Zelensky’s Brown Priests

Zelensky’s rump Reich survives to spread those same toxins we umbilically associate with Hitler’s.

Recent Russian Today reports of the ongoing suppression of the Orthodox religion in Zelensky’s rump Reich are as unsettling to me, as the reports of Hitler’s suppression of the Jews in his Reich were to those who went before me. Those, who collude in this persecution in any way up to and including Pope Francis and Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church should be brought to book over this unforgivable outrage.

Even if NATO censorship ensures no one ever hears our voices, it is still essential we voice our opposition to the horrific crimes Zelensky, his reincarnated 1st Galician Waffen SS, his brown priests and his NATO backers are doing to those “who bless themselves the wrong way” in his rotten Reich. Even though we might have little time for the Jehovah Witnesses, we must stand in awe of them for paying the very heavy price in lost lives that they paid for refusing to join Hitler’s criminal armies, just as we salute those Mexican atheists who hid whisky priests during the Cristero revolt.

Although the Church imagines it is built on the blood of such martyrs, that is almost as fanciful as fables about unicorns and dragons. And, in any case, actively seeking martyrdom is condemned by the Donatist heresy. The duty of the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine is to survive and the duty of Orthodox Christians like General Armageddon is to wrench the Nazi jackboot off their necks. Russians like General Armageddon have been down this road with tougher Nazis before.

But General Armageddon, Sergey Surovikin, is a fighting man, the new sheriff in town who is there to clean up Dodge. And that is a huge job that will take many more hands than the two General Surovikin possesses. One of the missions he has been given is to cleanse Ukraine of its Nazi stench, to hack out the cancers that fuel Zelensky’s Nazi barbarisms. Those cancers include so-called men of God, who believe their warped New Jerusalem can be built on the skulls of others, Orthodox Christians in this case. It cannot and will not and anyone up to and including Pope Francis and Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church who hints or encourages otherwise must be called out on it.

Although the Church has allied itself with the State since the time of Constantine the Great, there has to be a line when dealing with a Hitler, a Nero, a Caligula or a Zelensky. Hitler’s brown priests stepped over that line, just as Zelensky’s brown priests and all Westerners who collaborate with them are currently also overstepping the mark.

Fr. Kevin Spicer’ very informative Hitler’s Priests lists 138 brown priests, 53 of whom were card-carrying members of the Nazi Party; 42 of whom held one or more doctorates, 28 of whom left the priesthood, and about 20 of whom joined the SA or the SS, or who acted as Gestapo informants. Georg Elling, OSB, for example, was born in 1899, served as an infantryman in World War I, was ordained as a Benedictine priest in 1927, left the order the following year, and left the Catholic Church in 1930. He became a preacher in the Free Religious Protestant church, and then the German Faith Movement until 1935. He joined the SS in November 1935, and worked as a Race Consultant. People like him were a curse in Hitler’s Germany and they are a curse in Zelensky’s Ukraine.

Just as Zelensky is a nominal Jew, so also was Joseph Goebbels a baptized Catholic. Goebbel’s wife Magda, however, had a Jewish father who perished in the Buchenwald slave labor camp. Magda allowed her club footed husband kill their six children before she committed suicide with him. Killing one’s innocent children, sticking one’s father in law into a gas oven and suiciding with one’s wife are not the actions of a normal Church going Catholic. Germany’s Nazis, like the coked up Zelensky and his Nazi henchmen in Kiev, were very far from normal.

Germany’s brown priests, who joined the Nazi Party, like today’s priests collaborating with Ukraine’s rump Reich, hastened Germany’s descent into the moral abyss. Some were once personally close to Hitler, including the Benedictine abbot Albanus Schachleiter, who preached at Nazi rallies flanked by members of the SA, the Hitler youth, and swastika flags before being sidelined by Hitler. Others left the Church to join the SS. Though all of these brown-shirted nut cases are an ongoing headache for the Catholic Church, other priests ended up as victims of Hitler’s Nazis.

