End the War, You Idiots!

NATO should stop their Pilate hand-wringing about sending their upgraded Tiger tanks to Ukraine’s wrecking yards as they are damned in any case.

NATO should stop their Pontius Pilate hand-wringing about sending their upgraded Tiger tanks to Ukraine’s wrecking yards as they are damned whether they throw good tanks after bad, or if they do not. The best NATO can do is to form a line of defense stretching from the brothels of Romania in the south up through Poland’s and onwards to the pimple states of the Baltic and the big mouthed women leaders of Sweden and Finland. Ukraine, like Vietnam and Afghanistan before it, is a lost cause. NATO should end this war by packing its bags, going home and allowing Zelensky’s thugs await their fate on their own.

The Americans can send their Bradleys, the British their Challenger tanks, the French their Leclercs and the Germans their Leopards. Russia will destroy all of them and all crews unfortunate enough to man them. If Hitler’s Tigers could not stop the Russian tide, nor will they.

Though the British can boast to their hearts’ content about their invincible Challengers, those British wunderwaffe weapons will break down and need repair when they reach Ukraine’s killing fields. That is assuming Russia does not send them to Hades before they first see action. Showcasing your wunderwaffe weapons in Ukraine is one thing. Prevailing, as the Wehrmacht discovered, is another.

No plan, the legendary German Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke declared in his 1871 ‘Ueber Strategy’ On Strategy essay, survives its first contact with the enemy. This will certainly be the case with NATO’s Tigers, which will fare as poorly as the Wehrmacht’s tanks did at Stalingrad and at Kursk, history’s biggest ever tank battle, when von Manstein, von Kluge and some of the Reich’s other great commanders faced Zhukov, Popov and their endless columns of T34s, which were more suited to Ukraine’s terrain than were the Reich’s wunderwaffe tanks, the Challengers, Leopards, Bradleys and Leclercs of their day.

The Germans at Stalingrad, Kursk and Normandy suffered from a number of disadvantages, many of which remain relevant today. First off, Goebbels’ relentless propaganda to hold fast until the tides would magically turn foreshadows today’s 24/7 tripe that tells us that Russia is on its knees and can be finished off with a couple of sharp, NATO directed blows to her vulnerable regions.

MI5’s Kyiv (sic) Independent (sic) leads the field in this regard. To read their tripe, the Russian forces in Ukraine are nothing Estonia or Slovakia could not extirpate in a wet weekend. Russia is just an obese teddy bear, only waiting to have its guts ripped out and its innards hacked from it, as a butcher’s knife would sunder apart a dead pig.

Though most of NATO’s psychotic media would like Russia to be hacked to shreds on the old principle that if it bleeds it leads, that process has accelerated from NATO’s illegal invasion of Iraq, where the West’s journalists were not only embedded with the U.S. military but exulted in their crimes, as well as those of Blackwater and those other privatized firms that were, like James Bond, issued with licences to kill, rape and plunder as the fancy took them. Though NATO’s media and not just the jokers of the Kyiv Independent should be answerable for that, they deserve plenty of company in the dock.

Chief of their co-defendants should be hucksters like the Bush and Blair families, grubby profiteers like Haliburton’s Cheney family and Pinocchios like Merkel and Hollande, whose outright lies over the Minsk Accord has led Ukraine into hell. Until such time as political profiteers like them, and the arms companies they are beholden to, pay in full for their crimes and for their rank stupidity, the children of Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq will continue to pay with their lives.

But those American and British generals responsible for killing those children or who armed their Azov and ISIS proxies to kill them should also swing, not only for their own culpability but for their crass stupidity as well. These stupid generals know that, from 1945 to 1989, the Soviet Union’s tank regiments were unstoppable and that is why NATO, with no other viable options, had prepared to fight World War Three in southern Germany and Czechoslovakia with nuclear weapons.

Given the former Soviet Union’s overwhelming superiority in tank warfare, do they really think Gerasimov and his chums have not picked up a few pointers, that they do not have a few tricks regarding ground warfare up their collective sleeves? Or do they think Gerasimov’s forces are, like Gaddafi’s, awash with weapons they haven’t a clue how to use? If so, they best make their peace with God, as they will be meeting Him very soon.

NATO’s hucksters are drunk on their own hubris. Steeped in the blood of the innocents of Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, they think their crimes that have so far gone unpunished will yield them bigger profits still in Ukraine. But they are mistaken.

Although NATO has successfully muffled its own peace movements, they have done nothing to weaken Russia, which has recovered from its post-Soviet malaise. If we examine Russia’s firepower, as presented here, it is fearsome. In terms of manpower, airpower, land power, naval power, natural resources, financials, logistics and geography, Russia is a world power one should not rashly pick a totally avoidable fight with, especially a fight that plays to all of Russia’s very considerable strengths.

In terms of tanks, self-propelled artillery and mobile rocket projectors, Russia is the world’s pre-eminent power. The Russians are no push over and any and all British, French, German and American tank crews crossing over into Ukraine best watch out. Should they even consider breaching Russia’s borders, they best get themselves a demographic map, which will tell them that only Moscow and St Petersburg have populations larger than 1,500,000, and therefore Russia’s 143,000,000 citizens, spread out throughout their vast and unconquerable homeland, will crush any force stupid enough to invade, just as the clubs, scythes and swords of their forefathers sent Napoleon’s La Grande Armée to their doom.

Though history will most likely have to repeat itself in Ukraine in something much more horrible than mere farce, those who ignore history’s testimonies are doomed to perish. One such voice from beyond the grave is that of Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt, a cousin of General Heinrici’s, who served for a staggering 53 years in the armies of the German Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia, the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany and who picked up more than a trick or two along the way. When presented with Hitler’s plans to repel the Normandy invasion, he scoffed that neither Field Marshal von Moltke The Elder nor Field Marshal von Moltke The Younger would ever have forgiven him for such rank stupidity, were he to implement Hitler’s idiotic plans.

When Hitler refused the pleas of both Rommel and von Rundstedt to immediately evacuate Caen, Field Marshall Kietel, Hitler’s toadyish Chief of Staff, asked von Rundstedt “What shall we do?” Von Rundstedt sharply replied “Macht Schluss mit dem Krieg, ihr Idioten!“ end the war you idiots.

Wise words as relevant today as they were on 30 June, 1944 when von Rundstedt uttered them to Hitler and his fellow idiot. But idiots never listen, not to a von Rundstedt, a Rommel or a Schőnbach as there is too much easy money to be had pandering to those who profit from producing the Challengers, the Bradleys, the Leclercs and the Leopards and who will continue to make them and the fathomless grief they cause as long as idiots like Zelensky and British philanderer Boris Johnson, who has been skulking back in Kiev to prep Zelensky his lines, are listened to.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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