Embracing Defeat: The European Union in the Wake of the Ukrainian War

Even if Europe must perish, we should at least spare ourselves from being further tormented by Bloodlands’ blood suckers, Declan Hayes writes.

This article extrapolates from a number of key factors to assess Europe’s future when peace in our time eventually returns to Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands, that vast area sitting between Poland and Russia, which has had less than 20 years of peace since Tsarist Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire both collapsed over a century ago. In enumerating some of the other key factors propelling Europe into the abyss, it posits that we have no hope of escaping the Yankee yoke until we first get the Zelensky albatross and allied parasites off our collective necks.

Collapsing Our Economy Against Russia’s Iron Wall

Europe’s leaders, augmented by some 45 supposedly sovereign NATO satrapies, are now 500 days into their Bloodlands’ war against Russia, in what Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has called “the war of the entire West against the Russian Federation”.

As Russia and allied forces seem to have the upper hand so far, Kiev warlord Zelensky is demanding that the West now gifts him F16 aircraft and battleships so that his press-ganged legions might prevail, even though earlier gifts of European heavy equipment failed to stem the Russian tide.

However, as the days of the Red Baron and the dog fights we associate with him are long over, it is hard to see how this further demand makes military sense. Russia, along with its Iranian and Chinese allies, fights with sophisticated and fully integrated air, land and sea systems and, unless the EU’s proxy Ukrainian forces can match those systems and the years of training Russia’s forces have spent mastering such advanced weaponry, Zelensky’s warlords cannot prevail.

Allied to that is the fact that Russia sees itself in The Bloodlands battling an existential threat, whereas the German, British and French arms manufacturers just see Ukraine as another passing profit-making opportunity, where they sell their inferior weaponry to their governments, who gift them to Zelensky, who either sells them on the black market to French and other insurgents or who arrays them against Russia, where they are systematically destroyed.

Although Rheinmetall has enjoyed immense profits from this charade, its profits mask Europe’s secular decline. A brief survey of the Euro Stoxx 50 Index confirms that: economically, Europe is now a thin market in secular economic decline and NATO’s broken window strategy, whereby ever more billions of euros are pumped into the Bloodlands’ black hole, will not change that.

Europe cannot continue to throw good money after bad in Ukraine. Europe must declare its intention to abandon the Zelensky junta and to make a genuine, independent and sovereign peace with Russia. If the Kiev regime fails to agree to the terms Europe sets, then Europe should blitzkrieg Ukraine from the west and force its will by force of arms on those fascist warlords who do not flee the Bloodlands. Without Europe, the Zelensky regime would be dead in a day, a fate that is infinitely more preferable to the lingering death Europe is now succumbing to.

Although there is no chance of Europe’s erstwhile leaders agreeing to sensible policies like that, that is only further evidence that Hollande, Merkel, Sunak, Macron and that odious von der Leyen imbecile are part of the problem and not the solution.

There are over 2 million people directly employed in the American arms industry, with tens of millions more indirectly employed and, even if the Ukraine war is stretching their capacities, they and those European politicians in hock to them are a powerful lobby group, who are quite happy to see Europe implode as long as they get their pound of flesh. They have to be taken out of the equation for the sake of those of us who are not career sociopaths.

Civil Unrest

Although much of Europe is ablaze, those flames currently burn brightest in Sweden and France. Sweden’s underlying problem is that it opened its doors to large numbers of immigrants, many of whom have long ago turned much of urban Sweden into war zones between rival criminal gangs, with gun and bomb attacks, as well as gang rapes being common-place occurrences. These events are, of course, light years away from the privileged lives Greta Thunberg and NATO’s other Swedish evangelists enjoy but, as with all plagues, it spreads if it is not eradicated or, at least, contained.

This has certainly been the case in France where, as the Athena movie that captures today’s French zeitgeist shows, armies of imported, young criminals have all but overwhelmed the state as French dictator Macron parties with 76 year old rock star Elton John to show he is hip and swigs down beers with sycophantic rugby stars to show he is macho.

