Uganda Just Condemned the West’s LGBT Agenda & Doubled Down on Ties with Russia

Few countries anywhere in the world have so openly defied Western pressure like Uganda just did this weekend.

The US-led West’s Golden Billion must be shocked by Uganda flexing its sovereignty after its President condemned their LGBT agenda and his Foreign Minister then doubled down on ties with Russia. The first-mentioned declared that “they don’t respect other people’s views and they want to turn the abnormal into normal and force it on others. We shall not agree”, while the second said that “Now the colonizers are asking us to be enemies with Russia, who never colonized us; is that fair? It is not.”

Regarding the LGBT agenda, all public expressions thereof were recently outlawed in Russia, which considers the Golden Billion’s aggressive imposition of non-traditional sexual relations (especially that which is pushed onto children) to be an ideological virus aimed at destroying traditional societies. As for their pressure upon third countries to dump their own, the Kremlin is confident that this will fail in Africa since its comprehensive support of their objective interests makes it too important of a partner to ditch.

Be that as it is, few countries anywhere in the world have so openly defied Western pressure like Uganda just did this weekend. President Museveni already proved that he has a keen understanding of the global systemic transition to multipolarity after hosting Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov last summer, but now he showed that he also deeply understands its ideological and strategic dimensions in the New Cold War alongside its economic and political ones.

Rejecting the extremely aggressive external imposition of civilizationally dissimilar “values” like the LGBT agenda onto his country’s society preserves its traditional values, while having his Foreign Minister double down on ties with Russia strengthens Uganda’s sovereignty. These combine to strengthen its “Democratic Security”, which refers to the wide range of counter-Hybrid Warfare tactics and strategies for defending national models of democracy from externally exacerbated divide-and-rule threats.

As with all countries, Uganda has its own unique Hybrid War threats, which can be made all the more acute by potentially clumsy responses to thwarting them. Nevertheless, by protecting traditional values and refusing to voluntarily subordinate itself as a Western vassal, Uganda is proudly flexing its sovereignty in ways that the Golden Billion didn’t expect considering its previous “junior partnership” with it. This observation goes to show that even the West’s old partners are recalibrating their policies.

In Uganda’s case, this is entirely due to the Golden Billion meddling in its socio-political affairs in ways that risked completely neutralizing its sovereignty if left unchecked. It can thus be concluded that Uganda wouldn’t have felt the need to condemn the West’s LGBT agenda had it not been aggressively imposed on its traditional society in the first place, nor would it have to defy their pressure to dump Russia if they didn’t try to force it to do so over the past year.

Had the Golden Billion treated Uganda with the respect that it deserves as an equal partner, which it officially is in the eyes of international law since no hierarchy between states is supposed to formally exist, then bilateral ties would have remained strong without any risk of rupturing. Instead, they arrogantly sought to impose their radical liberal-globalist worldview onto it in a modern so-called “civilizing mission”, which reeked of racism and thus prompted Uganda to defend its democracy.

No self-respecting state can remain silent in the face of such pressure from their supposed “partners”, who don’t respect its society’s traditional values or their UN-recognized leadership’s independent foreign policy decisions. President Museveni couldn’t let Uganda be pushed around like that and spit upon in the eyes of world, hence why he just made it very clear that his country won’t bow down to foreign pressure, even if it’s from states that it was partnered with for decades already.

By contrast, Russia respects its partners’ socio-political decisions and has absolutely zero interest in influencing them since its conservative-sovereigntist worldview is against meddling in other’s affairs, especially for radical ideological reasons. Moscow’s purely apolitical model of mutually beneficial international engagement contributes to making it incomparably more attractive of a partner than any Western country, which is why President Museveni has no qualms about expanding their relations.

He knows fully well that Russia won’t never mistreat Uganda like his country’s decades-long Western “partners” are presently doing in the most disrespectful and tacitly racist ways imaginable. Looking forward, bilateral ties are thus expected to blossom at an accelerated pace, but the Golden Billion might try to undermine Uganda through new Hybrid Warfare campaigns. Even if that worst-case scenario, however, Uganda can fully depend on Russia to provide “Democratic Security” support as requested.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Andrew Korybko’s Newsletter

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