Will The US Move From DEFCON 3 To 2 After The US Cyber Attacks Russia?

The US shutdown Wikileaks internet connection after Kerry visits Ecuador.

Ukraine open fires on Donbass.

Normandy four will meet to hold peace talks before a full blown war erupts.

US Warships will dock in New Zealand after 30 years.

Russia is holding anti-terrorists drills in Africa.

Pentagon is now saying the missiles headed towards the US ships might have been a radar malfunction.

US troops are on the front line in Mosul helping the IS filter into Syria. Russia says they will stop the IS if they try to enter Syria.

Russia and Syria declare a ceasefire for humanitarian aid. US,UK and the terrorists reject the ceasefire say its not long enough.

US special forces commander was killed in Syria.The US is now at Defcon 3, when the US Government cyber attacks the US will be moved to Defcon 2, one click away from nuclear war.


Source: X22 Report

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