China is Playing Her Hand, Moving to Save the World from the Satanic American Empire

All those things I’ve been telling you for years are finally starting to happen – right in time for the ten year anniversary of the Daily Stormer!

Basically, there is a looming crisis of the US dollar at the same time that the Chinese are taking their place as the dominant world power.

China is moving rapidly now, playing cards they’d been holding in their hand. The importance of the Iran-Saudi peace deal cannot be overstated. The US media is downplaying it, saying that this simply restores 2016 norms. In actual fact, if you read about the details of what has been agree to (which I just had the time to finally do today), this deal takes relations between these two countries to a level they haven’t been at since before Khomeini’s 1979 revolution.

It is incredible that this was effectively a kind of surprise announcement. The US has been taking the alliance with Saudi Arabia as a given, even though it has been collapsing ever since the American media made such a massive deal about Saudis killing one single terrorist-supporter journalist. After the US put those lunatic sanctions on Russia, it was obvious that the relationship was over – but somehow, the US didn’t act as though they understood that, just as when they did the sanctions, they didn’t act as though they understood that China and India would refuse to sign on to the

The China deal with Iran means that Saudi is solidly on China’s side.

In the larger context, what this shows is that China is able to solve problems that were previously considered unsolvable in order to form strong alliances and is able to counter the US system of violence and threats by uniting people under a common goal of national independence underlined by a cooperative system of global trade.

Along with constantly threatening war and sanctions, the US functions by playing nations off against each other. If you look at the history of US involvement in the Islamic world over the last 4 decades, the entire strategy has been keeping Shiite and Sunni at each others throats. The US will switch sides back and forth, supporting whichever is perceived as the underdog, in order to prevent one side from becoming dominant. The US also insists on manipulating the domestic politics of its victims, given that the US is guided by a Jewish agenda of total global domination – a world world government supported by a one-world culture of mixed multitudes of peasants with no national or religious identity.

The Chinese counter strategy hits every weakness of this system by reinforcing the rights of national identity and culture, respecting national sovereignty, and basing global cooperation on the positive goal of universal prosperity rather than the negative goal of undermining human instincts.

This is lining up with an emerging banking crisis. Yesterday, I wrote that I don’t necessarily agree with predictions of immediate doom, but the claim that the banking system has backed itself into a corner is absolutely true. These people thought they were invincible and acted like they were invincible and as it turns out, they are not invincible. They are now forced to attempt to shore up their books while the Saudis and others draw knives.

If the Jewnited Snakes begins firing shots, they will do so in a panic as a last gasp. They’ve walked straight into their own demise. No one forced them to do these Russian sanctions and prove all of the Chinese prophecies of lunatic mania. No one forced them to do the coronavirus hoax and follow it with an orchestrated collapse of the market that brought the US banking system to the brink. They acted haughtily, like the enemies of King David, and God turned their evil to good.

No one can predict how long this will take to play out, but the game is already over, and has been for some time. There is no longer any series of moves the Jews can make and win.

What it looks like now is that Emperor Xi is going to start rapidly laying cards on the table, creating a situation where the Whore or Babylon and her slaves are isolated in America and Europe.

It will be like that emo song we all hate.

Very bad things could start happening in these places as the Jews realize that their global agenda is over and then completely turn on the populations of these countries and just try to hurt the people as much as possible in a sadistic way.

What is going to happen is going to happen, and that is all that is going to happen.

China is now the global peace broker. They announced this last week with the incredible Saudi-Iran deal, now they are going to present their peace plan for the Ukraine, and the US is going to be forced to say “no, we want this war to continue until we can collapse the government of Russia, we don’t care how many people die or what it does to the global economy.”

They’ve already said this, in fact. John Kirby was out there this weekend, and he said that any cessation of hostilities is “completely unacceptable” because Russia must be destroyed and prevented from acting in the world in the future.

Xi is in Moscow now. This is the big play. There is zero chance that the US is going to allow Zelensky to do peace. He tried to do it in March of 2022 and they told him no.

After the US is forced to make a big show of “war at any costs,” China then has a blank check from every allied country to do whatever it takes to put down this mad brute.

If the US falls into the trap – and they almost certainly will, given what we’ve seen – and sanctions China with the same sanctions they’ve put on Russia, the house of cards falls. Further, China will be in a position to declare a formal blockade against the US.

It’s all perfect timing, as the US has been indicating it wants to end the war anyway – but they can’t end it on China’s terms, or they’re just openly bowing to the Emperor.

European countries will begin breaking off soon enough and siding with the East. The US has been planning this world war, and they are going to be in a situation where they are at war with the entire world.

Xi this week published an op-ed about his Glorious Mission to save the earth for Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In the piece, he declared the dawn of a new world order, led by Russia and China, where nations have independence and the right to self determination and are not bullied by pigs. Lauding the unbreakable bonds between Russia and China, he announced “the formation of new types of international relations and a community of shared destiny for humanity” and noted that Russia China relations are strong enough to withstand any pressure.

Xi called for mutual respect between nations, writing that “the international community is aware that no country in the world surpasses all others.” In a clear reference to the US assertion that they represent an absolute moral order to the universe, he writes: “there is no universal model of governance, and there is no world order where the decisive word belongs to a single country.”

