MUGA: Wall Street’s GoFundMe to “Make Ukraine Great Again”

Though Ukraine, like Imperial Japan, before it, must accept the unacceptable and embrace defeat, it must go infinitely further if it is to have any worthwhile future.

This article focuses on London’s recent Ukraine Recovery Conference which, its website tells us, was jointly hosted by the bankrupt British and Ukrainian regimes. The framework of the plan would be familiar to anyone who has ever taken a basic corporate finance course or who has read the books of the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab.

Although the inputs of the World Bank, the OECD and all the other true stakeholders can be read here, my article will follow the traditional corporate finance and WEF trajectories. Thus, we first look at the project itself, and then look at its financing, as well as how its stakeholders will be rewarded, as well as reviewing such relevant issues as moral hazard, adverse selection and SWOT analysis.


Wall Street’s Ukrainian project had its beginnings not in Russian President Putin’s 2022 intervention in the Ukrainian Civil War, but much earlier in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany, which turned the Federal German Republic from an exporter of capital, into an importer, which also needed huge pools of young men and women of military and child-bearing age to overcome its demographic challenges.

Faced with an ageing population and constraints on the further domestic growth needed to cover its pension and other liabilities, Germany, along with its NATO allies, looked Eastwards, to where Germany always imagined its economic upside to lie.

Resource-rich Ukraine, Europe’s bread basket, if properly re-engineered, internationalised and deregulated would, they believed, offer upside aplenty, not only to Germany but, more importantly perhaps, to its Wall Street and City of London partners in crime.

Here in 2014, for example, is American warlord Condaleezza Rice saying that the goal must be to divorce Europe from Russia and to make it dependent on the United States for its security, food and energy needs.

With the Dutch and other efficient West European farmers being decommissioned and with Russia’s oil, gas and grain being blackballed, then the immense profits to be made from exploiting Ukraine’s rich black earth is more than worth the investment, all the more so as domestic Ukrainian opposition is being vapourised by having its men folk slaughtered in an avoidable war and instituting labour market reforms that strip Ukraine’s survivors of any basic rights.

If, on top of all that, Wall Street’s NATO forces can control Crimea and, from it, the Black Sea, then Russia can also be ravished to the benefit of the entrepreneurs behind this bold plan.

Thus, from NATO’s viewpoint, its Ukrainian campaign has huge upside and, if Crimea and the Black Sea can both be colonised, the returns for NATO’s stake-holders would be mouth-watering and the Ukrainians and Russians, like all vanquished peoples, would just have to lump it.

War And Peace

Although Ukraine is currently at war that, of itself, is no game changer. Once the guns fall silent, then Wall Street can move in in a really big way. As Ukraine is bankrupt and as all of its assets outside of Russian control have been used as collateral for NATO’s loans, peace will see a major transfer of wealth and power from Ukrainian debtors to NATO creditors.

The hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers are not a factor and many millions more will have to sell up what they have at nickels to the dime. Most of the tens of millions of Ukrainians who have fled Westwards will not be returning as there is nothing there for them. Their role will be to help solve the West’s demographic problems, to keep the fires of Russophobia burning brightly and just to survive as best they can. NATO’s new Ukraine has no need of them.

Financing MAGU

NATO’s London conference is one in a sequence explaining how this New Jerusalem by the Dnieper will be financed, to the tune of some $1 trillion, some five times the size of Ukraine’s pre-war GDP, to start with. Excluding leakages through corruption, bribery and the other hallmarks of modern Ukraine, most of this will come from stealing Russian assets, as well as by grants from the European Union and the United States. Significantly, China, which recently replaced Russia as Ukraine’s main trading partner, is not yet being extorted to chip into this huge crock of gold.

Once peace returns and the financing is in place, the reconstruction will begin, with private firms, rather than the government enterprises which must pay the bulk of the $1 trillion seed money, taking the lead. Their New Ukraine will be a naked capitalist model of deregulation, with workers, public services, social services and the like having very low, if any, priorities. Although there will be significant inward migration, that will consist of people, few of whom will be Ukrainians, with the skill sets to operate the capital-intensive machines Ukraine’s new masters need. Most Ukrainians, as the books of Klaus Schwab repeatedly make clear, will have to be more entrepreneurial, to live by their wits and the grace of God, in other words.

