Rules of War Must B-Rewritten 4-US and NATO-French Entanglements!

What do you think about the direction the world is heading?

It should come as no surprise that people are growing weary of much of what is going on, and alien technology and close encounters with visitors from another world (aliens) are more in vogue, and with ample justification. It’s all about control and keeping the people in the dark. However, I think that ordinary people are looking for leadership. It has already been a problem, as they are not looking in the right places, especially in the US.

We know Biden certainly isn’t running the show.  It’s all run by the puppeteers. They know they won’t be able to control RFK Junior or Donald Trump, so they continue to make war and to reap hay while-the-sun-is-shining.

It is highly likely Africa will go up in flames next, following the fate and the MO of “Ukraine on Fire,” going back to 2014, and already Europe is in steep economic decline, for obvious reasons.

Now it is time to take into consideration the potential fallout or “blowback” from the latest coup in Niger, all for good measure. And then to buttress all of that with the rhetoric of the never-ending war in Ukraine, the China threat, “real or perceived”, and one will soon realize that the saturation point is soon to be reached.

But so what?

People will just stop caring, they will become indifferent, especially about Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, at least Americans and Europeans will, as the hue of the victims in Africa is such that most Western people will care even less. They realize that sooner or later, after a country or region is destroyed, that the destroyers will simply walk away, and loot whatever of value remains.

Even not-so-well-informed Americans are starting to wake up. The popular media – in tandem with social media that is censoring news and providing the governmental-approved narrative, and inundates us with a new version of propaganda. I think there may be more support for the parties that support less international involvement.

The US may be an exception due to the abortion issue, being influenced by a range of factors, including cultural, historical, economic, and political considerations.

Basically, many Americans could not care less for political parties or movements that advocate for a more non-interventionist or isolationist foreign policy. These parties often prioritize domestic issues, national sovereignty, and reducing involvement in foreign conflicts or global affairs. Such positions may resonate with voters who are concerned about the cost of international engagements, potential entanglements in conflicts, or the focus on domestic issues, but unfortunately these voters are not a majority in the US of A, at least not yet.

It is important to take into an account a wide range of perspectives and factors when analyzing the relationship between foreign policy, international involvement, and domestic politics in any country, including how political parties and various politicians use foreign entanglements as a diversion to real problems at home, and they financially benefit from such wars of choice.

The Dems have fallen in line, lock-step with these “convenient truths”. It is sad that the American public knows more about the lives of celebrities, than do they know the qualities so basic to protect the civil liberties which they are so quickly losing.

Such a combination makes a perfect storm. Such a scenario leads to a police state. RF Kennedy suggested it:and as his grandfather had said, “We should defend our borders and let other countries’ governments govern themselves as they see fit.”

He was not alone, as many proponents of non-interventionist foreign policy advocate for defending national borders while also supporting the idea of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. This approach suggests that nations should avoid involvement in the governance of other countries and instead focus on their own domestic problems and stay out of the problems of others

But that is not the real world in which we live, especially for Americans. If Fascism comes about when BIG business has too much power and Communism is when the Government has too much power, either case Democracy cannot flourish. If the military and military-industrial complex has too much power, Democracy cannot thrive, or even survive at all.

Will it be possible to block France from going on a killing spree, as too many resources at stake for the French to just walk away? Not only uranium and gold directly from the country, but 20% of the EU’s gas supplies transit through Niger from Nigeria.

I need to brainstorm this from a pragmatic perspective, as poor France, part of the European family, has no choice but to go back to old colonial habits. You know, Germany, would not be able to do that, as it has gotten too much historic bad press.

Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex when JFK went into power, JFK had signed papers to bring troops home from Vietnam and within two weeks he was dead. President Johnson rescinded that order because he did not want to admit a defeat in the Vietnam War.

And then we had the Pentagon Papers, with the truth finally being exposed, the war was lost, and they all knew it. RFK ran on the same platform as his brother. He was gaining momentum, and he ended up dead, killed by CIA operatives, according to RFK Junior. Kennedy’s statement is that we cannot be a democracy if we allow CIA to go around manipulating in the affairs of all the other countries in the world

Should we be surprised to hear that the government does not want to provide RFK Junior Secret Service protection? You would think that anyone who declares their intention to be president, especially a Kennedy, would automatically get Secret Service protection. However, it is not working that way. The White House is blocking Kennedy from getting any Secret Service protection at all.

