Israel’s Designs on Gaza May Indicate Plans to Invade Egypt

Israel’s short term crimes against Gaza are a likely prelude to wider regional plans for war.

Reports from the religion indicate that Israel is hastening building works on an underground wall which aims to cut of Gaza’s last lifeline with the outside world. The crude tunnels, most of them dug by hand which transverse the border between occupied Palestine and Egypt are often the only way that the people of Gaza can receive vital supplies from the outside world as all other land routes as well as the Mediterranean sea on Gaza’s coast are controlled by Tel Aviv.

Sputnik reports,

“Israeli Defense Forces have accelerated its construction of a massive underground wall on the border with the Gaza Strip to prevent the Hamas movement from digging tunnels into Israel, local media reported, citing the head of Israel’s Southern Command.

This recent development in the construction initiative comes amid the revelation of intelligence data that suggested Hamas was expanding its underground tunnel network, Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir told the Ynetnews news portal, adding that the barrier was not supposed to impact the tenuous ceasefire with Hamas.

“The barrier against the Gaza Strip will be built even if it means fighting a justified incursion against Hamas,” Zamir added, as quoted by the news agency.

The barrier will six meters (20 mile) tall concrete wall extending for dozens of meters into the group and equipped with sensors to record any digging activity, according to the news agency.

A network of secret tunnels used for smuggling and military purposes stretches from the southern and northern tips of the Gaza Strip, which has been under a blockade imposed by Israel since in 2007″.

This comes as intelligence from within Israel as reported by al-Masdar say that high level officials in Tel Aviv are planning a full land invasion of Gaza. This would be the fourth such invasion of Gaza by Israeli forces since 2008. Israel fought protracted wars in Gaza in both 2012 and 2014.

As I reported in The Duran last week,

“Israel has declared plans to build an underground wall separating the Palestinian territory of Gaza from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, an area of Egyptian territory which was previously illegally occupied by Israel between 1967 and 1982.

Israel’s current relationship with Sinai has become increasingly worrying due to the presence of ISIS renegade fighters in Sinai whom the Egyptian military and police frequently engage in combat. There is a grave worry that Israel might use the excuse of ISIS’ presence in Sinai to once again invade and occupy part of Egypt.

This is doubly awkward as in Syria, Israel has taken aggressive actions to thwart efforts of the Syrian led anti-terrorist coalition while opening up Israeli hospitals to jihadists fighting in Syria in a move designed to demoralise the secular Ba’athist government of Syria that has been considered an enemy by Israel since the inception of Ba’athist rule in Syria, starting in 1963.

In spite of the fact that Israel, al-Qaeda, Hamas and ISIS are all fighting to undermine the government of Syria, ISIS and other jihadist terrorists is the excuse Israel is using to justify plans to fortify the border between Palestine and Egypt. The longer term plan could be to invade Sinai under this same pretext.

In the longer term, were Israel to occupy all of Sinai and in particular gain access to the Suez Canal, Israel would be able to exercise some influence over important global shipping routes which are to form an integral part of China’s One Belt–One Road. 

China is already acting to exert its own influence at the opening of the Red Sea at the Bab-el-Mandeb, a narrow strait which separates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden where Saudi Arabia is currently exercising a naval blockade of Yemen which many see as the proximate cause of the mass starvation and cholera epidemic that has struck Yemen.

Should Israel move into Sinai, China would have a great deal to say and based on its new position from its recently opened military logistics base in the east African state of Djibouti, things could become tense in short order”.

All of these events transpire to create a perfect storm wherein Israel will invade and subdue the besieged Gaza strip, obtain full militarised control of the border with Egypt and from there launch an invasion of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula on the false pretext of fighting ISIS, a group which has no interest in Palestine and once even publicly apologised to Israel for an accidental attack on Israeli soldiers.

With China on the other end of the Red Sea at their new base in Djibouti, the US has the perfect excuse to allow Israel to once again occupy a vital part of Egypt.

Finally, with the eyes of the US media distracted by North Korea, this would be the perfect moment for Israel to launch a lethal attack on Gaza and get into position against Egypt while few outside of the Arab world are paying attention.

While many are focusing on the tragic plight of Gaza, one of the most longstanding human rights disasters in the world, the wider geo-political implications are equally worrying.

By Adam Garrie
Source: The Duran

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