NY Daily News Columnist Makes Case for Assassinating Russian Diplomats

Not only does Gersh Kuntsman of the New York Daily News support killing Russian diplomats, he makes the case for it.

He compares Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov to Ernst vom Rath, the Nazi ambassador to France who was assassinated in 1938.

Like Karlov, Rath was the public face of atrocity — in this case, Adolf Hitler’s genocide, anti-Semitism and coming global aggression.

That era’s politicians fiddled while Hitler burned down Europe, so it took a nobody named Herschel Grynszpan to stand up for freedom and make a powerful statement that evil must be fought whether in a conference room or on a battlefield.

Kuntsman then defends the Turkish gunman, Mevlut Mert Altintas. He believes history has vindicated Grynszpan and it may do the same with Altintas.

Kuntsman the Daily News apparently believe it is now open season on Russian diplomats. They conveniently ignore the fact Russia was invited into Syria by the Syrian government to assist the country in its fight against jihadi mercenaries imported by the CIA and the Wahhabi Gulf Emirates.

This sort of editorial should not come as a surprise. The Daily News is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman, a Clinton supporter and Clinton Foundation donor. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton oversaw the destruction of Libya and Syria. She chortled live on television about the brutal assassination of Moamar Gaddafi. Clinton was the Queen of Humanitarian Intervention, death toll presently accumulating.

Hitler is the motif, as usual. Kuntsman and the Daily News are adding to the pile of fake news sludge on Syria put out by the establishment media. If Putin is Hitler, then it is permissible to kill him and any other representative of the Russian Federation.

I don’t know if the Russian government takes this sort of vicious diatribe seriously on the heels of the murder, but I’m certain many Russians do. They might even consider it a declaration of war.

On Monday, senior senator Frantz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Russian upper chamber’s defense and security committee, said he believes it is highly likely the secret services of NATO assassinated Karlov.

Back in 2012 when jihadis attacked a consulate in Libya and killed the US ambassador, the establishment media called it an act of war.

By Kurt Nimmo
Source: Another Day In The Empire

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  1. The Kuntsman’s article is real provocation. The most ugly matter of that – he is a Jew, who jumping the anti-Semitic thoughts around the world and especially in Russia. It could be only two options to consider who is Kuntsman as a person – the stupid man or anti-Semitic provocator. In first case, considering him as a stupid man, nobody will understand how he can work in New York Daily News? Therefore he is the simple anti-Semitic provocator, and it’s very, very regretful he is represents such newspaper.

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