Chardonnay Socialism

Fascism is alive and well when business and government embrace a form of socialism together. It is Socialismfor the rich and well-connected–Chardonnay Socialism.

I had to look that up, I think I am a bit inspired to discuss the union of claimed values with reality, and not be too narrowly focused. “Socialism for the rich and well-connected,” often referred to as “Chardonnay Socialism,” is a term used to criticize certain economic policies or practices that appear to favor wealthy individuals or corporations while claiming to advocate for socialist or progressive values.

It is a no-brainer to see the disconnect between some policies or practices, and the rhetoric, which are touted as promoting equality and benefiting greater society, public good, may instead disproportionately benefit the few—those elites at the top.

Even demographics profits from war, as in Ukraine, and many are fleeing, or at use the war as an excuse to move to Europe or immigrate to the West and start new lives under the pretext of refugee status.  They should be welcomed with open arms in light of an ever-reducing and aging population in many countries—especially European ones.

What a comedian!

Zelensky is basically like a homeless person who cannot maintain his own house, so he goes around asking people, like the USA who wants more homeless people and Zelensky is one! He’s exactly what the USA needs to use as a political pawn! Aside from that, I do think that Ukraine is being exploited bymanypeople. The region, especially Crimea, has always been a hotspot of war, for the British, the French and the Ottoman, in their games of Empire, which gives us the meaning of redlines.

More and more experts, according to USA Today, are coming to terms with how this war could end in stalemate, [from the Western perspective] … and how they expected Ukraine to have grained a great deal more ground than it has, and now we are just going to wait and see how much territory Ukraine is able to take back, and how the Western media now claims that Ukraine is slowly gaining ground.

But ultimately, that war is not going to be won on the battlefield. Ultimately is not going to be settled by people in tanks but by people in suits. They are going to have to sit around a table and sort this out. It is not going to be won on the ground.

And one only needs to consider how America’s obsession with celebrities could cause another imperial war—and not only am expanded one in Ukraine. Thus, the US is looking at a stalemate, in the best-case scenario, and for it to drift into Poland and the Baltic Republics,

 It is no wonder why the Biden Administration won’t go there, as to the reality on the ground, and to even consider the possibility of the US policy falling flat flies into the face of its own worn out propaganda. It is not all that complicated, if Biden, Blinken, Sullivan and “Victoria Secrets Nuland” would not hate Russia, and Russians, so much.

Call for fire!

They are so full of themselves!  It is an understatement to say that “Ukraine’s offensive has a problem: Russia knew what was coming and was given way too much time to figure out” how to beat it—hands down!!

It is all about making money, screw the population and keep feeding them the tired old line about liberty and making the world safe for democracy, at the point of a gun.

Even the Western media is starting to repeat what the Russian media, policymakers and some of the best military minds have known for a long time: the Russians have been able to learn to deal with one newly introduced [purported] “game-changing weapons system” after another – one at a time, and overcome them.

What  has been supplied, so piecemeal, broken, often worn-out-and/or out of date, like hand-me-down clothing, had to be matched-up or scraped—it just was not in keeping with the military catwalk of the day, lacking “effective range” or knockdown power,  as were the terms used in my US military days. Even the most advanced systems supplied, like the US HIMARS guided rocket system, or the Anglo-French Storm Shadow cruise missiles, and the vastly overrated Patriot SAN complex, have failed to prevent the Russians gaining ground, or smashing Ukrainian counterattacks.

Even the proverbial mouthpiece with all its doublespeak, the New York Times, is writing something closer to the truth, albeit somewhat ironic, especially about changing tactics:

Now, Ukrainian military commanders have changed tactics, focusing on wearing down the Russian forces. But early results have been mixed. Ukrainian troops have yet to make sweeping gains, raising questions about the quality of their foreign training and about whether tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons have been able to transform the military into a NATO-standard fighting force.

Any “bang for the buck” went into the pockets of the warmongers, military-industrial complex and well-connected politicians and their minions, as for the greedy politicians, they are laughing all the way to the bank. As for being able to tell the difference between a “good or bad politician,” it is hard to tell them apart, at least those claiming to be at the top of the two main political parties, especially in the US.

Shit floats!

By Henry Kamens
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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