Here’s Exactly What 1,000 Days of War Against Yemen Has Destroyed…

Today marks 1,000 days since Saudi Arabia and allies launched their devastating war against Yemen with military support from the United States and western allies.

Since the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh, Saudi Arabia has intensified their air strike attacks on civilian areas. Targets frequently include homes, offices, prisons, weddings, markets, vehicles, water pumps, hospitals, and other vital infrastructure.

Who is the Saudi coalition?

The Saudi coalition against Yemen includes most members of the Gulf Cooperation Council excluding Qatar and Oman. The United Arab Emirates is a particularly prominent player as they currently occupy most of southern Yemen.

Rather than send their own troops to die on the front lines, Riyadh and Dubai outsource the work to various actors. Sudan sends thousands of fighters to support Saudi and Emirati forces. Saudi Arabia and Qatar (a previous member of the coalition) deposited over $2 billion into Khartoum’s central bank as a payment.

Members of the coalition — particularly the UAE — employ Blackwater mercenaries to fight in Yemen. These fighters hail from a variety of countries and are essentially contract killers. The United States also has ground troops stationed in Yemen supporting Saudi and Emirati forces.

Many western nations supply arms and military support to Saudi Arabia including France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However, no nation has provided more than the United States. In May of this year, Donald Trump followed in the footsteps of his predecessor by signing a $100 billion arms deal with Riyadh.

This war against Yemen would not be possible without US support to and encouragement for Saudi Arabia.

Crippling siege and blockade

The list below only tracks deaths and destruction from military activities such as air strikes. It does not include deaths caused by the siege and blockade. This number adds an additional several thousand and is nearly impossible to track.

Shortly after beginning their military campaign, Riyadh also initiated a land, sea, and air blockade. This essentially turned Yemen into an open-air prison.

The blockade restricts all imports and flow of movement. Nearly eight million Yemenis face direct famine while an additional 17 million face food insecurity.

Medical supplies are scarce which leaves many Yemenis to die from preventable diseases or chronic conditions like diabetes. The blockade has triggered a cholera epidemic completely unprecedented in modern times killing nearly 3,000 and infecting nearly 1 million.

The Sana’a airport has been closed to commercial travel for years so patients may not leave the country for medical care. Saudi air strikes recently targeted the airport’s infrastructure to ensure to aid planes may land there anytime soon.

To top it off, government workers like teachers, nurses, and doctors have not received salaries in months due to the blockade.

Here’s Exactly What 1,000 Days of War Against Yemen Has Destroyed…

Civilian Casualties
35,415 Killed & Wounded
13,603 Killed
2,887 Children
2,027 Women
8,689 Men
21,812 Wounded
2,722 Children
2,233 Women
16,857 Men
Civilian Infrastructure
Homes & Mosques
409,356 Homes
826 Mosques
Education & Media
827 Schools
118 University Facilities
30 Media Facilities
Public Services
301 Hospitals & Health Facilities
1,684 Government Buildings
174 Power Generators
524 Water Pumps & Treatment Facilities
387 Telecommunication Networks
106 Sport Facilities
Landmark Facilities
211 Acheological sites
255 Tourist Facilities
15 Airports
14 Seaports
2,144 Roads & Bridges
3,387 Cars and buses
548 Food Trucks
251 Fuel Tankers
Commercial & Agriculture
6,393 Businesses
2,256 Agricultural farms
593 Markets
300 Factories
337 Gas Stations
692 Food Stores
245 Livestock Farms

Stats via The Legal Center for Rights and Development

By Randi Nord
Source: Geopolitics Alert

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