The Witch’s Wrath Turns into a Clintonian Counter-Revolution

The Second American Revolution has succeeded and the American People have beaten The Establishment, but just like the First American Revolution before it, the hardest challenges now lie ahead. Trump needs to unify the unprecedentedly polarized nation and rebuild the socio-economic fabric that the prior class of “politically correct” globalists destroyed, and he also must make good on his campaign promises which inspired Middle America to rally behind him in the first place. Not only that, but he and his movement must repel the Clintonian Counter-Revolution that Hillary, her “deep state” neoconservative backers in the permanent military-intelligence-military bureaucracies, and George Soros’ Color Revolutionary cadre are hatching at this very moment.

Lame duck Obama is collaborating with them and facilitating their disturbances by refusing to deploy the National Guard to deal with their incipient nationwide riots, which will make it all the more difficult for President-elect Trump once he officially enters office early next year.

Their plan is create so much chaos that Trump is forced to concede on his signature slogan to “Lock Her Up!” in the interests of “national unity”, and they want to hold the Damocles’ Sword of Color Revolutions and Hybrid War over his head in order to pressure him into preserving some of elements of the Old System, after which they inevitably plan to harness the inertia that they would gain by this to topple Trump and the New System that he’s building to “Make America Great Again”.

Hillary, Soros, and the neoconservatives probably won’t succeed at overthrowing Trump and carrying out their envisioned regime change fantasy, but they might end up manipulating the overarching narrative of his presidency before he even has a chance to script it. By recruiting the “Black Lives Matter” urban extremists that they spawned a few years ago and integrating them into the anti-Trump riots, the Hybrid War organizers are trying to artificially inject a racial character into the political unrest, planning in advance to accuse Trump of a “white supremacist/racist crackdown” the moment he orders the local police forces, SWAT teams, and National Guard to deal with the unrest if it’s still ongoing around the time of his inauguration.

Bearing in mind Trump’s campaign promise to clean up and secure America’s dangerous streets, he might just take the opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and initiate a nationwide anti-crime campaign to arrest drug dealers and other dangerous criminals at the same time as potentially declaring martial law in the cities most beset by bedlam. It all depends on how bad the situation is at the moment that he takes office, but if Trump is going to order a large-scale law enforcement operation in the first place, then he might as well seize the moment to maximize its effectiveness by going after all sorts of other criminals too, though this will immediately result in the liberal Mainstream Media casting him as a “fascist dictator”.

The point behind this isn’t just to delegitimize him, but to provide a seemingly plausible “justification” for the continuance of what Soros-directed leftist rabble rousers have begun to call “armed/militant anti-fascist resistance” to the government. Their ideologically infused euphemism is just another word for urban terrorism, which is what Clinton and the neoconservatives want to provoke against Trump for the entirety of his Presidency, and especially during the times when he refuses to crack under their the “Democrats’” legislative pressure. Trump will more than likely end up declaring “Black Lives Matter” as a terrorist group if they proceed along their present trajectory of large-scale racist (as in anti-white) riots and anti-police violence, and would happily group any other conspiring organization under this label in the interests of law, order, and public security.

Most of the leftists in the US which have been either co-opted or misled by The Establishment have always fantasized about carrying out their own “communist revolution” in the US, and “organizing” “resistance cells” against what they have been brainwashed into believing is their new “fascist dictator” is a dream come true for millions of people.

However, for as much as they believe that they’re acting on their own initiative, the truth is that they’re inadvertently playing out a role which was scripted years in advance for them to follow.

The most Machiavellian elements of the FBI have always cultivated a reserve COINTELPRO cadre of domestic terrorists for use in the extreme situation that an American President was elected who sought to fundamentally transform the “deep state” (permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies). Donald Trump is that person, and while the modern-day FBI seems to by and large be on his side, it’s impossible for the Bureau to suddenly reverse the decades-long “progress” that it’s made in this regard. The ideological virus of hardcore militant leftism (“Secular Wahhabism”) is poised to soon grow just as out of control as the Wahhabi/Salafist one, both of which weren’t originally created by the US but eventually fell under its “deep state’s” controlling influence. Nowadays, however, the weaponization of these two viruses has also been perfected by non-state actors such as Soros, who isn’t afraid to wield it against the US itself at the behest of his neoconservative backers who Trump is slated to “clean”/”purge” out of power.

The US created the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Daesh but then later turned on them after they satisfied their temporary geostrategic utility, though in this case, the hardcore militant leftists are only just now being ordered into their campaign of urban terrorism against the state by the non-state actors which represent one of its own rogue factions.

Judging by the precedent established by the US’ militant action against the Wahhabi/Salafist groups that it helped spawn, the state might also resort to force in tackling the boomeranged non-state threat which it produced through the cultivation of hardcore militant leftists, ergo the forecast that Trump will crack down pretty hard on the rioters if they’re still causing trouble around the time of his inauguration. If he boldly goes forward with his plan to restore law and order to America’s streets again and does so in the far-reaching fashion which was described earlier in this forecast, then it’s an absolute certainty that the “liberal-progressive” Mainstream Media which is inciting the Soros-directed Clintonian Counter-Revolution riots on behalf of the “cleansed”/”purged” elements of the neoconservative “deep state” will take to instantly labelling him a “fascist dictator” and turning their fear mongered pre-election warning into what amounts to a “self-fulfilling prophecy” for their brainwashed army of “activists”. The Clintonian Counter-Revolution will utilize all Hybrid War tactics including Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, convicted domestic terrorist (and Obama ally) Bill Ayers’ “teachings”, and Gene Sharp’s manuscripts, all of which will be practiced by the “Secular Wahhabis” and their “Black Lives Matter” criminals-in-arms and amplified to maximum effect by The Establishment’s Mainstream Media “coverage”.

Only a firm and unwavering hand can deal with the witch’s wrath and smash the Clintonian Counter-Revolution before it throws the entire country into all-out chaos and takes it to the brink of unthinkable civil conflict, but Trump is just the right man for the job and will constitutionally do whatever it takes to restore peace, stability, and prosperity to the US in fulfilling his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again!”

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Katehon

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