Mexico Pulled Between Bright Multipolar Future and Feudal North America Union

The spirits of great leaders like Lincoln, Juarez, FDR, and Cardenas would certainly smile at Mexico’s emerging potential.

Last week’s meeting of Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden and Lopez Obrador in Mexico City saw several dynamics clashing. On the one hand, the oligarchist demands of global governance, population reduction (under the guise of “sustainable development”) were advanced with a declaration of North America. This declaration clearly sets the stage for an integrated North American Union founded upon a zero-growth ethos.

On the other hand, the Mexican President took a stand demanding an end to the age of the Monroe Doctrine and a restoration of national sovereignty as the basis of international law.

Obrador has found himself operating within an incredibly hostile environment as president of Mexico since 2018, where he has been forced to walk a tightrope of compromise between deep state forces loyal to Wall Street and the City of London on the one side, all while attempting to protect the Mexican people against the depopulation-oriented ambitions of an international financier class.

Since the historic context shaping this battleground of Mexico is so little understood, and since any appreciation for the anti-oligarchist traditions of the USA itself have been written out of official historical narratives, a short overview of certain forgotten fights must be outlined here and now.

The Lincoln-Juarez Alliance for Progress

By 1865, Lincoln’s use of national banking practices (the Greenback) was instrumental in saving the union from British-orchestrated Civil War- although his assassination hampered this momentum to full industrial reconstruction of the south.

During this time, Britain, French and Spanish Hapsburg empires had initiated parallel wars to destroy the newly emerging Mexican republic then led by Lincoln-admiring president Benito Juarez, first with the 1858-1860 War of Reform and then 1862-1867 French Invasion. In spite of this existential challenge, Juarez succeeded in driving out the imperialists with political and military support from Lincoln patriots in America, while also imposing tariffs which encouraged the build-up of industry- liberating Mexico from its status as cash cropping exporter. Social and educational reforms elevating the health and welfare of the people grew enormously under Juarez’s leadership.

Describing a U.S.-Mexico policy of mutual respect and development in 1865, Juarez stated:

“Should that Republic soon end its Civil War, and acting as a friend and not a master, wish to lend us aid in the form of money or force, without demanding humiliating conditions, without our sacrificing one inch of our territory, without undermining our national dignity, we would accept it, and we have given confidential instructions to our minister to that effect. It would appear that there is no option but to continue the struggle with what we have, with whatever we can, and as far as we can. That is our duty: Time and perseverance shall help us. Forward then! No one should lose heart!”

Although Lincoln republicans supported Mexico’s sovereignty in opposition to foreign empires, the death of McKinley in 1902 saw a grievous abuse of the Monroe Doctrine which too often became an imperial hammer to subdue banana republics as seen under the brutal leadership of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge.

This was a period of cancerous Anglo-American growth guided by the structure of the Milner-Rhodes Round Table Movement which established the League of Nations, gave rise to a London-directed fascist machine in Europe, the USA, Canada and even Mexico, and prepared to consolidated a global bankers’ dictatorship as a “solution” to the Great Depression.

Then the unthinkable happened, and a pro-Lincoln, anti-fascist reflex within America slapped the oligarchy across the face and the bankers’ dictatorship plans of 1933 came undone as Franklin Roosevelt stated: “The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit.”

In an earlier speech, FDR properly attacked the Wall Street takeover of the republican party, and stated “I think it is time for us Democrats to claim Lincoln as one of our own”.

Roosevelt and Cárdenas

Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to push back against the pro-empire Wall Street crowd since McKinley’s murder which he brought in with the Good Neighbor Policy stating:

“In the field of world policy, I would dedicate this Nation to the policy of the good neighbor—the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others—the neighbor who respects his obligations and respects the sanctity of his agreements in and with a world of neighbors.”

FDR broke from his puppet predecessors by supporting Mexico’s rights to control its own oil and resources (after President Lazaro Cárdenas, expropriated foreign oil holdings) and also vastly expanded credit from the U.S. Export-Import Bank to fund massive Mexican infrastructure projects with a focus on water, energy and transport. This served as one of the earliest international extensions of the New Deal which FDR intended would liberate all nations of the earth from colonialism.

In 1943, FDR told Congress: “The policy of the Good Neighbor has shown such success in the hemisphere of the Americas that its extension to the whole world seems to be the logical next step.”

As I outlined in my FDR’s Anti- Colonial Vision for the Post-War World, the great leader had clashed repeatedly with the racist degenerate Churchill over the terms of the post-war world and intended to fully wipe the evil vestiges of colonialism forever from the face of the earth through an internationalization of his New Deal. FDR’s grand design was much more in harmony with the win-win Belt and Road Initiative today and even though certain sociopathic bankers would argue otherwise, has no connection in truth to the “Green New Deal” depopulation agenda which is ironically just a eugenics-based bankers dictatorship under a new name.

FDR’s early death on April 12, 1945 and the takeover of American foreign policy by Britain’s deep state crushed his grand design as Stalin lamented “the great dream has died.”

A new era of CIA-run coups, and a recolonization program under the City of London/Wall Street controlled World Bank and IMF created a new evil system of debt slavery and exploitation under a program which Churchill called “British brains enforced by American brawn”.

This system of global enslavement, depopulation, deregulation, and nation-stripping destroyed all resistance along the way (including several great American statesmen) and courageous Mexican leadership was few and far between during these Cold War years… until President José López Portillo was elected in 1976.

The Case of Lopez Portillo

Standing defiantly against the empire of Wall Street and the City of London, Portillo recognized that his nation had been targeted for depopulation and destruction. Henry Kissinger’s 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) had outlined 13 developing nations who aspired to end their colonial scars by following the Japan model of advanced scientific and technological progress.

