Scotland’s War on Women

Can men menstruate? According to Google, of course they can. So remember that, as we explore “poor sister Scotland! Her doom is fell.”

Can men menstruate? According to Google, of course they can. So remember that, as we explore “poor sister Scotland! Her doom is fell.”

Scotland, sectarian, collaborationist, grubby little Scotland leads the world in eradicating women from the public arena. The Scottish Parliament is pushing full steam ahead to enact Big Pharma’s misogynistic legislation. Despite the Cass Review’s contrary findings and the Mengele-like Tavistock Institute, which was at the forefront of castrating young Scottish boys and chopping the breasts off young Scottish girls now being totally, utterly and irredeemably discredited, the Scottish Parliament still dances to Big Pharma’s tune.

Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Act makes it a crime for girls and women to refuse access to their safe spaces to child molesters, serial rapists and any others who wish to be amongst women or young, vulnerable girls. Good news for Scotland’s Incel cult who get their rocks off on gate crashing women-only events with the hopes they will be declined entry, whereupon they can then sue for their supposedly hurt feelings and demand settlement money of £10,000 and more. Bad news of course for all civilized Scots, particularly women and young, vulnerable children.

Scotland’s Frankenstein charge is led by the catch-all Scottish National Party (SNP), originally founded by Hitler-worshipping Scottish Nazis. The SNP, Britain’s third largest party, is overwhelmingly the largest party in Scotland, which used to be a Labour Party stronghold, with a few Conservative seats to add a smidgen of diversity to its otherwise very drab mix. Now, most folk vote SNP, which promotes the World Economic Forum’s civic nationalism, whose core is being nice to tiny but well funded pressure groups. In all of this, they are ably supported by Scotland’s Green Party which, like Green Parties elsewhere, never saw a NATO campaign they did not immediately want to sign up to.

The SNP claim to be instituting this legislation because of rulings by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which has been the sledgehammer of choice such groups have used to destroy Europe’s traditional values from Ireland in the West to Hungary and Poland further East. Though the women of Scotland are supposed to meekly acquiesce in this, their final erasure from the public space, the ECHR are not the only powerful enemies Scotland’s abandoned women face. By far, the most invidious such pressure group egging ANTIFA’s baseball bat brigade to batter them off the streets is Big Pharma’s trans lobby, which has most of the Scottish Parliament in its pocket and which has made Scotland a cold, unwelcoming and very dangerous place for those brave women, who won’t accept Google’s mockery of what constitutes a woman.

The most prominent such woman is Scottish resident J.K. Rowling who became a billionaire by writing her Harry Potter series of children’s books. Rowling has not only been cancelled from her own franchise but has been physically attacked, all for declaring that a woman is an adult female and, by implication, that a Scottish serial rapist cannot and must not be allowed to declare himself a vulnerable Scottish woman who must be housed in a Scottish prison with genuinely vulnerable Scottish women whenever his primeval urges to so choose get the better of him.

Graham Linehan has also been cancelled. His crime, over which he can be seen here sobbing, is that he accepts that the definition of a woman is an adult female and that the definition should not be so elastic as to include Scottish serial rapists and other predatory Scottish men who want to gatecrash women only spaces for their own dark reasons.

Linehan was the author of the virulently anti-Catholic Fr Ted “comedy” series. Fr Ted and a mini army of his fellow priests can be seen here stuck in the women’s lingerie section of a large shop. Although Linehan most likely wrote that to settle his own scores with the Catholic Church, most men were traditionally apprehensive of wandering into women’s spaces, be those spaces swimming areas, lingerie shops or public toilets. Scottish legislation is now geared to open all those areas and every other conceivable safe space to Scottish serial rapists and all other similarly inclined dysfunctional Scottish men as long as they declare that they are Scottish women.

Let’s next consider the case of Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, aka Posie Parker, a young English mother of four children, who has been to the fore on both sides of the Atlantic in fighting for safe spaces for girls and adult human females. When I tried to get her to speak in Dublin, every radical Irish political party, without exception, would have nothing to do with it, as they did not want to offend their Big Pharma donors. Given that bald, middle aged Italian men are allowed play sports with young teenage Irish girls, little other could be expected from Scotland’s Irish sisterhood.

The lesson in all of that is Scottish women can expect no help from England, Ireland or anywhere else as serial rapists are given the right to invade their safe spaces and young girls are deformed in ways that would have made Josef Mengele wretch.

If you want to understand how Mengele thrived, and how he was internationally respected amongst his peers and whose results were cited in peer reviewed articles long after the Third Reich expired, look no further than sister Scotland, whose doom has fell.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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