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Beijing, ASEAN Partners to Sign Deal to Avoid Clashes in South China Sea

China and ASEAN agreed on the implementation of communication protocols and created a hotline for top officials in the event of possible naval confrontations in the South China Sea’s contested waters.

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U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping © Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

US army official berates Australia for indecision over Washington & China ties

“I think the Australians need to make a choice … it’s very difficult to walk this fine line between balancing the alliance with the United States and the economic engagement with China,” US Army Assistant Chief of Staff Colonel Tom Hanson said on radio station Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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The Ultimate 21st Century Choice; OBOR or War

The $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has the potential to unblock vast swathes of South Asia, with Gwadar, operated by China Overseas Port Holdings, slated to become a key naval hub of the New Silk Roads.

Deep-sea ports will be built in Kyaukphyu in Myanmar, Sonadia island in Bangladesh, Hambantota in Sri Lanka. Add to them the China-Belarus Industrial Park and 33 deals in Kazakhstan covering everything from mining and engineering to oil and gas.

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The Whole Game is About Containing Russia-China

The next BRICS summit, in Goa, is less than two months away. Compared to only two years ago, the geopolitical tectonic plates have moved with astonishing speed.

BRICS is in a coma. What’s surviving is RC: the Russia/China strategic partnership. Yet even the partnership seems to be in trouble — with Russia still attacked by myriad metastases of Hybrid War. The — Exceptionalist — Hegemon remains powerful, and the opposition is dazed and confused.

US Continues to Cut Aid to Pakistan

As the US looks to “confront” China in every way they can think of, they have found themselves in the process of deepening military ties with China’s neighbor, and regional rival, India. This is having a growing impact on America’s already weakening relationship with Pakistan.

The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire

The main architect of Washington’s plan to rule the world has abandoned the scheme and called for the forging of ties with Russia and China. Brzezinski’s article has largely been ignored by the media, it shows that powerful members of the policymaking establishment no longer believe that Washington will prevail in its quest to extent US hegemony across the Middle East and Asia.

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