Biden’s Crack Chronicles Kick Off NATO’s Trans Pride Summer Offensive

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is now available to download on the Internet, clearly shows that NATO is a depraved empire of lust and lies led by perverts.

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is now available to download on the Internet, clearly shows that NATO is a depraved empire of lust and lies led by perverts, the likes of which we have not seen since Roman Emperor Tiberius copulated with new-born babies some 2000 years or so ago.

Hunter Biden, the smartest guy his father, POTUS Joe Biden, knows, can be seen here smoking crack cocaine and having orgies with under-age girls. When you next hear of Jeffrey Epstein or see photos of Joe Biden, America’s Emperor Tiberius, groping children, just remember that Hunter, his beloved son, has been caught on Candid Camera raping swarms of under-aged girls.

And that the CIA/FBI complex covered up those crimes, banned then POTUS Trump from social media and perversely tried to implicate Russia’s President Putin in the sordid mess. These criminals always try to play the victim; Britain’s Philip Schofield is currently playing that worn-out old card on BBC, MI5’s Russophobic network that was, for years, the playpen of notorious child (and corpse) rapist Jimmy Savile.

Crack addict Hunter Biden is not the smartest guy in the room. He was simply a conduit to funnel tens of millions of dollars to POTUS Joe Biden, who is just another funnel to hide the profits this crime syndicate made from their Ukrainian human-trafficking and bio-labs racket. The FBI, for long led by notorious cross-dressing Mafia stooge J Edgar Hoover, turned a blind eye to it for the same corrupt reasons that Hoover denied the existence of La Cosa Nostra for the best part of 50 years.

As for Joe Biden, The Big Guy as his fellow-criminals call him, although he was not always a senile old war criminal, he was always an inarticulate one. When he ran for President in 1988, this three-time loser was caught plagiarizing speeches, lying about his own CV and was, in general, the butt of umpteen jokes and an ongoing punchline for gags on American morning radio from sea to shining sea.

So why, you ask, has this bumbling, stumbling old fool been given the keys to both the White House and America’s nuclear arsenal? The answer lies with Emperor Tiberius, America’s war crimes and the saturation coverage NATO gives to their LGBTQWERT month of madness.

NATO’s Ukrainian proxies are spending a fortune on the American-made weapons they lob into the kindergartens of Donbass; the Bidens get a kick back from everyone of those missiles and other materiel. Given that each Stinger missile costs $400,000 and that Clown Prince Zelensky wants to fire off 500 of them a day, do the maths on that and then also consider that Ukraine’s bio labs, organ-harvesting and arms and human-trafficking gigs are only fractions of the dirty money machine that is NATO’s Ukraine.

Biden is POTUS for the same reason the unelected Rishi Sunak is British Prime Minister and Clown Prince Zelensky is Ukraine’s führer. Braid-dead gangsters like them will always do as told and flip towards war if the money is right. When notorious British philanderer Boris Johnson flew to Kiev to order Zelensky not to negotiate with the Rooskies, God knows what dirt MI5 had on Zelensky, Ukraine’s Lady Macbeth, to get him to screw your courage to the sticking-place.

The Bidens, the Zelenskys, the Sunaks, the Johnsons, Obamas and Clintons are not so much lipstick on a pig but lipsticks on the Godzilla or King Kong that is NATO. Let’s put to one side NATO’s induced famines in Syria and Yemen, as well as the slave markets its proxies run in Libya and survey how this year’s LGBT pride month is going.

And let’s begin with France, which will soon be celebrating Bastille Day, July 14th, when its dictator, together with a gaggle of other clowns, will take the salute as their légion étrangère, some of the world’s most fearsome troops, march by the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs-Élysées in the slow, menacing way that is their trademark.

France’s Arc de Triomphe, Paris’ iconic memorial, first opened in 1836, holds the Tomb of France’s Unknown Soldier and thereby commemorates all of France’s countless war dead. And it is now defaced with a giant pride rainbow as well as a trans coloured square and a giant cloud with the words ‘Marche Des Fiertes’ which translates as Pride March. It is a total disgrace and an insult to every single soldier, and the families of every single soldier, who ever died for France

It is a bigger insult to France, and to all of France’s dead, than was the march of Hitler’s triumphant 6th Army through those very same streets because this time Macron surrendered not only France but the very soul of France without firing a single shot.

