communist regimes, the whole world was invaded by a single totalitarian ideology, the liberal one, which is the expression of the dictatorship of money over human societies as a whole. We have all found ourselves in a type of society where everything is a commodity, everything is salable, including man. It is about the “market society” that overwhelmed what was claimed to be the market economy. And the “invisible hand of the market” and “free competition” as founding myths of a capitalism of Jewish origin gave a total victory to the Mammonocracy, to those who worship the golden calf.

The globalist hyperclass managed to fully impose the neoliberal economic, political and juridical regime, which resulted in a huge concentration of the world’s wealth and taking control of all states through international organizations subordinate to the same plutocratic command center. The New World Order is becoming a striking reality, and the World Government is about to come out into the open on the international stage.

With the implementation of the sinister spectacle of the false Covid-19 pandemic and the announcement of the accelerated entry into a “new normal” through the “Great Reset”, the peoples of the world have found that the process of concentration of economic power and, implicitly, political, military and technological, is becoming complete. Under these conditions, the liberal-democratic political system, as well as the economic one, called capitalist, have definitively lost their reason for being since it has completed its historical purposes.

Things are made worse by the fact that the bourgeoisie, which has represented the dominant class throughout modern history, no longer needs the exploitation of people seen as “human resources” bringing excess profits, along with the technical and the financial resources. This is because techno-science has achieved a huge qualitative leap, with Artificial Intelligence and robotics being able to replace almost entirely any intellectual and physical human activity. Hence the reactivation of the old Malthusian theory of surplus population in relation to limited food resources.

At the base of the ongoing project of radical depopulation is the criminal ideology of cabalistic circles that impose myths such as those of plandemic Covid-19 or of climatism (global warming, the greenhouse effect, the harmfulness of CO2, etc.) as component parts of the strategy of genocide of a large majority of humanity.

In today’s conditions, even if the liberal ideology still seems to be dominant, in reality it is on its way to extinction, because it has already fulfilled its role as a doctrinal screen for the moneylenders and merchants who have completely seized the economic power and usurped the world’s political power. In place of dying liberalism on the stage of history, another monster rises – TRANSHUMANISM. This new form of Scientist religion is obviously of satanic origin, aiming to destroy 90-95% of the total population and to dehumanize the survivors through chip implantation and mind control using sophisticated modern technologies.

We are acutely aware that an immediate future far more sinister and inhumane than the Communist, Nazi or Liberal past is in store for us. The new form of totalitarianism looming over all of humanity goes by the seemingly neutral name of TECHNOCRACY. It is about the process of rapid digitization of the world, of establishing a regime of total surveillance of any person, wherever he is, of mental and behavioral control of everyone without exception.

In the face of an existential danger unprecedented in post-Flood history, The Conservative Action represents the will of Resistance, the purpose is to reject at all costs this diabolical plan to incarcerate the world in a worldwide GULAG. The Great Reset is rolling with increasing speed upon us. And we have no other chance of survival than to raise our chests, in full stature in front of the “mystery of lawlessness”. Our society is ravaged by panic, volitional paralysis and confusion. And the vocation of The Conservative Action consists precisely in the coherent explanation of the state of the world today, in overcoming defeatist or fragmented interpretations of reality, but also in offering doctrinal and strategic solutions.

In the face of the death that the satanic globalists have prepared for us, we affirm life, in the face of the fear they try to induce upon us, we affirm the reckless courage, honor and dignity of being the crown of God’s creation. We feel with all the strength of our soul the responsibility towards God, towards the generations up to us and towards our descendants. No battle can be won by those who doubt their own victory.

We, The Conservative Action, appeal to all who feel worthy of the name of man to renounce the condition of mediocrity and to embrace the vocation to make history and to have their own destiny, earned through work and sacrifice. We firmly believe in the divine providence, we know well that God, the master of the world, sees us and rewards us according to our deeds. In our volcanic surge, we remain humble before Christ and rebellious before the enemies of the human race. We will do everything in our powers to stop our march to extinction. The chance of our reward through the manifestation of God’s arm in history will be fully exploited.

From this perspective, we, The Conservative Action, as the intellectual and volitional core of the Resistance, want to emphasize unequivocally. We are not a mono-denominational, nor mono-ethnic current of thought and action. Even though the members of the constituent group are Orthodox, we treat all members of our society with equal love and openness, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation. We do not recognize ecumenism, but we also do not confuse Orthodoxy, which is love and sacrifice for Christ and men, with Orthodoxism, which is a kind of opaque, self-sufficient and ethnocentric ideology, foreign to living Christianity.

The Conservative Action is part of a vast international network that brings together activists from all corners of the world, from Europe and America, from the ex-communist space and the Arab world, from Russia and Greece, from Armenia and Africa. In the face of a common enemy, a common response is required. The stakes are as high as ever – our survival as a human civilization. And in this life-and-death war we are brothers with all who have loved freedom as a supreme gift.

We are a generation that enjoys the rarest chance in history to share values superior to our own lives: God, Nation Family, Freedom, Love. The spiritual and metapolitical struggle is the privilege of the elects. In the face of those who want to hasten the end of man created in the image and likeness of God, we affirm the sovereign right of the Heavenly Father to decide the fate of the world. And those who at this historical moment think they are gods, blinded by their own worldly pride and power, before they meet the King of Heaven and Earth, will have to face us, the people who relate to eternity. We are the subjects of our own destiny, and we will not miss the opportunity to play our game with death with heads held high and firm feet!

By Iurie Roşca
Source: Katehon think tank. Geopolitics & Tradition

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