Ten Secret Organizers of Pro-American coup in Turkey

August 18, 2016
Anastasiya Kazimirko-Kirillova

The list of Americans involved in the Turkish putsch arrangement was published.

The new list of US intelligence personnel involved in the coup in Turkey was announced. According to the Aksam newspaper, these people arrived in the country from July 13 to 15, and directly co-ordinated rebels actions, as well as helped to create the publications in western and local gülenist media.

While it proved a number of CIA members involvement, officially attributed to the composition of the US diplomatic representation.

Graham Fuller is closely associated with Fethullah Gülen, “former CIA employee,” working in the Middle East for 20 years and wanted to use the Gülen influence in Russia. He was responsible for the support of gülenist in to building a “parallel state” in Turkey. Witn the direct support of Fuller Gülen, he managed to obtain permanent the US residency. Then the personal guarantees were given by three CIA member, he was one of them. Frederick Engdah in his book Holy Wars of the Western world describe him in the details.

According to him, Graham Fuller was no ordinary intelligence officer. He took an active part in the coordination of activities of the Mujahideen and other organizations of political Islam. He became a “pioneer” in using the Muslim Brotherhood and similar Islamist groups as a tool of American foreign policy. In 1982, Graham Fuller was appointed national intelligence officer in charge of the CIA for the Middle East and South Asia. He became responsible for Turkey. In 1986, when Fuller became vice-chairman of the National Intelligence at the CIA Board, and in 1988, when the war of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan was coming to an end, Fuller formally retired from the RAND intelligence analytical center of Washington neo-conservatives, that is closely associated with Pentagon and the CIA. For a variety of evidence, he helped to develop a strategy for the creation and use of the Gülen movement as a geopolitical force to intrude into the countries of the former Soviet Union in Central Asia.

In the RAND Fuller devoted to study the Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Algeria. In his works, he considered Iraq’s survival issues, wrote about the post-Soviet, new geopolitics in Central Asia, which Gülen sent his adherents to found nw Gülen schools and madrassas, says Engdahl.

Henri Barkey is one of the leaders of the Turkish department of the CIA, former member of the US State Department Policy Planning Staff for the Middle East. He was famous for his articles against the Turkish state. In particular, Russia is widely dispersed his article in Foreign Policy – Erdogan’s Foreign Policy Is in Ruins.
Helen Laipson is assistant head of the US National Security Council, former vice chairman of the CIA National Intelligence Council.
Sylvia Tiriaki is a political analyst, who observes Israel, Palestine, and Armenia.
Ahmed Morsy is an expert at the Carnegie Endowment, a curator in Egypt and Iran.
Ellie Geranmayeh is an employee of the Department of foreign relations of the European Council, observing Iran and Saudi Arabia
Mesud Karokhail is the analyst on the Middle East, the expert a number of international NGOs.

Marwa Daudy is the Associate Professor of the Center for Arab Studies at the Georgetown University. The author of the book The watershed between Syria, Turkey and Iraq and numerous publications about the “atrocities” of the Syrian leadership, argued in one of his articles that Putin benefited from the rise of the Islamic State, received a carte blanche for military intervention along with the Assad regime.
Samir Sumaidaie is the former US ambassador to Iraq, at one time represented the opposition to Saddam Hussein.
Ali Vaez is the one of the Woodrow Wilson Center managers.

According to Turkish sources, the group focal point was Büyükada island near Istanbul, where the rebellions were directed and the media fake stories were prepared.

After the inevitable failure of the coup became clear, the media started to spread the fake story that allegedly Erdogan himself had staged the coup attempt to strengthen his position in the country. This thesis is widely distributed among the Western press. After that, these persons left Turkey.

The operational work of the Turkish secret services identified these CIA members as participants in the Arab Spring events in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.

Source: katehon.com

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