Biden’s Battle for the South China Sea in This Age of Precision Guided Missiles

The best starting point to begin reviewing Biden’s looming war in the South China Sea is through the one good eye of former Israeli Defence Chief Moshe Dayan.

The best starting point to begin reviewing Biden’s looming war in the South China Sea is through the one good eye of former Israeli Defence Chief Moshe Dayan. At a loose end in 1966, Dayan jumped at the chance to review the Vietnam war up close. Having first made stop overs to be briefed in France, England and America, he landed in Saigon where he met the Yankee top brass and came under VC fire when he went out on patrol with their grunts.

The crucial July 29, 1966 entry in his Vietnam Diary reads that his “impression is that they [Yanks] are…. currently fighting …. an American war against the entire world. To demonstrate their power and the steadfastness of their decisions to everyone (including England, France, the USSR), to make it known: when the Americans enter the fray – they are undefeatable”.

Dayan, whose accounts can also be read here, here and here, wrote in his 1966 memoir that “I wanted to see for myself, on the spot, what modern war was like, how the new weaponry was handled, how it shaped up in action, whether it could be adopted for our own use. Because “it had been “ten years since I had been in battle, ten years since I had been at the wrong end of an enemy tank, field gun, and attack plane—and at the right end of our own.”

Whereas Dayan, who had already concluded as early as 1966 that the Viet Cong would prevail, wanted to learn from both the past and the present, the Yanks charge on regardless. Whereas, for Dayan, victory was of the essence, to the Yanks deflecting from the Bidens’ crimes regardless of the collateral damage is all that matters.

The fact that Russia’s victory in Ukraine has shown that missiles and General Giap style logistical genius are what counts does not cut ice. And nor does the allied fact that Iran has proved herself to be master of such systems. The Yanks, with their array of Japanese, Israeli, German, British and Ossie poodles, will sail on into the seas of death China has prepared for them.

The Chinese and Iranians know what to expect. The Iranians will turn the Straits of Hormuz into an inferno and Hezbollah will blacken Israel’s skies with their missiles. Good luck to those Israelis who survive posting all that on Instagram.

Further east, the Yanks, using their Ossie nuclear subs, will try to cut Chinese supply lines over the Indian Ocean and block off the Malacca Strait and other choke points. All that, while they occupy Northern Luzon to be within striking distance of Taiwan, around which the locked and loaded Japanese navy will lurk like a shiver of sharks.

India, of course, will play its part, as will the corrupt Pakistani military who, working on the Yankees’ orders, have banged up Imran Khan and reneged on their pipeline deal with Iran, which the Yanks are prodding the Taliban to attack if they want the billions the Yanks stole from Afghanistan returned.

In far-off Myanmar, former MI6 pin up girl Aung San Suu Kyi is again on the prowl as the Yanks try to leverage Myanmar to control the nearby Malacca Straits and strong arm Thailand to help attack China.

Chinese President Xi could be forgiven for thinking his world is in a state of chassis. Hillary Clinton’s ISIS proxies are up to serious mischief in Xinjiang, they are leveraging Pakistan to cut the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is a core node of the Beijing-led Belt & Road Initiative the Yanks are hell-bent on doing a Nordstream on. And then there is the Yanks’ Seventh Fleet at Yokosuka and the Marines’ trip wire of Okinawa, to say nothing of South Korea, which the North could destroy in an eye-blink.

Even if Japan’s Kanto and Kansai Plains were to be wiped off the map with pre-emptive nuclear strikes, Taiwan would still be no cakewalk. The Normandy landings and MacArthur’s Inch’ŏn invasion would be, by comparison to a successful Taiwanese invasion, walks in the proverbial park.

The Chinese have been training to invade Taiwan for decades and flyovers to test Taiwanese responses, as well as regular naval drills and mock landings and urban warfare scenario battles have been staples of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (CPLA) since Mao’s time.

Assuming China takes America’s shock and awe route rather than Putin’s gradualist approach, they will first of all suppress Taiwan’s air defences with non-stop barrages of missiles, which will most likely obliterate Taiwan’s defences within the first 24 hours. Following that baptism of fire, the cruise missiles of China’s Xian H-6 bombers would get to work, ensuring that no Taiwanese aircraft could take to the skies.

The Chinese navy would then move to seal off Taiwan from the Philippines, Japan and American forward bases. Although the Yanks could theoretically island hop from Luzon to Itbayat, as they would still be 160 km from Taiwan’s southern shore, it would be happy hunting days for China’s submarine fleet. To the north east of Taiwan, the Yanks are already digging in on Japan’s Yaeyama Islands, which are only 65km from Taiwan.

Ever increasing Chinese convoys have been prodding away at Taiwan and at its Japanese and Luzon life lines for years now, testing reaction times, jamming radar systems and decoding their communications. Whilst one Chinese battle group seems to be assigned to cut off the Luzon Strait, China’s Shandong carrier seems to be tasked with sealing off the Yaeyama Islands and, of course, with China’s other two carriers, exchanging pleasantries with the Americans’ 7th fleet.

Though the Taiwanese navy, which has four main bases, is no pushover, should their main base at Kaohsiung City fall, then Chinese reinforcements could swarm in and overwhelm the island. Although the Chinese High Command must plan for such contingencies, such amphibious landings would, one must hope, be the option of last recourse.

The Chinese navy have come a long way from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami when, unlike their Japanese, Indian and American equivalents, they could not launch a blue water navy to sail to the rescue. Although the rising Chinese economic tide has undoubtedly lifted all the boats, those of the Chinese navy included, the common thread in all the threats not only China but the entire world face is the strong arm tactics of the United States of America.

Although we all hope that Chinese diplomacy in South East Asia and elsewhere prevails to defer this American-induced Armageddon, the only solution to all this that I can see is that the Yanks get the same sort of bloody nose that Moshe Dayan witnessed them getting in Vietnam. The American Armed Forces, like Hitler’s Wehrmacht before Stalingrad, have this odd belief that they are God’s anointed. They are not. And, like Hitler’s doomed 6th Army at Stalingrad, they must be taught in no uncertain terms that they are not.

No matter what further crimes America’s 5th and 7th Fleet commit, the armed forces of Iran and China stand ready to show that American thuggery has no sustainable future in Asia as missile technology has made their legacy fleets obsolete in all arenas but the high seas where Chinese blue water navies will eventually challenge their arrogance.

America’s South China Sea adventurism is designed only to fatten the bottom line of NATO’s defence companies through naval sales, their land weapons having proved an abysmal failure in Ukraine. America is an air and sea power, not a land power like Russia with feet firmly on the ground.

Ho Chi Minh, the public face of Vietnamese resistance to American barbarism, said that a true patriot is a person who makes two blades of rice grow where only one previously grew. That is what China has done in recent years. They have lifted more Chinese out of poverty than most of us can even begin to imagine. The Yanks should let the Chinese and the rest of Asia get on with that before China visits 1000 Vietnams on them and those unfortunate Japanese, Koreans and other Asians they strong arm to work for them. America and the Biden organised crime family have no honest business in the South China Sea or anywhere else in Asia. They should leave while the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and their Iranian allies still allow them.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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