Meanwhile, support for right winger Marine Le Pen soars and young French men organise themselves with their baseball bats around football club ultras to hit back at the rioters.

As France burns, as French toddlers are stabbed, as 12 year old Lola Daviet is raped, murdered, and her dismembered remains are stuffed into an abandoned suitcase, Pope Francis honours “artist” Andres Serrano in the Sistine Chapel beneath Michaelangelo’s greatest work, which Pope Julius 11 famously commissioned. Serrano’s greatest work, you may recall, is Christ Piss, which depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in Serrano’s urine. Although Pope Julius’ tastes rather than those of Pope Francis would be nearer my own, to each their own, our secular overlords say.

Secular Priests

Although Pope Julius figures prominently in Machiavelli’s The Prince, one wonders if today’s leaders would even warrant a footnote between them in that great work. Take Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s First Minister, who is a Muslim with in-laws in Gaza but who refuses to forthrightly condemn Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Or how about Reza Pahlavi, the heir apparent to Iran’s Peacock Throne, who visited Jerusalem where he prayed at the Jewish Western Wall but, fine Muslim that he is, could not pop in next door to the al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the third holiest site in all of Islam and whose political significance to the world’s Muslims cannot be overstated.

Then there is Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s rabid Foreign Minister, who went to Brazil to complain that poor Brazilians care more about feeding their families than they do about Clown Prince Zelensky’s bank balance.

Heaven help us with those leaders. Though General Electric’s legendary Jack Welsh tells us that a great speech can be a terrible speech if made to the wrong audience, Baerbock, Pahlavi, Trudeau and Macron cannot give us good or even mediocre speeches because they are far too fixated, like the slabbering lap dogs that they are, on pleasing their American masters.

Outside of China, Russia, Syria and a few other redoubts, the Yanks have our elites so thoroughly mesmerised that NATO’s Nordstream terrorist attack elicits no protests from Extinction Rebellion or any other of Soros’ front groups.

Quite the opposite. Bankrupt Poland is sending long range missile systems into the Bloodlands and the Yanks, not to be outdone, are flooding Ukraine with depleted uranium ammunition.

Though blighting Bloodlands’ children with radiation and heavy metal toxicity is consistent with the Yanks’ criminality in Fallujah, Raqqa, Hanoi, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and a million other places they bombed back to the stone age, Mariupol Iron & Steel Works and Soledar Salt Mines must have skipped their myopic minds.

As Mariupol and Soledar were two bunkers the Soviets had prepared as contingencies against nuclear war, we can be assured not only that Russia is peppered with similar bolt holes but that the High Command of the Russian Armed Forces have long ago prepared against any and all such threats. As this belief is reinforced by the excellent performance of Russia’s defence systems in the Bloodlands, we have to conclude that their NATO equivalents are more interested in enriching themselves with jobs on the board of Rheinmetall and similar companies than in making its armed forces fit for purpose, let alone in defending the interests of the common, expendable European man.

Redundant Media

If one wishes to read high-quality content on all of this, then click through to this Russia Today article by former Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Karren Kneissl who, horror of horrors, once danced the Viennese waltz with Russian President Putin.

I mention their Blue Danube moment as such half-cocked smears are all NATO’s scribes seem capable of. Here, for example, is a half-cocked report by Irish asset Norma Costello, who secured a 7,000€ grant from a Brussels-based independent (ha ha) NGO to write in an obscure journal that Irish MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace have visited the countries of the Fertile Crescent. That is not so much money for old rope as money for no rope.

None of that slush perturbs Belarusian peace activist, President Aleksandr Lukashenko, who can be seen here putting the fear of God into the BBC asset sent to interview him. Lukashenko knows how complicated are the intertwined histories of Belarus, the Bloodlands and quixotic Bulgaria and that ignorant Anglo-Saxons sending in their minions in the guise of journalists, diplomats or all-purpose advisors only make bad situations worse. Say what you like about Lukashenko but he knows his country’s history and who his peoples’ enemies are.

