10 Countries that Threaten World Peace More Than North Korea

North Korea does not pose a critical threat to the world. But these countries have done and still very much do.

North Korea is often portrayed as a rogue state which endangers the region and according to some, the world. But North Korea has not engaged in a hot conflict since the ceasefire which ended the Korean War in 1953. There is little evidence that North Korea is actually as menacing as it often pretends to be, let alone as menacing as others claim it is.

The same cannot be said for the following 10 countries.

1. The United States 

Since 1998 alone, the United States has conducted unprovoked, illegal, aggressive attacks on the following countries:




–Iraq (again)






During this time, the US also funded and provoked an illegal coup in Ukraine.

If invading and overthrowing governments in countries that have not even attempted to invade the United States isn’t a danger to world peace, I do not know what is.

2. Ukraine

Since 2014, the Ukrainian regime has engaged in a genocidal war against ethnic and cultural Russians in Donbass. The war has not ceased and the Kiev regime constantly violates the Minsk II ceasefire agreement.

The war has seen the use of chemical weapons on civilian targets as well as the deprivation of food, medical supplies and electricity to Donbass.

The Republics of Donbass have never sought to attack Kiev, merely to defend their democratic republics against aggression that has not ceased since 2014.

This is an attempt at ethnic cleansing that the world should have condemned and put a stop to a long time ago.

3. Israel 

Israel has continually occupied lands recognised by the UN as Palestinian territory since 1948.

Israel has illegally occupied Syrian territory since 1967. In 1982 Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon and only left in 2000. An attempt to invade Lebanon in 2006 was stopped by combined Lebanese forces, primary those of Hezbollah.

Israel continues to illegally invade and bomb Syrian territory, thus exacerbating the current crisis in that country.

Israel’s Yinon Plan, is a long term strategy that many in Israel’s government and deep state plan to execute in order to annex further land among Israel’s neighbours.

4. Turkey 

Turkey has illegally occupied Cyprus since 1974. Under President Erdogan this will almost certainly not change.

Erdogan’s forces continue to occupy Syria and Iraq. The Turkish jihadist proxy militia FSA is guilty of numerous atrocities against civilians in Syria. In the most populous regions of Syria, the FSA is an even bigger throat-cutting, car-bombing menace than ISIS or al Qaeda.

5. United Kingdom 

British Prime Minister Tony Blair made NATO’s illegal invasion of Yugoslavia something of a personal crusade where for Bill Clinton it was to a great extent, merely an opportunity to get Monica Lewinsky out of the headlines.

Blair was the only major leader apart from George W. Bush to make passionate pleas for Iraq’s invasion.

Since then, Britain has followed the US into every major illegal conflict in the Arab world and beyond.

6. Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading sponsor of Wahhabist terrorism. A long time sponsor of al-Qaeda, now ISIS too is covertly supported by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s aims for the Arab world are nefarious to say the least. With oil prices plummeting, the Saudis have turned to imperialism fought not with a regular army, but conducted by infusing money into extremist causes including and especially, violent terrorism.

7. Qatar 

Qatar is guilty of many of the same crimes as its larger neighbour Saudi Arabia. In particular, Qatar’s funding to jihadist killers in Syria is partly motivated by a desire to build a gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey. In order to do this, the pipeline would need to go through Syria.

Qatar’s war is there for gas war in the guise of blood soaked jihad.

8. France 

France’s trail of blood in the Arab world was left most profoundly in Algeria where the French murdered and tortured Algerian freedom fighters between 1954 and 1962.

France’s footprint on its former mandate/colony Syria is also widely hated by all Syrians.

Under Nicholas Sarkozy, France led the public charge for war on Libya and under President Hollande, France has been committing war crimes in Syria, it’s former colony.

The audacity is incredibly insulting to Syria.

France’s intervention into Mali in 2013-2014 has also been widely criticised as a duplicitous post-colonial exercise.

9. Germany 

As the de-facto leader of the EU, Germany was essential in helping to foment the illegal fascist coup in Ukraine. In 2014, Germany along with Poland and France authored an agreement that was supposed to ease tensions in Kiev. In reality, the agreement bought time for the extremists who finalised their coup against the legitimate President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovyc the following day.

Germany has also illegally bombed Syria as part of the US coalition in the region. Germany’s actions towards Greece and Cyprus in particular could legitimately be described as economic warfare.

10. Albania 

Although one of NATO’s smallest and poorest members, Albania is the swamp from which the constant threat of war in the Balkans looms.

Since the late 1990s, Albania has transformed into a hotbed of regional imperialism as well as radical political Sunni Islam.

Albanian leaders seek to create a so-called Greater Albania by annexing parts of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and even Greece.

Recently the Albanian Prime Minister threatened to annex part of Serbia if the EU didn’t fulfil Albanian demands.

Likewise, the infamous Tirana Platform is essentially a blue-print for an Albanian lead break-up of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In spite of its name, the Tirana Platform was drafted in English in the west and then passed to Albanian authorities in Tirana who themselves then passed it onto extremist Albanian insurgents in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia who cannot read a word of English. Nevertheless, they’re all ready slowly executing the plan.

Each of these states threaten the world far more than North Korea ever has or likely ever could. But these countries all share something that North Korea does not. They are all either NATO members or otherwise, very close US allies.

By Adam Garrie
The Duran

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