Russia Deploys Ships to North Atlantic for “Training”

After the United States launched its illegal assault on the Syrian military’s al-Sha’aryat airbase Thursday evening, the Russian response consisted of eliminating the “deconfliction channels” between the United States and Russia as well as by deploying the Admiral Grigorovich frigate to the Mediterranean.

The ship is to position itself between the ships that fired the Tomahawk missiles. It will also visit the Russian logistics base in Tartus, Syria.

The Russian Defense Ministry also stated that Syrian air defenses will be beefed up as a result of the American aggression.

While not directly in the Syrian theatre, Russia has now announced that it will be sending Corvette Boykiy and Sobrazitelny, tugboat MB-123 and tanker Kola of the Baltic Fleet to the North Atlantic.

The stated goal of the ships’ presence is for military training, a plausible reason for deployment.

However, given the situation surrounding Syria and the escalation of American aggression, some are wondering if the ships aren’t in the North Atlantic for another more strategic reason, such as reconnaissance and deterrence.

The Russian Military website announced the destination of the ships by writing:

The detachment of the ships of the Baltic Fleet in the corvettes Boykiy, Sobrazitelny, the tugboat MB-123, the tanker Kola left the Baltiysky Military Harbor and headed for the North Atlantic.

During the campaign, the crews of ships and vessels will perform more than 10 different combat training tasks, including joint training and exercises on communications, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defense, as well as restocking at sea.

Crews of Ka-27 naval aviation helicopters of the fleet based on corvettes will perform several flight shifts in the Atlantic Ocean waters, conduct training to search for submarines of the conventional enemy and to detect surface targets.

Only time will tell as to whether or not the presence of these ships are the continuation of troop placement under the guise of military drills.

Regardless, it is in the interest of the world for the United States to immediately begin toning down their aggressive warmongering across the planet.

By Brandon Turbeville
Source: Activist Post

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