Creating Havoc in Moscow: Wagner’s PMC “Short-Lived” Rebellion against Putin. Who Was Behind It?

What Evgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) really wanted to achieve with his short-lived “rebellion” is unclear as of now.

A mutiny – for what? To create havoc in Moscow? To please the West? To prepare for Regime Change – against his boss, President Putin, who gave him the mandate to help fight the Ukraine aggression against Russians, mainly in the Donbass Region, with a mercenary army. Is that Prigozhin’s purpose?

All of that seems to be a mystery and up to speculation.

But it appears to be over now. Thanks to a resolution negotiated by Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus. This happened in close cooperation with President Putin. Mr. Prigozhin and his troops were assured safety and non-prosecution. They retreated into Belarus.

But let us look back. What was this less than 24-hour “rebellion” all about?

Mr. Prigozhin claims, his quarrel is not with the Russian military, but “with the clowns that lead them”. Does he mean Russia’s Minister of Defense, or President Putin? The very person who gave him the job?

He made some unprecise accusations to Russian military commanders that they interfere with Wagner PMC fighting men. Though never presenting evidence.

Prigozhin also declared that he was advancing on Moscow to confront Russian military officials he deemed corrupt. Again, no precision. No evidence.

Prigozhin calls his march on Moscow, a “march for justice.” – Again, no further precision?

President Putin declares Prigozhin’s mutiny as backstabbing not just the Kremlin but the Russian people, a betrayal on Russia, on the Russian Federation.

And the speculation goes on. 

Openly at least, so far nobody advances the distinct possibility of western interference, of a western ignited upheaval leading to a mutiny against President Putin, possibly hoping it might result in a civil war which could result in a coup attempt to cause “regime change” – what the west wants ever since President Putin came to power in 2000.

Mr. Putin is not a replica of Boris Yeltsin, first President of Russia (1991-1999), the west hoped for as the leader to follow western friendly President Yeltsin. How ever one may judge Yeltsin, he had a flash of light before stepping down – saving his country from the predatory west. And to his credit, he succeeded, by proposing the at the time rather unknown Vladimir Putin, a former foreign intelligence officer, who served for 16 years in the KGB, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel before resigning in 1991 to begin a political career in Saint Petersburg.

While Mr. Prigozhin and his mercenary militia are being given assurances that they will be safe from prosecution, an investigation into what happened is already under way.

Might the answer be simple and contained in a recent video by a BlackRock recruiter — who freely divulges to an undercover reporter how BlackRock buys politicians – and that for amazingly “cheap money”.

The BR recruiter was particularly referring to US Congress people. But why would similar principles not apply to international politicians, or para-politicians, lie the leaders of the Russian Wagner Group — in yet another attempt to bring about unrest to Moscow, and possibly a “coup” against President Putin?

You can take this big f*** ton of money and buy people, … It’s not who is the president, it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president. You could buy your candidates. First, there is the senators these guys are fuckin cheap. Got 10 grand you can buy a senator I’ll give you 500k right now It doesn’t matter who wins they’re in my pocket.    

Varlay doesn’t stop there, he goes on to describe what those in his line of work think of the tragedy of war saying its “real f***ing good for business”. 

See 11-min. video, here 

Just a thought. It is worth noting, according to Scott Ritter that: 

“This is a concerted effort between Wagner, the Ukrainian intelligence service, and their Western sponsors … Prigozhin is working on behalf of foreign intelligence Services carrying out their tasks. That task is to collapse the government of Vladimir Putin. I personally believe that he won’t succeed. But that’s what’s happening this morning

By Peter Koenig
Source: Global Research

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