The victims of the Night of the Long Knives included potential witnesses to Hitler’s perverted affair with his niece, Angela “Geli” Raubal. These included Erich Klausener, the chairman of Catholic Action. Two years earlier, Hitler had written to his niece, explicitly detailing his sado-masochist perversions; this letter later fell into the wrong hands. Father Bernhard Stempfle, a friend of the Fuhrer, who had previously helped edit Hitler’s book Mein Kampf and who managed to buy the letter back and return it to him, was also murdered in the Night of the Long Knives. Although her September 18, 1931 death, by a bullet from the Nazi leader’s own pistol, was recorded as suicide, there is compelling evidence to suggest the pretty 19-year-old, with whom Hitler was having a secret affair, was the tyrant’s first victim. The first detective on the scene, Heinrich Muller, subsequently rose to become head of the Gestapo while the Bavarian Minister of Justice, who hurriedly called off the investigation, became Reich Minister of Justice; pro-Nazi police closed the case without an inquest or autopsy, while Geli’s body was quickly spirited out of the country and buried in Vienna. Gregor Strasser, once Hitler’s confidant, claimed he had to stop Hitler committing suicide after he’d shot Geli. Strasser and Strasser’s lawyer, who held his private papers, were also killed when the Nazis settled political and personal scores in the 1933 Night of the Long Knives. So too was the owner of the restaurant where Hitler and Geli may have had their last meal.

These Catholic victims of the Night of the Long Knives showed priestly sycophants had little influence with Hitler’s henchmen. Although Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber of Munich and Freising was a fervent anti Nazi, he found it difficult to silence his brown priests, simply because, like all other Churchmen, they worked by gaining influence through stealth, in their case with the Nazis who brooked no opposition.

Although some, such as Bishops Franz Xaver Eberle and Lorenz Jaeger, decided to go with the Nazi flow, it should be no more surprising that some clerics would, in any generation, side with their era’s leading political powers, whether for reasons of personal or denominational advancement. Jaeger, for example, remained an arch conservative, even at the Second Vatican Council which, given his authoritarian German nationalism, should not be that surprising in retrospect.

In mulling over Nazi Germany’s brown priests, it should be kept in mind that 326 German priests were incarcerated in Dachau when the Americans liberated it and that thousands more had earlier met their end there. One such unfortunate was Bernhard Lichtenberg, the Dean of St Hedwig’s Cathedral in Berlin, who publicly prayed for the Jews every Sunday after mass and who died on his way to Dachau. Although Lichtenberg can rightly be regarded as a martyr — or, if one prefers, as a patsy — for his Catholic faith, most people, the romanticized fables of the early Church notwithstanding, have never chosen the martyr’s crown.

Others did, of course, throw in their lot with Hitler, whose meteoric rise owed much to Ernst Röhm, the homosexual leader of the largely homosexual Sturmabteiling (SA); the rumors that Hitler had been sexually dominated by Röhm and that Hitler had been a male prostitute in Vienna and Munich are supported not only by Hitler’s effeminate camp mannerisms but also by the long list of potential witnesses, Catholic priests included, he had assassinated in the Night of the Long Knives. The Nazis were, in short, moral hypocrites and in that, they were as one with Zelensky and his NATO bosses.

Although Hitler’s Reich is becoming a distant memory for many, because Zelensky’s rump Reich survives to spread those same toxins we umbilically associate with Hitler’s, we must call out each and every person of authority from the Pope down who is offering those serial criminals any succor. Not to do so would make us as culpable and taking our cue from the Jehovah Witnesses under Hitler is a bridge we must not, we cannot and we will not cross.

This is not some theological dispute revolving around the sixth century Donatist heresy. Rather, it is to plainly say that we are duty bound to stand with those priests, bishops, nuns, men, women and children Zelensky is persecuting for praying as their ancestors have prayed from time immemorial and to side with him is to be as culpable as Hitler, Goebbels, Zelensky and any and all of their brown nosed priests.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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