The Real Truth Behind Holodomor

For the Collective West, Russia is the legal successor of the USSR only when it suits their malicious agenda.

At the end of November 2022 German Bundestag passed a new resolution to declare the Great Famine in the Soviet Union a genocide allegedly committed by Russia.

For those of you who might not know, Holodomor or Golodomor is a blended word coined from holod/golod (hunger) and mor which means “to die” so that Golodomor means hunger terror, terror famine, the great famine. The Great “hunger terror” which happened in the course of 1932 and 1933 in the Soviet Union took place not only in Ukraine but all the major grain producing regions of the USSR as well, among which are the Northern Caucasus, the Volga river region, South Ural, Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and many others claimed the lives of 7 to 8 million people of different nationalities, including 3.5 million people in Ukraine. 90 years later, the German Bundestag all of a sudden (like a political vampire desperately searching for alleged genocides globally only to hide their own most gruesome genocidal history and most often brutally inventing alleged genocides done by other cultures and nations) declares Golodomor/Holodomor a genocide allegedly committed by the Russians on the Ukrainians only. In this newly issued German document the Bundestag claims that the people in the whole Ukraine, and not only grain producing regions, suffered and died en masse. Bundestag’s double standards par excellence.

In response, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that that Resolution is yet another horrid effort to justify a campaign to demonize Russia and the Russians, which is brutally being disseminated in Ukraine sponsored by the Collective West to cajole the ethnic Ukrainians to turn against the Russians and the other nationalities in Russian Federation and the former USSR.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that this Bundestag Resolution is absurd because it distorts the historical facts to a great extent. She added that the Western countries contributed to the Holodomor hugely, having demanded then that the USSR should pay in wheat in its trade deals with the West (which in parallel is exactly the same happening now in 2022 with Klaus Schwab’s absurd The Great Reset aka The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Ukrainian conflict, grain export crisis from Ukraine recently etc)

Prior to this resolution in Bundestag, the Parliaments of Ireland, Moldova and Ukraine declared Holodomor a genocide committed on the Ukrainians. Hopefully, the Irish soon see the light and push on declaring the English their most genocide-inflicting evildoers on them, lest the Irish forget, lest the world forget. The U.S. Congress adopted this Resolution even five years ago claiming that Stalin had committed an act of genocide on Ukrainians. I personally believe Americans should do research on their own genocidal presidents including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, to name but two.

We have yet to see the English declared as a genocidal nation against the Irish or the Boers in the Boers wars or on the Native American Indians or the Opium Wars in China? Or for instance the white Australians on the Aboriginal people and the list goes on. Yes, yes, that evil monster Tony Blair did send lame apologies to the Irish. He must be sniggering cynically at it. Kevin Rudd did very much the same for the Aborigines but that is simply not enough.

But to get back to the issue of Holodomor, this famine was in effect caused by the shortage of food of biblical proportions because of the most severe weather conditions and crop failure, so that the forceful collectivization of the food production ensued, though the Ukrainians now claim that it was a systematic and intentional hunger terror to cause massive food shortages so as to dwindle and annihilate the political influence of the Ukrainians. Ukraine proclaimed Holodomor as an act of genocide upon the Ukrainian people as early as 2006, whereas the former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (his “brain engines” greased and pumped by US dollars surely) shifted the historical responsibility and historical guilt for this to Russia as a legal successor of the USSR. Double standards by the Collective West yet again in that they want Russia kicked out of the UN Security Council and the UN altogether because it is not OK that Russia is a legal successor of the USSR and it was the USSR which was the founder of the UN in the first place. Then again, they do want Russia to be blamed for alleged genocides of the very same USSR. For the Collective West, Russia is the legal successor of the USSR only when it suits their malicious agenda. A great author Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who has Ukrainian family roots as well, told a long time ago that the narrative about the Holodomor genocide was/is truly an unfounded propaganda from Ukrainian most extreme nationalists. Historians and many other experts agree in their evaluation that all the efforts to portray all these tragic events exclusively and only as genocidal on the Ukrainian people tend to be abhorrently politicized, stripped of any historical context and deprived of well-proven facts.

