Freedom of Expression: Google and Facebook Targeting Growing Influence of Alternative Media?

Alternative online media sites are gaining popularity at the expense of unreliable mainstream sources of news, information and analysis – notably during the  US presidential election coverage, concluded last week, along with every time America goes to war.

The Mainstream Media suppress what everyone needs to know. Their readership and viewership are declining.

Google and Facebook intend halting what they call “fake news” – without explaining virtually everything the media air and publish on major issues is “fake,” vital truths suppressed.

What’s going on? Both Internet companies claim they’re changing their advertising policy to counter misinformation, indicating they’ll monitor content to assure it.

Is censorship intended instead? Will reliable information sources challenging the official narrative be targeted? Will other similar online companies operate the same way?

Is net neutrality threatened? Is online freedom and openness at risk – content available without restrictions, limitations, or discrimination, a level playing field for everyone, the essence of democratic free expression?

pre-election article discussed covert Google support for Hillary – its searches rigged for her, a way to sway undecided voters to choose her over Trump, while suppressing negative search terms about her.

The Media as well as Google, Facebook, and similar online operations are powerful tools for what power brokers want disseminated, restricting or blocking content they want suppressed.

Speech, press and academic freedoms are vital elements of free societies. Without them all other rights are endangered.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Global Research

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  1. Facebook and google MUST been seen for what THEY REAL are and what THEY are doing…Facebook and Google are the FAKE NEWS SITES! Facebook and Google were a monopoly which was used to miss lead honest hard working folks around the world. The techs and office workers keep these bosses fat and wealthy …techs are smart and should band together and create other companies to compete in this field…putting their talents to work for real TruNews! It is said…PRIDE goes before a fall…I know this is true! I am only on google posting what I do to give the ones working to stop real news a better picture of the corruption of these ugly companies. I pray I got through to some…time will tell…have a great day and I must say it is so refreshing to find this article going through the Internet …I pray millions of readers see it! ????

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