US Heavy Weapons to Ukraine. Does Trump have Another War in Mind, on Russia’s Doorstep?

Shipments of arms and munitions to Ukraine began after the February 2014 coup.

Orchestrated by Obama’s administration, it replaced democratic governance with fascist putschists – an illegitimate regime under US-installed president Poroshenko.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert’s claim about the Trump administration’s decision to supply Ukraine with “enhanced defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help Ukraine build its long-term defense capacity, to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to deter further aggression” twisted facts to fit its agenda.

Heavy weapons and munitions have been supplied since spring 2014 – solely for waging naked aggression on Donbass freedom fighters, wanting democratic governance, refusing to accept fascist rule.

Washington’s Ukraine Freedom Support Act (UFSA) of 2014 authorized lethal and non-lethal aid – including communications equipment, body armor, night vision goggles, humvees, radar equipment, and counter-mortar detection units, along with weapons and munitions.

Kiev putschists have been supplied with sniper and assault rifles, hand grenade launchers, mortars and shells, portable stinger missiles, anti-tank and anti-armor missiles. What’s known may be the tip of the iceberg.

Washington under Obama and Trump have been directly involved in planning and directing Kiev’s aggression on Donbass – covertly since April 2014, responsible for thousands of deaths, largely ignored by Western media.

Under Obama, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) funding included hundreds of millions of dollars to Kiev for weapons, munitions and other material support, along with training and direction by US special forces.

Kiev breached Minsk I and II ceasefire terms straightaway, its lawlessness supported and encouraged by Washington.

Trump operates the same way as Obama, continuing to supply Kiev with heavy weapons and munitions, perhaps in greater amounts than earlier.

Nauert claiming Washington “remains committed to the Minsk agreements as the way forward in eastern Ukraine” is a bald-faced lie.

The Trump administration is “committed” to continued naked aggression on Donbass, wanting fascist rule installed, its democratic governance replaced.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blasted Washington’s Ukraine agenda, saying the continued supply of weapons and munitions will “motivate loose cannons (in Kiev intending) force to settle the situation in Donbass, an absolutely dead-end” agenda.

Putin earlier said conflict in Ukraine will be further fueled by supplying Kiev with weapons,

“worsen(ing) the situation, (assuring) casualties could increase.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov blasted the move, calling Washington an “accomplice (to) war” on Donbass, adding:

It’s futile to appeal to US politicians “blinded by Russophobia, and eagerly applauding the Ukrainian nationalist punitive battalions.”

Last October, invoking the National Emergencies Act, Trump signed an executive order, authorizing the reactivation of up to 1,000 retired military pilots.

Does he have another war or two or more in mind?

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Global Research

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