Play it Again Uncle Sam… Debunked Syrian Chemical Weapons Card in Ukraine

The CW card is a complete dud. That Western media are playing it shows that their role is as sinister as mass drug-dealing.

Western media are now accusing Russian forces of preparing to use chemical weapons (CW) of mass destruction in Ukraine, thereby making the case for greater NATO military intervention.

The CW card is a complete dud. That Western media are playing it shows they are also complete duds, and that their role is as sinister as mass drug-dealing.

Deliberate provocation by Western powers is the watchword. Britain this week supplying long-range missiles, as well as depleted uranium artillery shells, and drone attacks on the Kremlin are part of a sequence to solicit never-ending escalation. Accusing Russia of planning to use chemical weapons of mass destruction, as with earlier claims of Russia willing to use nuclear weapons, is all part of the orchestrated provocation.

The degradation of Western media standards has become so bad that they can get away with retailing such nonsense to consumers of this “information”.

First of all, Russia does not have any chemical weapons. As a signatory to the international treaty known as the Chemical Weapons Convention (1997), the Russian Federation verifiably destroyed all of its arsenals as per its signatory obligations. The complete decommissioning of these weapons by Russia in 2017 was verified by the Organization for the Prohibition on Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The United States is the only major power that has not fully implemented the CW convention by retaining stockpiles of these weapons.

Not only is speculation about Russian forces possibly using CW in Ukraine baseless, but the Western media are also deploying the shoddy lie used earlier against Syria. Incredibly, for anyone cognizant of the facts, such calumny is still peddled to blame the wrong people when the real perpetrator in Syria was Western-backed militants and their CIA and MI6-sponsored media accomplices, the so-called White Helmets.

Western media continue to claim that the Syrian government forces of Bashar al Assad used CW against civilians during the decade-old civil war in the Arab country. Russia supported the Syrian army to defeat NATO-backed radical extremists.

Now the Western media are moralizing that the United States and other Western powers took no punitive action against Syria over CW which, it is contended, is acting as a precedent for Russia to use these weapons in the Ukraine conflict.

Euronews quotes Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former British military intelligence officer, as saying: “The international community needs to reaffirm that any use of chemical or biological weapons would not be acceptable in any shape or form… I’m sure NATO and the West would act if they [Russia] used chemical weapons in Ukraine. But having said that they stood by when Assad used such weapons in Syria and that might embolden Putin.”

This is an outrageous lie being propagated by the Western media. It has been documented by independent investigations that the CW attacks in Syria were actually carried out by NATO-backed mercenaries in false-flag operations to provoke Western military intervention. One of those false flags in the city of Douma in April 2018 succeeded in its nefarious aims. Following the incident – dutifully amplified at the time by Western media for gaslighting the Western public – U.S. President Donald Trump bombed Syria “in revenge” along with British and French allies.

However, it turned out later that Syria, Russia and Iran were vindicated in their initial claims that the CW incidents in Syria were false-flag stunts. Indeed, it was shown that personnel in the UN watchdog, the OPCW, engaged in a cover-up to implicate the Assad government when the real perpetrator was the jihadists backed by the West, as reported by Aaron Maté and other independent journalists.

The accusatory claims against the Syrian government did not stand up to scrutiny. Following its joining of the CWC treaty, less than a year later Syria destroyed all of its CW stockpiles in 2014, as verified by UN inspectors.

How could Syrian government forces then use CW in later alleged incidents? Besides, there was no tactical advantage from a military point of view in using such munitions even if there were stealth stockpiles remaining.

Likewise, Russia does not possess CW and besides has no tactical need for them. In the current Ukraine conflict, Russia has the upper hand militarily in securing the Donbass territory bordering Ukraine, and its forces have all but taken control of the strategically important city of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) after months of intense battle. Russian drones have been effective in targeting Ukrainian troops taking cover in civilian homes and buildings.

The real analogy is that the NATO-backed Kiev regime forces are on the back foot in a similar way to how NATO-backed mercenaries in Syria were facing a rout. Just like the Syrian jihadists tried to do, the incentive is for the Kiev regime to deploy CW in a desperate bid to trigger a direct U.S. and NATO military intervention.

After all, the much-ballyhooed counter-offensive by Ukrainian forces has failed to materialize despite months of Western media hyping up. The Kiev puppet president Vladimir Zelensky has this week again played down a counter-offensive being launched unless more Western weapons are delivered.

Certainly, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis in the Azov and Aidar battalions are deranged enough to deploy CW like the cut-throat counterparts that NATO previously deployed in Syria. The Ukrainian Nazi worshippers have been firing U.S. and British-supplied shells at the civilian nuclear plant at Zaporozhye for months in the same insane gamble to deliberately create a catastrophe.

The chemical-weapon scenario in Ukraine is a deplorable propaganda ruse aided and abetted by Western media who reference the nonsense by pumping out the debunked lie about Syria.

Such media have indulged the worst Russophobia, demonizing Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russians generally as “mad savages”. Lamentably, the Western public has been conditioned to expect the worst in Ukraine, including the deployment of nuclear and chemical weapons by Russia, despite Moscow’s categorical denials.

The shameful irony is that those who are capable of the worst conduct and the most desperate, despicable measures are the Western regimes and their NeoNazi surrogates in Ukraine. The imperial powers want to escalate the war in Ukraine against Russia. War is the refuge for their historically failing global dominance.

Western media are the new opium of the people, purposed to daze and confuse, unconscionably, too, at a time of immense danger when the wrong, disastrously consequential decisions are permitted.

People need to kick the habit, go cold turkey and disabuse themselves of the Western media’s lying web. Before the world is thrown over the abyss.

By Finian Cunningham
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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