Yes, Holodomor did happen indeed as have many other horrid examples in world history. Let me tell you about a book on “forceful collectivization”: “activists to enforce the collectivization” come to a house to snatch hold of all the food away from their destitute owners. There is one excerpt from the book: a poor woman living in her dilapidated house in abject poverty, she has a small child, she hides a cow away because she has her small child to feed. In fact, many people tried to hide away their hard-earned food supplies in blood, sweat and tears. “The then collectivization activists’” were very skilled at sniffing around brutally in order to find out where the hidden storages with food were. In one of the short stories, they find a hidden cow and in order to brutally punish the woman, they shoot the cow in its head. The poor woman runs screaming in a frenzy to milk the cow for one last time to feed her toddler. The cow writhes and whimpers in its agony of death.

These were the times of hardship for everybody. Human civilization has seen these most horrible times of famine, starvation, drought globally and historically almost everywhere. Shall we now start declaring all these countries where famine, drought and starvation happened as genocidal?

Not only Ukrainians but the Russians, Kazakhstanis, Moldovans, the regional Jews starved to death. After all, the most fertile arable land is there. There were huge amounts of crops growing there to feed the USSR peoples. The most favorable conditions for agriculture were there but that was the time of industrialization running as a parallel historical and economic process. A huge number of peasants, farmers, villagers were forcefully driven to big cities to work in factories. Let us remember where the industrialization started? Great Britain. One has to simply remember Lenin and Trotsky the then Trojan horses sneaked into the USSR earlier. Factories of course did not produce food, but the USSR government had to bring some staple food to the table at least. The then governments had millions of mouths to feed. The mouths of ordinary manual workers. Somebody came up with the idea that in that country of peasants and workers, there were some apparently well-off individuals because they owned one cow and one field to plough. So, groups of “activists” were organized who went around from one village to another particularly in those parts of the country with fertile land and brutally forced them to relinquish their own property.

The USSR government did pass a law if some food is seized from a family, there should be enough food left for the family not to starve. Who could have estimated how much is enough. Sadly, some of the collectivization activists would seize more than they should, which caused opposition and revolt among people. It was a natural thing that some would hide away the little food they had but they would be brutally punished for that

Mikhail Sholokhov in his letter to Stalin wrote about the punishment for these people who would hide away their small scarce staple food storage. The letter was rather lengthy and insightful. Sholokhov was awarded a Stalin award. Stalin held him in high esteem. He was allowed to call Stalin by phone at any moment. Not very many individuals were allowed to call Stalin at any time. He calls Stalin and writes a lengthy letter to him to say that he was writing a book Virgin Soil Upturned but he was unable to write his books in this most unfortunate situation because a most horrid disaster had befallen them. Then comes the description in the book: the family which would hide away a kilo of wheat would be thrown out into the streets and all the others were forbidden from letting that family into their homes to warm “by the hearth”, let alone give them a mug of milk or a glass of water. Destitute families would wander around the towns and villages, they would sleep on frozen ground, they would light a fire somewhere, with nothing to eat, of course they would starve to death. Those who refused to prostitute themselves would die. Those who refused to eat corpses would die. Those who refused to resort to cannibalism would die too. (note to the readers: I am not suggesting any of these “solutions” are OK).

