The Insidious “State of Academia” in Support of “World Government” and the “Davos Crowd”

The most visible facet of the power structure guiding humanity toward a one world government is the World Economic Forum (WEF), an NGO sometimes called “the Davos Crowd”. Globalization, as outlined by David Rockefeller and James Warburg (“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”), is portrayed as unstoppable. WEF includes the world’s most powerful political and corporate players, and within it is the category of “co-curators” (i.e. organizers). 

Search WEF’s “Partners” and “Co-curators” and land here to find (scroll down) that among the 12 co-curators listed, are Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford and the Imperial College of London, all among the most influential universities in the world. The WEF itself is the result of a Harvard Project funded by the CIA, and The Imperial College was the source of the radically erroneous model used to justify the global economic lockdown.

The striking prevalence of both Harvard and Yale in influential blocs was described years earlier with regard to journalists at the NY Times and Washington Post, the two most powerful newspapers in the US. Ten of the most prominent at the Times had been students at Harvard or Yale (one at Oxford), and ten at the Post either Harvard or Yale (or both).

In addition, all members of the Supreme Court had been students at either Harvard or Yale, as had all presidents from 1989 to 2016 (Trump attended the University of Pennsylvania, also within the roster of Ivy League campuses). The CIA frankly favors Ivy Leaguers in its recruitment efforts, something Harvard students were complaining about in 1973 (Here too). Since 1973, 9 of the 18 CIA directors have attended Ivy League universities (Deutch attended MIT). As stated at Ivy CoachThe fact is, the Ivy League and the CIA remain intimately tied”. But the CIA is not alone, as Intel agencies generally infiltrate the academic world. 

Ivy League-trained journalists dominate in certain televised productions. As an example, consider the WGBH-TV ‘Frontline’ production “Putin’s Revenge”, allegedly “the inside story of how Vladimir Putin … decided to target an American election”. It aired in 2017, as Donald Trump had just astonished the world with his unexpected win of the US Presidency, and as claims of Trump-Russia collusion filled the air (Claims since refuted by the Durham Investigation). “Putin’s Revenge” was a classic “hit piece”, complete with sinister still shots of Putin. In this society that for 70 years has been largely managed militarily and economically, and coached socially, on the constantly reinforced image of Russia As Enemy, the following commentators, listed here with Ivy League links, were presenters in “Putin’s Revenge”:

  • Michael Crowley – Yale
  • Jake Sullivan – Yale (also Rhodes scholar)
  • Julia Ioffe – Princeton
  • Strobe Talbot – Yale
  • Thomas Graham – Yale
  • Evan Osnos – Harvard
  • Daniel Fried – Columbia
  • Stephen Hadley – Yale
  • Victoria Nuland – Brown (Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, Harvard and Yale)
  • David Sanger – Harvard

Ivy League university outlook permeates the State Department, is found throughout federal agencies (e.g. DOJ’s Merrick Garland, Harvard; FBI’s Christopher Wray, Yale; ATF’s Steve Dettelbach, Harvard and Dartmouth) and the current Administration (e.g., Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Harvard and Columbia; Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Yale and Brown: Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Harvard). Any intelligent neutral observer of the governmental-academic structure of the country would have to conclude that it is dominated by an establishment world view stemming from ruling class interests in league with intelligence and other governmental agencies, and that this is being funneled to a significant extent through universities of the Northeast Quadrant, particularly the eight of the Ivy League. 

Undergraduate students aiming for advance degrees are routinely advised to pursue graduate studies at universities other than the one at which they received their undergraduate degree. This is based on the logic that exposure to different faculties, with their distinctive perspectives, favors a broader outlook to a discipline. There is every reason to extend this reasoning to the academic world in general. Ivy League domination, with its uniformity of tradition and fidelity to official narrative, is a recipe for intellectual incest. 

Few have been more openly critical of this system than former Yale Professor William Deresiewicz, whose book, Excellent Sheep, describes Ivy students as trained into a “leadership” class protective of establishment values, which values they represent as they become influencers in government, law, media and higher education itself. And in an article he wrote“As two dozen years at Yale and Columbia have shown me, elite colleges relentlessly encourage their students to flatter themselves for being there, and for what being there can do for them”. 

The degree to which higher education is appreciated by students basically for what it can do in terms of career preparation and advancement has been a philosophic criticism for generations, as such an attitude counters all tendency toward idealism and the pursuit of knowledge and universal truth for its own sake. At the same time, as such a utilitarian frame of mind moves throughout the academic world, it smooths the way for planning to be carried out strictly on practical grounds unhindered by ethical judgment. 

Having spent 31 years on the faculty of a campus of the University of Wisconsin System, I have remained attentive to the System’s programs and was surprised to learn that the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (in Madison, the “flagship” campus) in 2021 had won a federal grant of $750,000 to (in the words of the title of the School’s own report“combat misinformation about covid and the 2020 election”. The lead investigator is quoted: “This project will help determine what corrections of misinformation are effective and get that information to professional fact checkers, who can work in real time to correct misinformation circulating on social media”. The project, hence the School itself, in addressing specifically the two most controversial issues in the country, is assuming the government’s official accounts to be indisputable truth and is formulating strategy to attack, without due examination, conflicting accounts as “misinformation”.  

Now — and this may get to the heart of what “journalism” has become in America —  consider the name of the School since 1970. Question: Is there a suggestion of internal conflict in the name “School of Journalism and Mass Communication”? For me, yes there is. Journalism, theoretically, I understand to be based on objective reporting of “wherever the facts may lead” and built on the sanctity of the First Amendment. Mass Communication, based on evaluation of what I have seen, suggests agenda-driven propaganda aimed at influencing opinion within large populations. With the acceptance of $750,000, The School of Journalism and Mass Communication is openly reinforcing my understanding that what mainstream journalism has become is a sad and ugly truth. (Note: In May, 2023, I sent a request to the head of the School for information on the project. It has not been answered). 

Skip now to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. The “and Public Health” was added in 2005, although public health, strictly speaking, is not about medicine but about policy*, and policy is driven not by science or straight logic but by raw political power, as the stupid and brutal Covid19 policy of the past three years has made obvious to anyone willing to look.

(See here courses, both core and elective, leading to the Masters in Public Health (MPH) at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, rated #1 in the US)

Wisconsin’s Chief Medical Officer, an MD on the faculty of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, has not only MPH from the Bloomberg School but also a PhD in public health from same. In August of 2020, five months into the contrived Covid19 Pandemic, he declared on Wisconsin state television that “Now the science is in. [Because of] recent studies with large numbers of patients in large numbers of countries….  we have hard evidence that risk of transmission goes down dramatically when people wear masks.” Requests sent to him for references went unanswered, because his claimed studies never existed. He lied, of course. In fact, all studies for decades had shown public masking has no measurable effect on transmission of respiratory viruses. But “public health experts” across the nation, like Wisconsin’s Chief Medical Officer, have been the leaders in the assault of Covid19 Policy. 

A doctor friend is heartbroken at the state of the medical profession, and I understand, because I feel likewise at what I have seen universities become. The American Academy at its most pompous and “prestigious” is a key element in the shameful corporate/governmental/academic system crushing society. All the rest of it, save for a minority of individuals here and there, seems to be little more than servant to power and hotbed of ‘going along to get along’.

By Prof. Bill Willers
Source: Global Research

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