Jerusalem Post: There will be a War, a Big War

“Does the Arab world view Russian ambassador’s assassination as a trigger to a 3rd world war?”

The Dec 20 issue of the Jerusalem Post quotes with open enthusiasm Al Jazeera’s Faisal al-Qaseem: “If you thought that the assassination of the Russian ambassador was a dangerous event, then just wait for something ten-fold more dangerous to happen in the coming year. The world is going to turn upside down.” For the Jerusalem Post, the killer of Ambassador Karlov will be a hero like Gavrilo Princip the assassin of Franz Ferdinand, and thus he will be followed by many in the Muslim world.

This is, of course, even more criminal and self incriminating (a confession?) than the New York Times evoking WWI

But, while the criminal intent is there, we are not sure they have the capability to do so. The authors of the criminal piece, Yasser Okbi, and Maariv Hashavua, have no problem in showing their personal satisfaction for the assassination; and seem to have been given the task to push for a successful conclusion of the operation, i.e., the escalation towards a major war. Possibly using what remains of their terrorists, to be unchained outside their area. They are boasting about what they seem to know will be a new wave a terrorist acts, ten times bigger than what we have seen until now…

Clearly the clique that organized the color revolution, Arab springs, local wars — seems more determined than ever to trigger a greater war. While a growing coalition for peace and for dismantling the Neocons human arsenal, the WAR, the real WAR appear to be the last option they have. This is why irregular warfare (aka terrorism) is re-addressed against Europe. That is why they want to provoke a social and ethnic explosion in Macedonia to expand to the rest of the Balkans, now… after the US elite was forced to go a different way and drop their once treasured Bush/Clinton gang, there are many chances to escape the abyss.

France could free itself from the Sarkozy/Hollande heritage, Italy could get away from liberal imperial chains. Even Germany could get away from the masochistic stupidity that dominated their policy with Merkel and find the way back to a rational leaders like Kohl or Gerhard Schroeder… So the criminally insane commonly known as Neo-cons or Liberal Imperialists are contemplating their obsolescence, and are ready to do anything. Will they have the ABILITY to do anything? Will the countries of Europe, of the Middle East let them have this ability?

The Europeans, in particular, must be very careful not to fall into the slippery slope of suicidal idiotic hostility toward Russia. The coming weeks will be a period characterized by a relative vacuum of official power and relative lack of easily traceable responsibility.

From the Jerusalem Post piece;

“…Some are now interpreting these live visuals as a testament to the fact that we are already in the throes of a third world war…”

“…The message was crystal clear: after the Russian ambassador was murdered, an event that triggered a world war in the past century, it is in everyone’s best interest is to pour oil over the troubled waters of Syria. ”

Those who have been closely following Arab social media channels in the past 24 hours have probably already discerned that the Arab world is split into two sparring camps: one camp strongly condemns the assassination, as it appears to be hurting the rebels’ ongoing struggle and/or playing right into the hands of the Assad regime, while the other camp is basically gloating.

Many in the Arab world adopted the assassin’s image as their profile picture on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, expressing their support of his brutal act.

Then there are those who speak of Monday’s dramatic event as a possible trigger to a third world war, bringing to mind the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, who was killed, along with his wife, during the couple’s visit to Sarajevo on June 28, 1914.

It appears that the voices who have uttered this statement and others like it are not put to rest by the messages of calm and peace expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as his Turkish counterpart, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

By Umberto Pascali
Source: Fort Russ

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