Except, of course, those shots Macron’s enforcers are letting fly at ordinary Parisians and those unfortunate Africans France’s Foreign Legion are cleansing from Mayotte, in the tiny Comoros, which is allied, at the point of French bayonets, to Zelensky’s rogue Reich.

As regards Ireland, another NATO doormat, here is Eamon Ryan, one of its Green Party Ministers, dancing barefoot at a Trans Pride rally, like he is a Minnesota chartered accountant who somehow got caught up in a Hare Krishna rave when out of his head on magic mushrooms. And here is a report from the Irish Parliament, whose male toilets are equipped with tampon-dispensing machines for when Ryan or any of his male colleagues have their monthly periods.

And though Ireland lacks the grandeur, if not the depravity of Tiberius’s Rome, she still has bread and imported circuses, such as this recent drag show effort by British LGBTQetc group Klub Kids, whose party piece is grinding their male genitals into the faces of their audiences of 14 year-olds. As the original Club Kids seemed to have been clones of Norman Bates, who got their rocks off murdering and dismembering their fellow members, one has to ask why these “minor attracted persons” call themselves Klub Kids, if their Klub primarily target Kids (children or goats) and, if so, why, and what is it about kids (children or cute goats) that attracts them? One could also profitably ask why Ireland and all of Europe is being transformed to accommodate these folk but let’s move on.

Back to America, The Land of the Free, And the Home of the Brave, which Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, George Soros, BlackRock and an army more of them have turned into hell on earth. I am not going to dwell on the fenethylline plague of San Francisco, one of the world’s richest cities, once the hub of the Flower Power and Charles Manson cults and long the go-to place for homosexuals wanting to do some industrial level gang-banging in its sauna houses.

The Biden mobsters have given its ANTIFA foot soldiers in such cities carte blanche to rob and loot at will. Unless you are a tooled-up Korean or you could get the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to protect you, you would be nuts to have any retail business in San Francisco, Portland or any of the other cities that are at the front lines of Biden’s LGBT culture wars.

And that, and more, is how these gangsters want it. Check out this Rhode Island soccer mom, who was terrorised by Biden’s Nazis because she wanted to know what perversions they were teaching her child at kindergarten. Then move on down to Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott banned sex-changing surgeries on minors.

All this is the downside, the externalities as NATO’s economists label it, of the corruption George Soros, Larry Fink, the Bidens, the Obamas, the Clintons and the rest of them champion. Isn’t it perversely amazing to be living in a world where it is actually necessary to pass a law making it illegal for a doctor to hack off a young girl’s breasts or a young boy’s testicles for no medical reason, and that such a law is controversial? Welcome to America.

Interfering with market forces, NATO’s media together with its bought, bullied and bribed economists, call it. I call it something else, as do the good people, the village people, of San Francisco’s gay choir, many of whom have been convicted of sex crimes against minors. Here they are singing about their well-funded and well-resourced crusade to capture and corrupt the bodies and minds of all vulnerable children, wherever and however they can lay their hands on them. Though they can certainly hold a tune, they are better at staying on message, on NATO’s message, on Big Pharma’s message, that your children are not yours but are mere chattels for Big Pharma and their sex-obsessed enforcers to exploit with their Mengele-like obsessions.

Finally, to wrap things up, here is a take focusing on Britain’s Gay Cringe Month, which brings us its all-pervasive marketing, its illegal sexual fornication on the streets of Manchester and the concern British and American arms countries have in exporting their LGBT bullshit to countries they lay waste to, countries which now include Uganda, which has stringent laws protecting minors and coincidence of coincidences, has just discovered $13 bn of gold reserves just waiting there to be stolen by NATO’s thieves, who masquerade, like the Biden family, as Uganda’s child-raping LGBT+-+ liberators.

Joe and Hunter Biden, together with all in hock to them, are no beacons of light. They and all like them are the enemy, the implacable enemies, of everyone from the soccer moms of Rhode Island, to the starving children of Yemen and Syria, to their organ-harvested victims in Ukraine. They, their foot soldiers, their gangsterism, their darkness and their interminable pride and joy orgies must all be destroyed. Though that is a tall order, there is hope from the battlefields of Syria and Ukraine to the soccer fields of Rhode Island and the boycotts of Target and Disney. Such small shoots must be nurtured into a forest of resistance that will kick these irredeemable, power and child-hungry perverts once and forever from their perches, from where they prey on the rest of us.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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