Soros Raising $10 Million for Anti-Trump Revolt

The news media has been more interested in the histrionics of anti-Trump rioters than the presidential inauguration. Consistent with history the liberals and the Left are being manipulated by oligarchic interests. This manipulation can occur because of the banality of Left-wing analyses, the fundamental common world-view of the Left and global oligarchy, and the psychoses and neuroses afflicting both the leadership and rank-and-file of the Left.

Oswald Spengler observed that the Left has served the interests of money since Tiberius Gracchus was backed by the equites. In his own time he noted that there has not been a proletarian, not even a communist, movement that has not served the interests of money. (Spengler, The Decline of The West, London, 1971, vol. 2, p. 464, note 1; p. 402). During the French Revolution funds were provided by the Duc d’Orleans. During Spengler’s time Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb & Co. was funding the Russian revolutionists via the Amercian journalist George Kennan. Funds were provided by Olof Aschberg of Nye Banken, Sweden, who became the first director of the USSR’s Ruskombank; William Boyce Thompson, mining magnate and Federal Reserve Board director; Parvus-Helphand, the Menshevik turned arms merchant, et al. (Bolton, Revolution from Above, London, 2011, pp. 57-65). It seems that more often than not revolutions in the name of ‘the people’ are a façade for the replacement of a traditional ruling class by an oligarchic ruling class; in this we can include the Reformation of Henry VIII, the Puritan Revolution of Cromwell, and the ‘Glorious Revolution’.

So when today we talk of oligarchs behind ‘colour revolutions’ throughout the world, the dismissive, smirking response from academic and journalistic pundits about ‘conspiracy theorists’ wears thin, particularly since the oligarchic interests are open about their aims. Such is the confidence they have in their ability to manipulate the mass mind with buzz-words such as ‘human rights’, and ‘equality’. How the Trump presidency will play out is extraordinarily difficult to forecast, given the presence of oligarchs and Russophobes at cabinet level. Regardless, Trump has unleashed a populist revolt which is deeply troubling for the oligarchs.

George Soros, the speculator, one would think would be anathema to the ‘social justice’ street walkers of the Left. However, the extent of their moral and intellectual bankruptcy is shown by their zeal in furthering the Soros-globalist agenda.

One might be puzzled as to the vehemence of the reaction by the Left, which is supposedly anti-globalist, anti-TPP, and anti- interventionist, to a president who is, at least at his word: anti-globalist, anti-TPP, and anti-interventionist. However, to Soros an ‘open society’ means the global free flow of labour (undertaken in the name of ‘humane immigration’), and ‘money’, or whatever one wishes to call paper shuffling of the type that can bring a state to bankruptcy overnight. To the Left, such globalisation of capitalism is part of the dialectics of history, and the reason why Karl Marx supported the revolutionary character of Free Trade, as opposed to ‘conservatism’ of protectionism, as he commented in The Communist Manifesto. It is little wonder that as a movement and as an ideology, the Left has been inherently worthless in resisting capitalism. Of course one might doubt the word of Trump, or might question how he is to achieve his agenda when he has certain elements in his cabinet whom one might suspect. However, what at least can be said is that Hillary Clinton was openly globalist, free trade, Russophobic and war-mongering, yet large elements of the Left at all levels are hysterically devoted to her. Again it shows a lack of reasoning ability among the Left, and manipulation by those who will continue to hold power in key sectors of the USA regardless, who could only be removed by a literal revolution, regardless of who assumes the presidency.

Colour Revolution comes to the USA

The riots against Trump have the marks of a ‘colour revolution’ Soros-style. One might ask what the anti-Trumpists aim for, given the legitimate election of the president? The answer, one must assume, is to make the USA ungovernable: a permanent state of anarchy. Soros has devoted a fortune to resisting ‘populism’ and subverting traditional values around the world: he is not going to rest while his adopted nation (insofar as such a person can be identified with any nation) undergoes an unexpected populist reaction. The oligarchic revolutionists are attempting to unleash aggrieved minorities and sectional interests. Feminists have long served the oligarchy, at least since Gloria Steinem was sponsored by the CIA (Bolton, Revolution from above, op. cit., pp. 164-170), and Steinem is among the anti-Trumpists (Women’s March, honorary co-chairs:, still ever-willing to serve the Establishment behind a façade of anti-Establishment rhetoric. These disaffected sectional interests are being cynically manipulated by Soros fronts through shameless fear-mongering. Soros has prepared these disaffected sectional interests through the strategic funding of their lobbies. There are also many Democrats involved in the manufactured anarchy, including those who have been close to the Obama Administration, such as those at the EMILYS List (below).

Among of the most zealous of the anti-Trumpists is the Women’s March on Washington, taking place as this is written. This has spearheaded a worldwide movement of the zealously airheaded, which included marches in New Zealand on 21 January for reasons that are strained at best. Among the sponsors of the Women Marchers are Planned Parenthood; EMILY’s List, a political action committee of the Democratic Party dedicated to getting ‘Pro-choice Democratic women’ elected to office; NARAL Pro-Choice, a leading abortionist lobby; Human Rights Campaign, and (Women’s March:

