Achtung – Panzer!

NATO’s Ukrainian campaign is an abomination, as much an abomination as was Hitler’s destruction of Berlin and the hundreds of thousands of innocents he and his cronies threw on its pyre.

Those Ukrainian generals in a position to overthrow Clown Prince Zelensky should read Hanz Guderian’s Achtung – Panzer! (Beware – the Tank!), which formed the basis for Blitzkrieg, the Third Reich’s concept of lightning war, where the concentrated use of tanks, with infantry and air force in close support, would quickly overwhelm the enemy.

These doomed Ukrainian generals should also survey the major campaigns Guderian and his goose-stepping chums used to stress test blitzkrieg. The first such campaign was the Anschluss, the March 1938 annexation of Austria, where Guderian’s tanks ran out of fuel or broke down and where the combat value of Guderian’s formation was non-existent. Had there been any real fighting, Guderian’s forces would have been mauled, just as NATO’s Ukrainian panzers can expect to be mauled as they lumber their way along the 1200 km Russian fish-in-a barrel shooting range from the Polish border to the Dnieper, a slightly more onerous prospect than popping over the German border into Austria.

Next up for Guderian, who ended up as Commander-in-Chief of the Reich’s forces, was the defeat of France which, though a brilliant piece of soldiering, was extremely risky as Guderian committed 1,112 out of Germany’s total of 2,438 tanks to the Ardennes and Meuse breakthroughs. Although Napoleon spoke approvingly about lucky generals, Guderian was extremely reckless and, had France and her allies had a viable counter strategy in place, the Reich would have ended in May 1940, rather than in May 1945.

Although Ukraine’s generals are currently preparing their own Ardennes offensive, because Lady Luck cannot work miracles, theirs will more resemble the Nazis’ suicidal December 1944 Ardennes offensive rather than the earlier one which decapitated France. Because the rump Reich’s rump army stands to get annihilated once their motley collection of donated panzers begin to roll, their masters in the Pentagon should be indicted before a war crimes’ court for sending their Polish and Ukrainian lemmings to almost certain death.

If NATO thinks another Barbarossa is on the cards, they should recall how that campaign ended for Guderian’s panzers and their crews. First off, the Nazis had no clear strategy, bar that of slaughtering Slavs. They split their forces, with one arm reaching the gates of Moscow in a much longer time than it took Napoleon, who actually conquered the city for all the good that it did La Grande Armée.

Although the second arm headed south to conquer the Caucasian oilfields, that campaign showed the sheer folly of the Reich’s strategy. Not only was the street fighting of Stalingrad the antithesis of blitzkrieg but the Wehrmacht had already suffered appalling losses on their way there. Had Manstein and Paulus somehow managed to push southwards past Stalingrad, then Zhukov would have trapped the lot of them between Stalingrad and Rostov. As it was, he not only captured the remnants of the 6th Army but their irreplaceable heavy artillery and panzer tanks as well. Months prior to Paulus’ capitulation, Hitler and his High Command both knew that that materiel was irreplaceable and that their own logistical problems would destroy them and their 1000 year Reich. But logic was not Hitler’s strong card, no more than it is that of the cross dressing Zelensky.

Blitzkrieg simply does not suit the Russian terrain, which more resembles a marathon than the lightning war sprints that suited the Wehrmacht and their current NATO copycats, whose motive is the one of short wars for short term profits, not of long drawn-out do or die wars that Russia now finds herself again fighting on its western flank. NATO political prisoner Julian Assange pointed this out over ten years ago with respect to NATO’s genocide campaign in Afghanistan, where the goal was, as it always was with America’s political gangsters, to make money from the blood of others, Afghan children in that case, Ukrainian lemmings in this current case but not to upset the apple cart to such a degree that Russia and/or China might bite back in a really meaningful way.

Blitzkrieg was not Guderian’s only brainwave. He can also take credit for the creation of the Volkssturm, the Reich’s national militia of old aged pensioners and Hitler Youth school children, who were mobilised to put up a last ditch defence of Hitler’s rump Reich. Although Berlin’s 3/115 SiemensstadtBattalion, which comprised 770 mainly First World War veterans, put up heroic resistance from 21 April to 2 May, they suffered over 700 fatalities. Although the Hitler Youth children more than deserved the accolades Hitler can be seen here on 20 March 1945 decorating them with, getting children and old aged pensioners to fight is not only a war crime but the antithesis of basic military strategy (to say nothing of morality), as both groups are, as the Reich’s more responsible generals argued, largely hindrances who do not belong anywhere near a war zone.

Indeed, not only was this the reason Russian forces evacuated children from Mauriopol and other Russian cities they liberated but the pictures of Ukrainian children and old aged pensioners surrendering to the Wagner troops is as much as indictment of the gangster Zelensky as is Hitler praising the fighting prowess of 12 year old Germans outside of his bunker.

Hitler’s Third Reich, thankfully, is gone but Zelensky’s rump Reich remains like the plague on humanity that it is. Though the word Reich simply means empire and so could refer to the Roman Reich or the Tsarist or American Reichs, Hitler’s propaganda said his was the return of Bismarck’s Second Reich and of the more historically suspect First Empire of France and Germany under Charlemagne. For two or so short years, from the Fall of France to the Fall of Stalingrad, the Nazis could put up an argument that they had a Reich, a strong empire with a formidable army and industries to supply them with cutting edge armaments.

The only claim Kiev’s gangsters can make is that they are NATO’s playthings, there to die to boost the quarterly earnings of America’s arms’ companies as well as the Biden, Zelensky and other organised crime families that benefit from their largesse.

NATO’s Ukrainian campaign is an abomination, as much an abomination as was Hitler’s destruction of Berlin and the hundreds of thousands of innocents he and his cronies threw on its pyre.

Guderian, interestingly, avoided all of that. Following the Reich’s capitulation, Guderian was one of several leading German generals the U.S. pampered to learn how best to rend apart the Soviet Union and rob it of its resources. Just as with Guderian, so also can we expect NATO to keep a number of Zelensky’s cronies in clover in exchange for advising them as to how to keep the scam Assange so incisively exposed on the road.

Although one could argue that Guderian should have been in the dock at Nuremberg along with other Nazi notables, that is to miss the point of what the U.S. was up to in those and related trials, the main purpose of which was to criminalise the German High Command, which had been the world’s best such grouping from the fall of Napoleon to the fall of the Third Reich. As with the Philippines, Cuba, Iraq or anywhere else the U.S. has implanted its clover hoof, the goal was not to punish the guilty and reward the victims. Rather, in the case of Germany, it was, as NATO’s founders clearly said, to keep Germany down and Russia out. That goal, as well as the plunder accruing from it, explains not only the more recent Nordstream terrorist attack, as well as the proliferation of Nazi commandos and their intellectual airheads in Ukraine but the whole modus operandi of NATO and the amoral American gangsters who control it.

Although Guderian and his blitzkrieg loving Nazi chums gave it their best shot, in the end, the Third Reich came a cropper, just as Zelensky’s rump Reich is currently staring into its own abyss. Although the resistance of Russia, China and some other countries offers hope for better, more peaceful days ahead, those days will never come until NATO and those in hock to it are fully militarily, economically and culturally defenestrated.

Although the sacrifices of the Wagner Group are, sadly, a necessary part of that process, another not unimportant part of that process is for Strategic Culture Foundation and similar bodies to continue to dissect the nature of the NATO beast and their recycled theories of blitzkrieg and rump Reichs, which are responsible for so many war crimes in Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia and a host of other war theatres that all deserve the sort retribution Guderian’s panzer crews (but not Guderian) faced.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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