Shot Callers and Stakeholders

As BlackRock and JP Morgan will jointly anchor the Reconstruction Bank for Ukraine, a summary look at how those two roll is well worth a look. Here is a twitter thread detailing JP Morgan’s central involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking ring and other serious criminal behaviour. Here is a BlackRock shot caller caught on tape boasting about how his company manipulates everything and everybody from POTUS Biden and his son Hunter right down the line. Suffice it to say that if you want moral probity or financial rectitude, you don’t want those career criminals at the helm.

Not that that is a deal-breaker, as NATO’s rules-based order champions have no need to play by any rules, their own included. Here, for example, is American war criminal John Kerry declaring that the punishments NATO are applying to Russia over Ukraine do not apply to the rape of Iraq by the United States and Ukraine as their Iraqi genocide campaign was, he says with a straight face, not a war of aggression. Here is American war criminal Donald Trump brazenly admitting that the United States occupies Syria only to steal its oil and grain. And, of course, to help Israel, Dick Cheney and media tycoon Rupert Murdoch rob the Golan Heights of its oil and other resources.

Unlike Syria, whose people face near starvation because of NATO’s criminality, the Zelensky regime has signed Ukraine up lock, stock and barrel to the IMF’s austerity programs. And, even should Ukraine survive, it will be picked cleaner than those vultures stripped Greece of its assets.

I mention Greece as Greece forgave Germany its War reparations but Germany showed Greece no reciprocal mercy after Germany, together with the JP Morgan mafia, robbed Greece blind. Greece was not even left with its milk and yoghurt industries as Dutch conglomerates bagged them. If the ordinary Ukrainians think these gangsters will treat them better than they did the Greeks, their nightmares have not yet begun.

Nor will a Wall Street led Ukrainian ‘green transformation’ be a panacea as that will only lock Ukraine into further debt bondage. Financially speaking, it is all one big farce, one big con job on the ordinary Ukrainian and that is before we even factor in Russia, against which Ukrainians are only a very expendable NATO buffer.

The Washington Post reports that Ukraine “harbors some of the world’s largest reserves of titanium and iron ore, fields of untapped lithium, and massive deposits of coal. Collectively, they are worth tens of trillions of dollars”. That, however, is all on paper. Ukraine’s NATO “saviours” have no intention of allowing Ukrainians control any of that or to be masters of their own destiny. That is not the NATO way.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine’s GDP has fallen 30 percent, and today only 35 percent of Ukrainians are in full-time employment. Coal production has plummeted by 50 percent (NATO’s green energy anyone?), and its steel production — Ukraine’s second leading industry after agriculture — is down by 70 percent. Foreign debt today amounts to $132 billion, approximately 75 percent of the country’s GDP. When the hryvnia first launched in 2017, it traded at 1.76 UAH to the Yankee dollar. Though it is now 37 to the dollar, it is buffeted by massive EU and NATO subventions to stop the hryvnia going into free fall.

Ukraine is a financial, economic and moral mess and even MI5’s BBC admit that the hryvnia and Ukraine itself will be on life support for the foreseeable future. NATO’s saccharine talk of gender equality and inclusion is contradicted by the fine print attached to the IMF and other loans, which demand the most savage cuts to health care and education. Ukraine will not be able to build back at all, never mind build back better and to pay its debtors back their capital with interest. Rather, it will go the way of other targets like Greece, which these self-same criminals also pauperised.

Embracing Defeat

Though Ukraine, like Imperial Japan, before it, must accept the unacceptable and embrace defeat, it must go infinitely further if it is to have any worthwhile future. It must, first of all, imprison Zelensky, his fellow cronies and the oligarchs and foreign agents who control them. It must expel all Anglo-Saxons, who are at the root of Ukraine’s malaise and it must make peace with Russia, not for the sake of Russia but for the sake of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Those steps would allow it apply for entry to China’s Belt and Road Initiative and to face NATO, as well as NATO’s predatory satrapies of Moldova, Estonia, France and Denmark not as just another NATO vassal but as a sovereign nation that has earned the right to be respected not only by shedding oceans of its children’s blood but by shedding itself of Zelensky, JP Morgan, BlackRock and all those others who made Ukrainians suffer so very much for so very little. Though Ukraine can do a deal with Russia, it can no more do a deal with Zelensky, BlackRock or JP Morgan than it can do one with the devil. If Ukrainians want to build back better, they must first build bridges to where their future lies, with Russia, China and their economic allies, who want a vibrant Ukraine, which is master of its own destiny and which is not the expendable vassal of NATO and its cohorts.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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