After reading this letter, Stalin phones Sholokhov, to express his gratitude for that letter. He then goes on to wisely suggest Sholokhov had better “take a closer look” and analyse if he might have been exaggerating because it seemed impossible that there is only one side to this horror story. Sholokhov suggests that Stalin should send in his assistants to check on these rumours and reports. Then there comes “the Committee” to ascertain that these people did deserve the maltreatment that befell them. But soon afterwards, all of the Committee members were replaced, sacked, punished for what they did. that is: all those people who were too brutal in enforcing the “collectivization” orders by Stalin, but it was too late. Yes, a staggering number of people died back then. When one opens the archives at this moment in history, a century later, there is no decision / resolution by the USSR to perform and enforce a hunger terror on the Ukrainians particularly and nor was there such a resolution to do that to any other nation in particular but the kulaks. The kulaks had no nation, they belonged to no nation in particular. All nations in the then USSR suffered horribly and were driven into brutal deaths in Holodomor. One more lingering question to answer: How come Russia is to blame?

The USSR was a country with a number of federal republics. The USSR was led by a man originally from Gruzia (note to the Westerners please, stop calling Gruzia “Georgia”!) in that Joseph Stalin was an ethnic Gruzian in fact not Russian. That decision was made by a Gruzian. The head of the then Communist Party, the equivalent of a president of the country now, was an ethnic Polish but he was then the Ukrainian hero.

There was nothing to indicate that there was any resolution to murder any particular individual according to their nationality. Many people suffered most terribly of many nationalities then. Those who push the genocide agenda on Russia should dig deep in their own macabre genocidal histories. The English, the Americans, the Germans mostly.

Maybe we can expect in the near future that Gruzia could be declared a country which committed genocide because Stalin was from Gruzia or perhaps Poland because the then Secretary General of the Communist Party was of Polish nationality in the then Ukraine. He was the one to make that decision and to enforce it. Should we then blame the Polish and Poland and the Ukrainians and Ukraine for that decision and the genocide as such?

The whole thing is rather absurd but what makes it even more absurd is that the whole narrative started off not from Ukraine but from Canada. An unknown author started writing about this historical incident in the mid 1980s and came up with the term. There was not even a word Holodomor before that.

Come to think of it, Ukraine did have a reason to blame one country for genocide which was not Russia but Germany in fact. Shall we remember a very transparent and public plan Ost which talked about the fact that 30 000 000 Ukrainians should be brutally obliterated in any way imaginable so that Germany can advance eastward into the territory of the USSR. There is also a proven genocide in Babi Yar when the Germans killed 30 000 Jews merely because they were Jews. There was a hidden agenda to literally get Ukrainians and the local Jews at each other’s throats in another instance of “divide and rule.”

Maria Zakharova was absolutely right that the situation seems absurd that Ukraine would rather not blame the Germans for genocide but they do blame the Russians, which is rather odd and laughable in effect.

Yes, we all know that the Collective West has been canceling and whitewashing history for a long time now to brainwash the Ukrainians into wrong beliefs. Can anybody please declare Canada and the USA as genocidal countries against the Aborigines, the Native Americans and Eskimos? Anybody? Please? And please keep banging on about it with fanfare from your rooftops about your own genocides so that the whole world hears.

Aren’t the USA, UK, EU and the Collective West “aided and abetted” by NATO doing the very same thing now under the pretext of aiding Ukraine financially and militarily? Aren’t they doing the very same Holodomor upon Africa by stealthily stealing and redirecting the ships packed with tons of free grains aimed for Africa gifted by Russia and redirecting it to spoilt rich brats in EU and USA?

Are there now all of a political sudden, the worthy vs the unworthy victims of war or in this context: the worthy and the unworthy victims of an alleged genocide in Holodomor? Only the Ukrainians seem to be the worthy victims of Holodomor and other nations and peoples are not? What happens if Russia sues Ukraine and Gruzia for Holodomor? And how come that other former USSR member states do not shout from their political rooftops blaming Russia neither unofficially nor officially for the Holodomor on them? The German Bundestag and the Collective West must be waiting for another orange revolution orchestrated by the Collective West to possibly start doing that. I wonder when the thinking world will most urgently declare Coca Cola-mor, McDonalds-morandCOVID lockdowns-mor globally for decades now.

By Natasha Wright
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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