Syria: Theater of the Absurd Gets Crazier

Europe today is a powder keg, and the leaders are like men smoking in an arsenal … A single spark will set off an explosion that will consume us all …

Otto von Bismarck, Congress of Berlin, 1878

Just when you think the loons have emptied their bag of tricks we get a week like the past one to prove you are wrong. The alleged massacre of students and teachers in the village of Hass, at the hands of the Syrian or Russian Air Forces, has had several revisions already, the truth exposed in stages.

When news of the attack first broke, we saw the crazies at the UN pouring gas on a totally unproven story, delivered to us by the flagrantly CIA Syrian Observatory news front. The initial claims were backed up by the “White Helmets”, another Western-NATO front supplying aid and comfort to the terrorists tormenting Syria under the guise of emergency workers and a multimillion NGO budget.

These two “sources” have fed Western media a non-stop flow of alleged Damascus atrocity stories to make the casual observer think that Assad was competing with Attila the Hun for the world’s most bloodthirsty killer award. Professional journalist and mainstream media almost never validate the claims independently as it is too dangerous for them to do so in the land of the head choppers.

The Russians had little to say formally the first day, unlike all those who instantly claimed to know what happened. As they usually do they checked with all their command resources to look into what had happened. The post-strike Russian drone surveillance found no bomb holes in the roof of the school, or craters anywhere near it. The initial photo analysis mentioned images taken at different time during the day and of different locations showing damage, indicating the Islamic State media crew was using its stock footage archive once again to create a phony atrocity story.

And then comes Maria Zakharovah the following day to tell us,

“An expert analysis of the photos of the Haas village in Syria revealed that there had been no air strike at the local school and that there had been no casualties. The photos are the products of computer graphics, and the killed schoolchildren are a horrible fantasy of ‘activists’ from Al-Jazeera and The Independent.”

This news did not make the West very happy as they have walked away from the initial story like it never happened, which seems now was the case. I just checked Google and there is no updated Western media supporting the original faked version of events. Zakharovah’s press conference report of the hoax does not even show up on Google, no surprise there.

Continuing on with Syria, we have just finished another chapter in that saga, of another failed ceasefire for humanitarian purposes, getting the wounded and civilians out, and badly needed aid in, only to find the US supported insurgents blocking both. We hear only six tons of supplies were delivered to civilians.

But the “aid convoy”s must have been flowing somewhere. With the Syrian coalition planes staying ten kilometers away from Aleppo, once again the jihadis were able to get enough supplies to launch another major offensive on SW Aleppo with armored suicide vehicles, heavy artillery and armor. After making some initial gains the “assault” petered out and the Syrian countered attacked to recover most of the lost ground, and yet the Western press stories of Assad killing civilians in Aleppo continue to flow.

The crazy award goes to the incredible media hype over the Russian flotilla heading to it station of the Syrian coast. It became a comedy like the American movie “The Russian are Coming!” The military and Intel factions of the NATO countries along the route spared nothing in their shameless Russian Bear mongering. Phil Butler did a wonderful piece on this story that I urge you all to read to enjoy his rapier wit.

Moving over to Iraq we find the offensive to retake Mosul is being challenged by Erdogan’s threat to send armored columns into Iraq to do a repeat “buffer zone” play as he did in Syria. We may see another defacto Balkanizing of a Mideast country of what has now become a Neo-pirate black flag. All you have to so is claim you are doing it to protect yourself from terrorism and invade any country you want. Iraq’s president Abdi tells of that if Turkey follows up with its threat it will cause the breakup of Turkey, but he did not explain to us how this would happen, as I am sure Turkey would.

Erdogan’s Iraq invasion threat buried the big story of thousands of Mosul trained, head chopping, women raping, burying people alive jihadis were going to be moved to Syria to continue working for Western interests there. There was much talk of making sure they could not escape, but we do not hear a one report about one of these escaping units being shot to pieces or captured.

Iran’s famous General Qasem Soleimani has even set up a command post west of Mosul to devise an effective strategy of making sure the IS jihadis do not escape. If anybody can do it he can. Lavrov has also weighed in that the Mosul jihadis must be prevented from shifting to a new location.

The war zones were not the only scenes where we say crazy things going on. We learned of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s promising to stop swearing because God threatened to take his plane down if he did not. Could the US be giving him some payback by experimenting new brain wave weapons on him for the nasty things he has said to the US?

FBI Director Comey went crazy, breaking with tradition of not informing Congressional leaders about investigations, which could be leaked, especially just before an election which could be influenced. He announced an investigation into new Hillary emails on an unsecure computer, against strong Justice Department objections. We already are hearing calls for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate his motives in doing this.

Head of Britain’s MI-5, Andrew Parker flips out and jumps into Director Comey’s boat on breaking with tradition by doing a public interview which an incumbent chief has never done in over 100 years. And what was his big concern he wanted to warn us about? He also was wagging the Russian Bear threat about an aggressive, expansionist Russia that was “pushing its foreign policy abroad” by all means.

We have all been here before where the public gets the scare mongering treatment to help assure funding for way beyond the needs for real defense. A bogeyman must be dressed up and presented to justify sacrificing domestic spending to feed the military industrial complex.

One would hope that Western publics would not be crazy enough to buy into this silliness. Russia is clearly interested only in protecting its most vital interests, which include helping create a multi-polar world to defend the Russian people, and others, from a US hegemony that fewer and fewer trust has benevolent intentions.

The Western crazies have been indoctrinating their own people that any country or region that cannot be dominated militarily and economically as a serious threat. The official US defense policy, change under Bill Clinton, now has a clause that justifies a pre-emptive strike on a country that “could become” a threat in the future, even when the US and NATO defense spending and military power far surpass anyone else’s. This of course is a blank check for wanton aggression, but to serve whose interests?

Someone is either lying through their teeth to us…or they are crazy…or both.

By Jim W. Dean
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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