He continues with his criticism of the Jewnited Snake:

Profound changes are taking place in the modern world. Peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit are an unstoppable historical trend. Multipolarity, economic globalization, and democratization of international relations are an irreversible trend.

At the same time, both traditional and non-traditional security challenges are rapidly increasing. Actions of hegemony, despotism, and bullying cause serious harm to the world. It will take a very long way to restore the world economy. The international community is deeply concerned and in desperate need of ways to get out of the crisis.

In the past decade, universal values such as peace, development, equality, justice, democracy, and freedom have taken deep root in people’s hearts. More and more countries are united in their common aspiration to build a clean and beautiful world where durable peace, universal security, shared prosperity, openness, and tolerance prevail. The international community is fully aware that no country in the world is superior to others. There is no universal model of governance, nor is there a world order where one country has the final say. Solidarity and peace on the planet without rifts and upheavals serve the common interests of all mankind.

Every problem on earth is coming from the same place.

Xi then outlines his plans for peace, which are of course, very obvious, and could only ever be denied by Jewish lunatics intent on using the conflict to push a globalist and satanic agenda on the world.

Further, he made reference to a “long and tortuous global economic recovery,” clearly indicates that China is prepared to deal with whatever fallout results from open opposition to the Western world order.

Xi closes with a statement of intent: he writes that China has spent the last decades getting its own house in order, and they are now ready to take on global challenges, the primary problem, as he’d already explained, being US global hegemony.

Meanwhile, the media is flipping out, saying China is moving to take over the world. The Guardian published a fascinating op-ed by celebrated former Moscow correspondent Jonathan Steele that effectively outlines everything I just wrote above with slight moderation.

From it:

Now, 30 years after the demise of the Soviet Union, there are signs that the unipolar world of US dominance may be coming to an end. The main challenger is not Putin’s Russia, but an increasingly confident China. Leaders in the global south are also stirring. In the first flush of shock over Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in February last year, more than 140 UN states voted to condemn it. But only around 40 countries in total have joined the US in imposing sanctions on Russia. As the west floods Ukraine with military hardware, the notion that it is merely helping to defend Ukraine looks questionable to many Asian, African and Latin American states who suspect the end goal to be regime change in the Kremlin.

A survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) reveals a significant shift in public opinion in several key countries. People want to see a quick end to the war in Ukraine, even if it means Ukraine giving up western-supported aspirations to victory and accepting the temporary loss of some territory. It is not only citizens of authoritarian China who think this way. So do citizens in India and Turkey.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, told the Munich Security Conference last month: “I see how powerful the Russian narrative is, its accusations of double standards.” France’s Emmanuel Macron said he was “shocked by how much credibility we are losing in the global south”.

Some fear a new cold war, this time between the west and China. Looking 10 years ahead, others expect to see a multipolar world in which states will not be pressured to align themselves with one side or the other. Either way, in spite of the resurgence of US power in Europe as a result of the war in Ukraine, the era of US supremacy in the rest of the world may soon be over.

Just so you understand: I am far from the only one saying all of this. In fact, it is difficult to find any serious people anywhere disagreeing with my basic assertions. The only thing you can find is vulgar American propaganda made for morons. This is the same media which makes claims like “the Ukraine is a democracy” and claims that the US is dumping all these weapons on the country for humanitarian reasons. This media portrays the US as invincible, and effectively argues that there are no problems on earth at all beyond the annoyance of Chinese, Russians, and the entire third world not being gay enough.

I don’t think you will be able to find anything written at an adult level that does not concur with the conclusion that following the events of the last three years, the US empire has backed itself into a corner and really has no clear way out. The only difference between these mainstream analyses and my own is that I take these things to to their logical conclusions – the most important of which being that if the US does not maintain global hegemony, the US financial system collapses, which will make the nation nigh entirely irrelevant on the world stage. There is an “all or nothing” dynamic to the US system which would be admitted in other contexts, but is too scary for most to admit in the context of this present decline of the empire.

Hold Tight

It’s happening now. Moves are being made. China goes all in. Cards on the table.

It feels so wonderful to see it all finally coming crashing down. The Jews and their anti-Christ culture of filth and degradation destroyed my family. As an adult, I have been hounded by these people relentlessly. They destroyed my company, costing me tens of millions of dollars, and ran me out of my home country. But much more than this, they completely destroyed the nation my ancestors built, and they succeed in destroying most of the people in it with their revolutionary ideologies, sexual perversions, drugs, and spiritual rot.

But God is good and everyone is going to get what they deserve.

The only thing I ever wanted in my life was to see this whole system come crashing down, and here it is.

What happens next is all but irrelevant, given that it can’t possibly be worse than what is happening now.

But what will happen is that Nick Fuentes will become dictator of America and Ye will sing at my homecoming event.

Then I will be the president of Harvard after a brief term as Secretary of State, during which I will go on a world tour and apologize, on behalf of all Americans, for allowing our country to be taken over by Jews and used to terrorize the entire world with violence and gay sex.

All hail The Good Emperor Xi, Savior of Mankind.

By Andrew Anglin
Source: The Daily Stormer

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