Clown Prince Zelensky’s Nero Decree: Destroy Ukraine

The latest of a string of war crimes by the Zelensky junta not stop the fate that awaits their rotten Reich.

Zelensky’s Nero Decree is now live. Zelensky’s Fourth Reich, taking a leaf out of Hitler’s play-book at the Oder and Neisse rivers, has flooded the Dnieper basin, with all the collateral damage German citizens had to suffer during the last weeks of Hitler’s 1000 year Reich. As Zelensky’s Nazis, together with their British SAS and Yankee Navy Seal buddies, have also blown up the Kupyansky ammonia pipeline, the end, perhaps even in the form of countless nuclear mushroom clouds, may well be nigh for all of us. Such is life.

Just as Hitler’s Oder and Neisse war crimes could not stop the Red Army, so also must this latest of a string of war crimes by the Zelensky junta not stop the fate that awaits their rotten Reich. Irrespective of whatever collateral damage the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant suffers and irrespective of whatever loss of human life this indiscriminate flooding causes, Zelensky and all others implicated in this war crime must be held to account, just as Himmler, who commanded the Reich’s Oder forces (before his gross ineptitude caused him to be replaced) was going to be held to account by the hangman’s rope at Nuremberg.

Not everybody agrees that the Ukrainian Nazis and their Anglo-American enablers, who have a track record of such outrages in Syria and Palestine, are the culprits. Retired American Army officer Douglas Macgregor thinks the dam’s destruction might have been due to the wear and tear of previous attacks on it and American puppet (and EU boss) Ursula von der Leyen predictably believes Putin did it.

Fair enough! Von der Leyen can explain her reasoning when she stands trial, as she must, in Moscow, for a litany of war crimes, including her collaboration in this and the earlier Nordstream pipeline attack.

As we await von der Leyen getting her just desserts, let’s return to Hitler’s original Nero Decree, and then on to Zelensky’s. Once Hitler realised the war was irretrievably lost, to Speer’s horror, his 19 March Nero edict decreed that any and everything of value was to be destroyed so that the Soviets could not benefit from it. Hitler’s Darwinian rationale for this treachery was that the Soviets had proved themselves to be the stronger and therefore, in line with his mad-cap theory, the Germans had to perish from the face of the earth.

Zelensky’s rationale, though no less evil, is much much more mercenary. He cares no more for Ukraine, nor for the Russian people, language and culture he was raised in, than does the man in the moon. His motive and those like George Soros, Ursula von der Leyen and the NATO cuckoo cliques who rule the roost in Romania, Moldova and Poland, who stand behind him, is pecuniary. In Mafia parlance, it is strictly business.

There are, as of today, over 300,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers, young lives wantonly sacrificed for the insatiable greed of Zelensky and his clique, who include not only the above-named rogues but also cretins like Olena Semenyaka, who was the subject of the second article I wrote for this august publication and whose musings of a Fourth Intermarium Reich is as ridiculous as anything that ever came out of the mouth of Hitler, or any of his fellow-morons.

For make no mistake about it. Semenyaka and all of Ukraine’s Nazi intelligentsia (sic) are morons and their dreams of a Fourth Intermarium Reich are more moronic than anything Hitler, Himmler or any of those other Austro-German morons ever concocted. The only call NATO has for Ukraine, Poland, Romania and the Baltics is to use them to undermine the EU’s Franco-German axis or, like now, to pin prick Russia. Ukraine’s dire economic fundamentals dictate that there can be and never will be an Intermarium Reich.

As politics is the art of the possible, rather than the impossible daydreams of Semenyaka or Hitler (who got his simplistic military strategies from reading Karl May, a writer of children’s cowboy stories), let’s examine how something, anything of Ukraine can be salvaged from the wreckage Zelensky has wrought.

The first vector is Russia’s Armed forces, who should be given a clear path to do whatever it is they have been ordered to do. No Ukrainian should die opposing them in Odessa or anywhere else that has always been Russian; 300,000 dead Ukrainians is 300,000 too many.

