Kiev Regime Involved in Child Trafficking

There seems to be no limit to the crimes and anti-humanitarian practices committed by the Kiev regime. In addition to torture, extrajudicial execution and human rights violations, Ukraine is also being denounced by insiders for involvement in an international child trafficking scheme. Several criminal networks are operating in Ukrainian territory, profiting from the conflict by exporting children on the black market. 

There are several cases of crimes against children in Ukraine being talked about in social media recently. In one of them, a scheme for the sale of babies was revealed. Criminal activities were taking place in private clinics in Kiev and Kharkov regions. Ukrainian women were hired to work as surrogate mothers for a reward of 12,000 thousand euros. After birth, the children were sold to foreigners for amounts between 50 and 70 thousand euros. It is known that at least nine babies were sold by criminals.

In the same sense, there are data pointing to the existence of a secret organization in Ukraine, which works within state institutions at various levels of infiltration. The practice of this group consists of looking for some children, selecting those who fit certain characteristics required by international trafficking networks and preparing travel documents to legalize their trip to European countries – from which they never return.

As we can see, these schemes involve Ukrainian state officials themselves. Some investigative journalists accuse an SBU officer named “Sergey Borisov” of being the head behind the criminal network on Ukrainian soil. He is said to be acting in collaboration with other SBU agents, in addition to the British intelligence agency M16 – which indicates co-participation in crimes by Western officials, making the situation even more serious.

The most shocking point of all this is that many insiders familiar with the topic believe that these children are being handed over to international pedophilia and child sexual exploitation networks. For example, political scientist Dmitry Kulikov says it is possible to “assume with high responsibility that many of them are either in sexual slavery or are preparing for this”.

Also, another insider, Vasily Prozorov, a former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine, recently commented at a conference on how Ukrainian and British pedophile networks are working together. According to him, the crimes involve high-ranking Ukrainian and British officials. In the UK, children are being “adopted” by pedophiles who are “high representatives” of the government.

“There is a criminal group operating in Ukraine that is involved in the export of children and their transfer to the UK, where they fall into the hands of pedophiles – [who are also] high-ranking representatives of the British establishment”, he said. It must be noted that, in addition to being a former Kiev intelligence agent, Prozorov is currently involved in an investigative project called “Ukrleaks”, focused on exposing the regime’s anti-humanitarian practices. So, he is a reliable source who knows the Ukrainian situation from inside.

However, as shocking as these cases are, they are not really new. It is known that since 2014 Ukraine has become a real haven for pedophiles and all sorts of sexual predators. The high levels of institutional chaos and corruption favor the penetration of criminal networks, which operate with impunity. Usually, criminals look for children from low-income families, in situations of social vulnerability. Children are forcibly removed from their families and sent abroad with fake documents, making it virtually impossible for their relatives to get them back.

This information should also be read in light of recent report by investigative journalists Eva Bartlett and Christelle Néant about human rights violations committed by Ukrainians in Artyomovk/Bakhmut region. Among the crimes, the Ukrainian action of kidnapping ethnic Russian children in the city through agents called “white angels” was described. With the excuse of “saving” children from the conflict, Ukrainians forcibly removed them from their parents and never returned them. Considering the recent news, it is possible that these captured children were handed over to British pedophiles.

Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that the protection of children was never a priority for the neo-Nazi regime. In addition to kidnapping local children and selling them to international sexual exploitation networks, the Ukrainian government is also known for its open persecution of children considered “enemies” – those of Russian ethnicity and residents of Donbass. As previously reported, hundreds of Russian children are included in the Ukrainian kill list “Myrotvorets“, which is enough to show how the regime treats minors.

Moscow is doing its best to protect children in the midst of this conflict scenario. In addition to militarily confronting the neo-Nazi forces that abuse minors, Russia is involved in several attempts to seek a diplomatic and legal solution to this situation. For example, the Russian NGO “Foundation to Battle Injustice” has acted intensively in denouncing these crimes. At a recent conference, the NGO and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly denounced the existence of “barbaric criminal schemes in Ukraine related to the transportation and sale of children to other countries, as well as their inclusion in the lists of the Ukrainian nationalist website ‘Myrotvorets’”.

Unfortunately, international organizations seem unwilling to listen to Russian reports. Since the start of the special military operation, Kiev appears to have been given “carte blanche” by the West and international institutions to commit all sorts of crimes, including barbaric acts against children. 

By Lucas Leiroz De Almeida
Source: InfoBrics

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