Massive NATO military exercise in Poland – preparation for war with Russia?

Polish Soldiers from the 56th Aviation Base, and U.S. Soldiers from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade “Task Force Griffin,” augmented by 3rd Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 127th Aviation Support Battalion, 1st Armored Division Combat Aviation Brigade and 3rd Battalion, 501st Aviation, 1AD CAB participated in the Polish led opening ceremonies for Anakonda 16, here, June 6, at Inowroclaw Air Base.

The ceremony marked the beginning of the exercise which will include combined planning, rehearsal and execution of air assault, attack and heavy lift aviation operations culminating in a battalion size air-assault.

“It was great meeting and shaking hands with the Polish Soldiers after the ceremony,” said Pvt. Jalani Jones, a 42A Human Resources Specialist, from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1AD CAB. “The camaraderie was instant between us, even though we didn’t speak the same language.”

The 12th CAB or “Task Force Griffin” deployed over 60 aircraft and 800 Soldiers to multiple locations throughout Poland.

“We do not always get the opportunity to work with foreign armies,” said Spc. Jarrett Green, a 15P Aviation Operations Specialist from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd. Bn., 227th Avn. Regt., 1 ACB. “It’s a great experience to see new European countries and how their militaries operate.”

The logistical planning for Anakonda 16 began months ago in Germany and the scale of the exercise provides a unique challenge when executing operations across such a large area.

“The reception and integration from our Polish Allies has been fantastic,” said Maj. David Hankins, the Brigade Logistics Officer for 12th CAB. “Their logistical support made our setup much easier.”

Anakonda 2016, scheduled to run through June 17, is a Polish national exercise designed to train, exercise and integrate Polish command and force structure into a joint multinational environment.

While Russia seems to be largely ignoring this massive NATO exercise, it will not have gone unnoticed in the Kremlin. It is just the latest in a long series of aggressive NATO moves that have seen NATO forces and influence move ever close to Russia’s borders, deployment of NATO assets to forward positions (Radars and missiles in Poland and Ukraine, for instance) and highly beligerent, aggressive rhetoric from NATO commanders like General Breedlove. 
But why is this happening? The official line in the West is that Putin’s Russia is dangerous, aggressive and expansionist, that we should all fear the Russian Bear and prepare ourselves with more money spent on defense than at any time since the darkest days of the Cold War.
Quite frankly, I think that is all utter hogwash and that we are being manipulated by fear yet again so that the nefarious agenda of the international criminal cabal can be moved forward. This was the case with both world wars and I have no doubt it will be the case with the next one.
Winston Churchill admitted that ww2 was not about defeating and destroying the Nazis, it was about breaking and destroying Germany and the German people; French General Alphonse Juin remarked to American General George Patton in 1945 that ‘we (the Allies) have destroyed the last great nation of Europe’ in reference to the destruction of Germany.
The next war will not be about defeating Putin and his expansionist plans for Russia, it will be about breaking and destroying Russia and the Russian people.

Patch for the NATO Hunter 2016 exercise in Lithuania – note that is a Russian tank in the crosshairs.

Why do they want to destroy Russia so badly? Well, there are a number of very important reasons:

  1. Russia is the traditional enemy of the Khazars, it was the Russians who finally drew a line under the criminal enterprise that was Khazaria by crushing the kingdom and sending the Khazars fleeing  west into Europe where they became the Ashkenazi Jews. The Khazars have never forgiven Russia and never will as if you study the Protocols of Zion you will see that revenge is important to them, they are a very vindictive people who follow an agenda that has been in existence a very longtime, so to them, the passing of a few centuries matters not, they still ache for revenge.
  2. Russia is the last remaining powerful country that has maintained it’s sovereignty. The USA, Europe and most other countries have surrendered their sovereignty to a variety of multi-national corporate and banking interests and to intra-national trade groups like NAFTA, TAFTA and TTIP. Therefore Russia stands in the way of the plans for globalisation that are intended to place unprecedented power in the hands of a small group that are un-elected and above national governments. In Europe, the current unrest caused by the BREXIT debacle is a clear symptom of the unease felt by many at the centralisation of power into the hands of un-elected bureaucrats in Strassbourg and Brussels. The EU and Merkel are threatening Britain with the promise to sever trade ties should the British people vote to leave the EU. No-one seems to have noticed that Norway and Switzerland are not EU members but do most of their trade with the EU; so why should Britain not be afforded the same status?
  3. Russia has, since the dark days of the Yeltsin regime in the 1990s, completely transformed it’s military and technology, no longer do they have ‘a bunch of rusted out junk’ as Putin himself quipped. The Russian Army, while a fraction of it’s former size has transformed itself into a highly mobile all-arms force that is highly flexible in doctrine and deployment and is lavishly equipped with state of the art weapons and systems. In contrast, the US military has been declining in capabilities for decades. Rampant corruption has mean that every defense project ends up years behind schedule and costing vastly more than originally budgeted; therefore the US finds itself fielding weapons and equipment that is no longer the best in the world and in many cases, is barely fit for purpose. Even worse, since ww2, the US military has seen a decline in the quality and competency of it’s officer corps that truly boggles the mind. The only way this can be accounted for is deliberate policy – promote people based not on competency but on moral flexibility, willingness to follow any order, lack or regard for the lives of the men serving under them. The upshot of these two contrasting developments is that the Russian military is growing stringer while the USA’s forces are growing weaker and the European armies were never worth much anyways, the British being the exception, although they too are too reliant on US cooperation. So we get a situation where a mindset of ‘if we don’t fight them now, they will be too strong for us to be able to defeat’ develops among NATO commanders.

Personally, I think that a war with Russia would be a terrible disaster for all the people of Europe, the USA and Russia. In the face of ever-increasing hostility and belligerence, Putin has made no secret of the fact that Russia will use it’s military to destroy anyone who attacks them with statements such as ‘anyone who hurts us won’t live three days’. Of course, he is referring to Russia’s huge arsenal of thermonuclear weapons. Can we really be returning to the bad old days where every city in Europe, Russia and North America had an ICBM targeted on it and the spectre of  utter annihilation hung over us like a canopy of gray cloud. It really pains me to says so, but yes, we are and it is every bit as batshit crazy this time around.

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