The Human Rights Campaign, heavily funded by corporates such as Goldman Sachs (ironically, given the several appointees in the Trump cabinet), works with Soros’ Open Society Foundation around the world. ( Planned Parenthood receives Soros funding. In August 2016 leaked Soros documents showed that the Open Society Foundation granted $1.5 million to Planned Parenthood for a ‘fight back’ campaign, after beign exposed in trafficking body parts of aborted foetuses. (Katie Yoder, ‘George Soros gave Planned Parenthood $1.5 million to cover up sales of aborted baby parts’, Life News, 25 August 2016: Soros is the third largest donor to ‘Planned Parenthood’. (‘Planned Parenthood’s top 7 donors’, Life News, August 2015: was founded in1998 as a lobby to oppose the impeachment of Bill Clinton. So much for their morality in politics. Initial funding came from Soros. (Fatcheck. August 2010: MoveOn was among the first to call for mass demonstrations in Washington against Trump. (‘MoveOn calls for protests over Trump victory’, Epoch Times, 210 November 2016:

Soros $10 million Fund

On 22 November 2016 the Open Society Foundations announced the launch of a $10 million fund raiser to ‘confront hate’. This is unconcealed fear-mongering. The Soros foundation aims to generate a feeling of insecurity among targeted minorities to maintain a strategy of anarchy and make the USA ungovernable. It is doing this by stating that disaffected interest groups stand in imminent threat from the Trump administration. Soros has resorted to citing a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center claiming over 700 ‘hate crimes’ since Trump’s election in November. This figure was obtained largely through internet complaint forms to the SPLC. ( As cynics who have observed such matters over the years might suspect, a great many of the alleged ‘hate crimes’ are bogus, trivial, or unrelated to Trump. (See: SPLC: Already many of the examples have been exposed as fraudulent. (‘There is no violent hate crime wave in Trump’s America’,

Additionally, the report did not document the many more reported incidents of abuse of white children, associated with the Trump election. Paul Sperry of the New York Post reported:

‘At least 2,000 educators around the country reported racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled against white students in the first days after Donald Trump was elected president. But the group that surveyed the teachers didn’t publish the results in its report on Trump-related “hate crimes.” The Southern Poverty Law Center partnered with the American Federation of Teachers, which formally endorsed Hillary Clinton, to circulate the questionnaire among its 1.6 million mostly Democratic members. The survey was sent out to K-12 teachers and administrators who subscribe to its “Teaching Tolerance” newsletter’. (Paul Sperry, ‘Report buried Trump related hate crimes against white kids’, New York Post, 5 December 2016:

The Amercian Federation of Teachers, the co-sponsor of the SPLC report, is also a sponsor of the Women’s March on Washington. On 19 January the AFT, as part of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, ‘spearheaded’ mass demonstrations against Trump at more than 200 cities. (‘Thousands send message to Trump on eve of inauguration’,

Using this dubious SPLC/AFT report, a Soros press release on the fund raising states:

‘The Open Society Foundations initiative is an effort to move swiftly to address this urgent problem, providing support designed to encourage and empower communities to resist the spread of hate and strengthen services and protections for their most vulnerable neighbors’. (‘Open Society Foundations announce $10 million fund to confront hate’, press release, 22 November 2016:

The OSF states that grants will be made to ‘grass roots community groups’ to protect the vulnerable against hate crimes. (Ibid.). This is a euphemistic reference for funding leftist street histrionics. The modus operendi has been used dozens of times by Soros throughout the world in manufacturing ‘colour revolutions’ to overthrow regimes that resist some factor of the globalist agenda. The funds are to launch what is being called a ‘Communities Against Hate rapid-response initiative’, (‘Communities against hate’,, which I suggest is a euphemism for the type of mentally-challenged and unbalanced antics of car- burning and store smashing that occurred on the day of the presidential inauguration. It should be recalled that the ‘colour revolutions’ are always portrayed as peaceful protests and spontaneous indignation, not matter how violent and long-planned. OSF president Chris Stone explains:

‘Trump’s election calls for both a short-term and a longer-term response. In the days and weeks ahead, we need to attend to the victims of these hate incidents, prevent further attacks and intimidation, and join in solidarity with the communities now living in fear. Many of these groups have suffered attacks like these for centuries—hatred, racist bigotry, and sexist violence are not new—but the frequency and scale of the attacks since November 8 are alarming. We need to act now. At the Open Society Foundations, we will be supporting community organizations across the United States ready to aid the victims of hate and prevent these incidents from happening in the first place.’ (Stone, ‘hope on the road ahead’, 18 November 2016:

It is not known, given most abuse apparently related to the Trump victory has been directed towards white children, whether the KKK will be applying for a Soros grant as a ‘grass roots community group’.

The type of activity Stone at all have in mind is indicated by his endorsement for the Women’s March on Washington. This seems to confirm that street action is the intended strategy; not only peaceful litigation and education. Again, Stone also confirms that this is part of a wider global agenda against any sign of populist revolt:

‘The rest of the world, too, needs a long-term program. The success of Trump’s populist campaign links the United States to a global trend in which truth is trashed, fear is exploited, and democracies are transformed into mafia states. We need to build new and stronger institutions at local, national, and international levels—transparent institutions with integrity, open to the participation of all people. If nothing else, recent events have forged a sudden solidarity among people with very different experiences, a degree of solidarity that I have not seen for more than a decade’. (Stone, ibid.).

Among hypocritical jargon about peaceful and lawful protest by the frontman for an organisation founded and chaired by an economic parasite who has brought mayhem across the world to pursue ‘open societies’ in the interests of predatory finance, Stone states: ‘On the global scale, we need to recognize the present crisis as a powerful backlash against decades of progress in forging more open societies’. (Ibid.). Never mind that the ‘backlash’ has been against the oligarchic parasites who masquerade as champions of humanity. The anti-Trump street mobs are too befuddle to understand, and too bigoted to listen. Perhaps an apt response, given the hysteria of the rioters, and the kid-gloves of the police, would be for the mobilisation of American workers and farmers with axe handles to the ready?

By Kerry Bolton
Source: Katehon

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