Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right. NATO’s Soft War Soldiers

NATO can send in the clowns but hopefully at day’s end, against the cold steel of the Russian Armed Forces, the joke will be on them.

Ukraine’s Clown Prince Zelensky, history’s richest ever comedian, was refused permission to perform during the finals of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, a rigged contest his rump Reich was allowed win last year.

Although Europe’s TV watchers were spared the ordeal of once again being forced to watch this swamp creature, whose obsessions include dressing up as GI Joe and showing his naked penis to his adoring audience, the question is, why does NATO entertain such utter idiots?

Why, for example, did Pope Francis agree to meet this fool and his fellow GI Joes in the Vatican? Did he want to see Zelensky play a piano with his penis or stomp through the Sistine Chapel, waving his private parts up at Michelangelo’s famous creation above them? Or did he want to co-ordinate the further persecution of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and beyond? And why did he accept a bullet-proof vest with an icon of the Virgin Mary sacrilegiously painted on it from this modern-day Caligula, who had not even the decency to divest himself of his GI Joe uniform, something he would gladly do if there was a piano handy to play a rowdy ditty on? Just what did that Argentinean idiot want by meeting Ukraine’s coked-up Robin Hood and his merry men?

The truth of the matter is Zelensky and Pope Francis are not NATO’s only dunces; NATO is awash with such imbeciles. America has at the helm the senile Joe Biden, whose penchant is soiling his pants in the presence of Zelensky’s Holy Father (when Irish Joe isn’t otherwise engaged with groping children), and his number two is Kamala Harris, a cretin who cackles like one of those 1950s’ laughing sailor machines brought back to life to further terrify the little children Biden has just groped. France has one of history’s most unpopular ever dictators and Scotland, Britain and Ireland have unelected Indians, all three of whom have less charisma than stale bread and less integrity than even Zelensky, supposedly running the show.

The Germans, whose leaders couldn’t lead a pet pup to the lavatory, are disproving Churchill’s maxim that “the Hun is always either at your throat or your feet” because they are now permanently prostrated at Americas feet, doing Uncle Sam’s bidding and killing off not only their own economy but all of Europe’s in the process.

Outside of Hungary’s Orbán, Central and Western Europe seem to be ruled by clowns, knock-off Zelenskys who lack any sense, let alone a sense of humour, a sense of honour or indeed any common sense at all.

Where are Europe’s Charles de Gaulles. Willi Brandts and Éamon de Valeras and why does Europe send Colgate grinner Ursula von der Leyen, who is little more than a walking ad for Botox, to Beijing, given that China had the measure of that plagiarizing tramp-for-hire and treated her accordingly?

Imagine you try to blow your brains out and you then blame it on Putin or China’s President Xi? Far-fetched? No! That is precisely what Air France, which is 28% owned by Macron’s corrupt regime, is doing. Having waged an unrelenting economic war against Russia, Air France is complaining that Chinese airlines have a competitive advantage, as they can fly over Russia’s vast expanses and the French cannot. Boo hoo.

This is the same France that has been sending its advanced weaponry, along with their mercenaries, to Ukraine to murder Russian women and children and they complain their spy planes are denied access to Russian air space whereas, for the Chinese, who are not in the business of murdering Russian children, it is business as usual.

Could one feel any more entitled than Air France or the coke-snorting joker, who sits on the throne in Kiev? Yes! Enter Perfidious Albion, which is supplying Kiev’s coke addicts with long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles so that they can all the better target Russian children deep within the Russian Federation, on Crimea’s Kerch Bridge in particular.

Just think about that. Russian children and even Russian babies, no matter where they reside are, according to British warlord Rishi Sunak, “legitimate targets” and Russia must, as it were, “lie down and think of England”.

The High Command of the Russian Armed Forces are charged with factoring such clown-like arrogance into their calculations and to respond accordingly, appropriately and at the most opportune time. Although I am not privy to their decisions, they cannot let this further aggression by the gangster British regime go unanswered.

Not unless they want Russia to be burnt down around their ears, that is. Russia currently faces three great NATO armies on its Western flank. These are Zelensky’s Army Group South, Poland’s Army Group Centre in the middle and, further up Hitler’s old stomping ground, Finland’s Army Group North, all three of which are but staging grounds for the Americans and their French and British middle managers.

As things currently stand, Russia must first break the back of Army Group South and then turn its attention to teaching the Poles the cost of their stupidity before turning their attention to the treacherous Finns. However, as the Good Book tells us that sufficient today are the problems of today, the Poles must wait for their turn on the chopping block, until the back of the Ukrainian Army is splintered beyond recovery, in other words.

Russia must first of all consider upping the Ukrainian ante by such options as levelling Kiev with their own missiles and executing, as a matter of course, any and all foreigners, Anglo-Saxons in particular, caught actively collaborating with the Kiev junta. Though I am not advocating any of that, Russia must clearly signal that murdering Russian women and children comes with consequences, and that price can and most probably will, in many particular cases, include the ultimate one of death.

We are, here in Ireland, inundated with Ukrainian “refugees”, whose demands are boundless. They are being gifted free houses and pocket money far in excess of anything they might have earned in Ukraine; they are even allowed go back to “war-torn” Ukraine to collect their budgies, cats, dogs or anything else they feel is essential for their well-being here. And that is all at the Irish tax-payers’ expense.

In Kabul, after the British and Yanks were sent packing, there were special airlifts to fly stray cats and dogs to safety and “former” British Royal Marines now run refuge centres there for those cats and dogs left behind to the mercies of the “cruel” Taliban, who rule over a land, whose people the British systematically slaughtered.

Think about that for a moment. The British, with their American bosses, put the Afghans to the sword, raped their children and then, when the game was up, they complain that there are stray cats and dogs in Kabul. Nothing about how they robbed the country blind, how they committed a litany of war crimes against a vulnerable people but let’s all march in protest for the budgies of Kabul and demand their women command centre stage at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Along with Clown Prince Zelensky, of course.

But before we march in support of MI5’s ongoing Afghan projects, let’s look at this video, which catalogues the scores of common criminals who are members of the United States Congress and the trillion dollar criminal scam that is the United States Department of Defense. These American officials, these friends and collaborators of Jeffrey Epstein, are creaming it. And they will continue to cream it with the help of Zelensky and NATO’s other coked-up clowns.

Here, for example, is the agenda for their June CIA conference, which builds on their February conference, which plots how NATO’s partners will carve up Russia between themselves just as their Victorian forefathers carved up Africa by the same genocidal methods Hitler’s Banderites used to get living space, lebensraum, their own living space, in Russkie land.

Though we all like a joke and though Zelensky’s expertise at playing the piano with his penis seems to appeal to Pope Francis even if the Maria Zakharovas of this world call it out for the depraved vulgarity that it is, there is nothing funny whatsoever in the NATO oligarchs who have enriched themselves in Ukraine, who are now eyeing up Russia as their next victim and who have no intentions of stopping the endless wars their crimes depend on until the Russian Armed Forces kick their smug smirks to the other side of their faces. NATO can send in the clowns ok but hopefully at day’s end, against the cold steel of the Russian Armed Forces, the joke will be on them and their legions of hired jokers.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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