Rushing Through Life

Recently, I noticed I am always in a hurry. But I am not late. There is nowhere I need to be.

A blogger is not a high stress occupation. Yet, I always want to get to the “next thing.”

This is true even of highly pleasurable activities.

I just want to “get it over with.”

Obviously this is a mental habit, and a very bad one. The mind is restless, always looking for something better.

What’s the rush? Where is the mind going? We all know what’s at the end.

Am “I” in a hurry to get life over with?

What is the mind looking for?

It’s looking for Love. It’s looking for God. It just doesn’t know it. Doesn’t know where to look.

God is Love. Bliss. Truth. Beauty. God speaks to us through our soul.


The most important lesson in life is that we are not our thoughts. We are not the voice in our heads.

We are the entity, the soul, that has to listen to that voice.

That voice (our thoughts) mostly belong to the monkey we inhabit. God chose to tame and raise this creature above all others.

For this to happen, we need to identity with the soul, not the mind. The substratum of soul is our connection to God, the source of all love and truth. This stream flows calmly beneath the surface of thoughts.


Lately I have felt tension. I have my foot on the accelerator and my hand on the emergency brake.

The accelerator is the mind which is rushing ahead. The spirit is the brake. It flows at its own speed.

Instead of fast forwarding my life, to “get it over with,” I need to “go with the flow,” if you’ll excuse the cliche. I need to drill down to the substratum. Everything gets done if I take my cues from this source.

Eckhard Tolle always talks about “surrendering to the moment.” Accepting “what is.”

He says the present moment is all we really have. Yet we’re so busy rushing ahead and planning, we are never able to enjoy the moment.

I couldn’t figure out when he meant. Surrender what to the moment?

He means “Stop rushing.” Surrendering the mind is self-mortification.

He also talks about not judging. That’s another form of looking for the next thing.

True Life is in the spirit, the source of all goodness, everything we really seek.

What’s the hurry? We’re already there!

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
Source: Henry Makow

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