Just How Big Can a Tsunami Get?

Tsunamis are very probably the scariest natural disaster out there because they ravage everything in their path. But learning about how big they can get makes tsunamis even scarier. It’s just ridiculous. It’s like skyscraper big, man.

You see, the tsunami disasters we know like the 2011 Japan tsunami are classified as just “regular” tsunamis. There’s a whole other category of mega tsunamis that dwarf regular tsunamis in height. Not kidding, back in 1958, a tsunami in Alaska had waves as tall as 1,722 feet pummeling them. For reference, the new One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet tall, and it’s the tallest building in New York City. So imagine that.

Mega tsunamis are created when large materials (a side of a mountain, giant space rocks, etc.) are suddenly dumped into a body of water. This causes ginormous waves to build up at a much larger scale than the waves of regular tsunamis, which occur from earthquakes.

Real Life Lore digs deeper into the scary size of tsunamis in the video below:

Source: Sploid

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