Funding Ukrainian Clowns

Belarus is not alone in this agony. Here in Vichy Ireland, we are being swamped by Ukrainian “poets” being subsidised to come here to read their juvenile jottings to their compatriots, whom we also subsidise. Dublin’s internationally-acclaimed Abbey Theatre, meanwhile, has been commandeered to give Ukrainian actors, of which there seems to be no shortage, holidays here, to perform here at the height of our tourism season when paying tourists usually pack out the Abbey (where once I saw, horror of horrors, Chekhov) to watch Irish actors act in the Irish plays those paying tourists quite rightly want to see.

Writing in NATO’s Atlantic Council outlet, Zelensky apologist Nataliya Popovych tells us that Ukrainians sabotaging Ireland’s tourist industry is somehow “a very deliberate Russian attack on the peace and stability that Western businesses have greatly benefited from over the years”, that it is “one of over 90,000 suspected Russian war crimes in Ukraine” and that we must continue “rebuilding Ukrainian human capital and upgrading Ukraine’s energy infrastructure to set the country firmly on the path toward a green energy future”.

If all of that sounds like the talk of charlatans, that is because it is. If the Bloodlands had no viable economic past, we cannot expect it to suddenly bloom and help the rest of us outgrow our economic doldrums. All the more so as we are throwing good billions of euros after bad billions, all on the word of Zelensky and his legions of fellow-fraudsters.

And, of course, Uncle Sam, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, whose Colombian mosquito factory releases 30 million genetically-modified mosquitoes every week into 11 different countries for reasons that would make Imperial Japan’s Unit 731 shudder.

Whether we are talking about Big Pharma’s Wuhan shenanigans, Pink News’ transhumanist capers, Oxfam’s mysogynistic campaigns, Bill Gates’ Unit 731 shuffle or even Hollywood’s trans-Barbie dolls in their trans-Barbie worlds, NATO is turning our European wonderland, Borrell’s imagined Garden of Eden, into a dystopian nightmare right in front of our eyes, which resemble those of a deer’s frozen in NATO’s headlights.

Voting With Their Feet

Europeans, who can, are bailing out to Dubai, Australia, or wherever they can, to escape the all but inevitable collapse. Not only are Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States jumping ship to join BRICS but the Gurkhas, long feared as Albion’s fiercest warriors, are joining the Russian Wagner Group in big numbers.

Europeans, meanwhile, must wonder how they can survive when our WEF overseers are hell-bent on stripping us of any vestiges of independence. Whereas the Yanks, at least, have their guns and their libertarianism to fall back on, all we have is Greta Thunberg, American Barbie and the mother of all headaches from our Bloodlands disaster.

There are, as I see it, two ways this can go. The first and easiest of these is that we acquiesce in NATO and their WEF enforcers destroying any and everything that is good and of value in Europe. The second and infinitely harder path is we join the Dutch farmers, the Hungarians and Europe’s other still-sovereign people and unite to fight back or die in the attempt.

Empty bluster perhaps but that is all there is. Because we do not fit in, except as emasculated vassals, into the grand plans of Greta, Gates and the rest of them, we should not factor them into our plans. Give me liberty or death, Patrick Henry reputedly roared to muster the troops, as he expounded on what is at the heart of this Manichaean struggle we now find ourselves in.

Because we cannot live as free and sovereign people while Annalena Baerbock, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, Ursula von der Leyen, and their armies of fellow-morons are serving us up on a platter to their Yankee owners, we must resolve to strike back or die in the attempt before they kill us off. Wild words perhaps but Europe has been down this road before and survived, albeit at great cost. But, as every gym rat knows, before we do such good things as end Europe’s 1945-2023 Yankee Occupation, we must give up the bad things, like funnelling billions of euros into Zelensky and paying Ukrainian “poets” to come here to inflict more pain on us with their dire dirges. Even if Europe must perish, we should at least spare ourselves from being further tormented by Bloodlands’ blood suckers. If we must embrace defeat, let us embrace it but first cut loose these Bloodlands jackals NATO has lumbered us with, so that they too might pay for the harm they have visited upon us.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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