Next off are Ukraine’s Nazi units, who force conscripts into the various meat grinders Russia’s armed forces have created for them. If anyone deserves to be fragged, it is they.

But fragging on its own will not save the day. The patriotic and sane officers in the Ukrainian armed forces are duty-bound to take Zelensky’s Ukrainian and Anglo-American enforcers out of the picture, either by giving away their positions to the Russians or dispatching them themselves.

NATO’s Nazi war machine must be declawed, not for the sake of Russia but for the sake of Ukraine and, more importantly, Ukrainians. Talk of reconstruction is talk of pie in the sky, the same rubbish Hitler spouted in his last hours in the bunker and the same nonsense parasites like Semenyaka spout from their own padded bunkers.

Zelensky, Soros, Boris Johnson, Hunter Biden and those other gangsters behind Ukraine’s Nero Decree want a Ukraine on their terms, not on those of the mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of Ukraine’s 300,000 (and sadly, still counting) dead. U.S. Secretary Blinken’s talk of Ukraine being a second Israel, Semenyaka’s new Jerusalem, is just that, talk to bamboozle and beguile the simple of mind and pure of heart.

Blinken’s sweet talk of “reimagining” Ukraine “with new industries, trade routes, and supply chains connected with Europe and other markets around the world” are the honeyed words of a deluded Zionist oaf, who serves a government that has deliberately de-industrialised Europe and destroyed “trade routes, and supply chains connected with Europe and other markets around the world”. NATO’s only possible benefit is for the U.S. to occupy the Crimean peninsula and rob both Ukraine and Russia blind. And guess what? Russia, no matter how many Hiroshimas and Nagasakis they are threatened or even visited with, will never allow that. Unless they want a no holds barred world-wide nuclear showdown, Blinken, Soros, Biden and the rest of them will have to find somewhere else to launder their ill-gotten gains.

Ukraine, to Soros, Blinken, Biden and their ilk, is but a quarry, where women act as surrogate mothers for deep-pocketed Westerners and where even its very earth only exists to be looted. Whoever loses in Ukraine, you can be damned sure Soros, Blinken, Biden and Zelensky, with his numerous mansions spread across the world, will not be amongst them.

Losing and dying are, as the families of Ukraine’s 300,000 dead know, for others, for those who do not get to play GI Joe in front of the Pope, G7 or Pfizer’s Ursula von der Leyen, whose German homeland, true to its Nazi traditions, has imprisoned 48-year-old Ukrainian Elena Kolbasnikova for merely saying that maybe, just maybe, Russia has a point.

Russia’s dilemma. Lavrov’s dilemma, is this. You cannot argue with armed fools, with Nazis or with serial predators like George Soros and his loathsome family. Sadly, you must tell, as Putin told Gerasimov and Surovikin, that we have a problem that necessitates their expertise be brought to bear on it. And, as Gerasimov, Surovikin and their colleagues tell their men that they must liberate Odessa, they might also like to remind Zelensky, Ukraine’s Nero, how Roman Emperor Valerian ended up in Edessa, crushed underfoot by the horse of Shapur, King of the Persians.

Semenyaka and Zelensky, like Hitler and Himmler before them, are fantasists. Too much dreaming about third, fourth and fifth Reichs. Too much nose candy, Karl May and watching re-runs of The Man Who Would Be King (not the Seán Penn version). Gerasimov and Surovikin are, in contrast, practical men, who do not suffer from the rank narcissism that was the trademark of Nero, just as it is now of Zelensky, who has decreed that all traces of Russian history or culture in Ukraine must be erased. Deus vult, you moron.

Once Zelensky’s Nero decree runs its course and Gerasimov and Surovikin counter-attack, the main thing that is going to get erased is the rank corruption and needless deaths Zelensky built his fortune on. Although I can’t wait for the end of Ukraine’s Nero, that end will be, like that of Germany’s Nero on 30 April 1945 at a time and place the Russian Armed Forces choose. Unless that is, Zelensky chooses to stand in the dock with von der Leyen and NATO’s other crooks, in which case that pathetic actor will get one more chance to strut and fret his time upon the stage before, like Hitler and Nero before him, he is heard from no more.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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