The NSSM 200 (titled “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests”) outlined its objective “Assistance for population moderation should give emphasis to the largest and fastest growing developing countries where there is a special U.S. and strategic interest”. Of the 13 countries targeted, Mexico was at the top. Among the top remedies to population growth, NSSM-200 listed birth control and the withholding of food. Kissinger wrote: “is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?”

Kissinger was joined in this Malthusian revolution by fellow Trilateral Commission leader Zbigniew Brzezinski and State Department advisor William Paddock.

Brzezinski’s open endorsement of William Paddock’s 1975 plan for Mexican depopulation took this genocidal agenda to another level. William Paddock was a member of the Club of Rome and founder of the Environmental Fund in 1973 which led the way in a new Malthusian revival that arose in the wake of the assassinations of key moral leaders in America during the 1960s and the 1971 floating of the U.S. dollar.

In an interview with EIR magazine in 1975, Paddock described his bestial solution for Mexico whose population he believed should be cut by half in the following terms: “seal the border and watch them scream”. When asked what he thought of scientific and technological innovation as a solution to the overpopulation, Paddock said “U.S. agro-scientific organizations [should] deny research to countries that could not get their population growth under control. If you do anything to increase food production through more agricultural technology all you are doing is increasing future suffering because there will be more people, population will expand to absorb that food and the results will be a greater disaster… growth is something you have to stop. No alternative.”

Kissinger and Paddock both asserted that should these nations succeed in their development aspirations, then they would cause an overpopulation crisis. America’s duty, in Kissinger’s twisted mind, had to become wired towards a strict policy of de-population using every mechanism available with a focus on economic warfare. Mexico was at the top of this list.

Trapped under years of conditionality-laden loans from the IMF and World Bank, Mexico and other nations of the Global South were trapped under usurious debts, underdevelopment (loans were given on the condition that money would rarely be spent on any advanced infrastructure or industrialization), and poverty with no hope in sight.

Lopez Portillo was trapped. But unlike many others at this time, he didn’t give up.

In order to escape this trap, several major (yet little known) decisions were made by Portillo at this time which led into his declaration of war against the oligarchy.

How Portillo Played the LaRouche Card

The first major decision occurred when Portillo invited American economist Lyndon LaRouche to the Presidential Palace at Los Pinos in May 1982 where after a long meeting, Portillo requested the economist draft a policy program for Mexico’s resistance to the empire and broader economic recovery. This program was given to Portillo in August 1982 entitled Operation Juarez (named after Mexico’s first revolutionary President Benito Juarez).

Within weeks, Portillo followed the advice of LaRouche and attempted to gain the support of Argentina and Brazil to stand together against the oligarchy using their most powerful weapon: The debt bomb (a threat to default on their usurious debts). On September 1, 1982, Portillo nationalized the banks of Mexico to the ire of the financial oligarchy.

Portillo moved quickly to nationalize much of Mexico’s oil while preparing for capital controls to combat speculation, and maneuvered to use Mexico’s oil revenues to maximize advanced technological growth in agriculture and nuclear energy as outlined in detail in Operation Juarez. Then came Portillo’s greatest moment when on October 1st 1982, he stood for all people of the earth at the United Nations in speech which must be heard to be believed.

In his speech Portillo said:

“The most constant concern and activity of Mexico in the international arena, is the transition to a New Economic Order…. We developing countries do not want to be subjugated. We cannot paralyze our economies or plunge our peoples into greater misery in order to pay a debt on which servicing tripled without our participation or responsibility, and with terms that are imposed upon us. We countries of the South are about to run out of playing chips, and were we not able to stay in the game, it would end in defeat for everyone. I want to be emphatic: We countries of the South have not sinned against the world economy. Our efforts to grow, in order to conquer hunger, disease, ignorance, and dependency, have not caused the international crisis….

“We have been a living example of what occurs when an enormous, volatile, and speculative mass of capital goes all over the world in search of high interest rates, tax havens, and supposed political and exchange stability. It decapitalizes entire countries and leaves destruction in its wake. The world should be able to control this; it is inconceivable that we cannot find a formula that, without limiting necessary movements and flows, would permit regulation of a phenomenon that damages everyone. It is imperative that the New International Economic Order establish a link between refinancing the development of countries that suffer capital flight, and the capital that has fled.

“The reduction of available credit for developing countries has serious implications, not only for the countries themselves, but also for production and employment in the industrial countries. Let us not continue in this vicious circle: it could be the beginning of a new medieval Dark Age, without the possibility of a Renaissance….”

Ultimately, without the support of a debtors alliance for progress, Portillo’s plans were sabotaged under a barrage of speculative attacks on the peso which drove his plans into the ground, and his nation into turmoil and economic hell for the next 40 years. Those nations which were too cowardly to stand alongside Portillo suffered as gravely as did Mexico in the coming decades.

During the last 3 minutes of this video, Portillo is featured at a conference in 1998 sitting beside LaRouche’s wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche (chairwoman of the Schiller Institute). In this recording one can listen to the old statesman describe his 1982 battle and his debt to the LaRouches:

“I congratulate Doña Helga for these words, which impressed me, especially because first they trapped me in the Apocalypse, but then she showed me the staircase by which we can get to a promised land. Many thanks, Doña Helga. Doña Helga—and here I wish to congratulate her husband, Lyndon LaRouche…. And it is now necessary for the world to listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche. Now it is through the voice of his wife, as we have had the privilege to hear. How important, that they enlighten us as to what is happening in the world, as to what will happen, and as to what can be corrected. How important, that someone dedicates their time, their generosity, and their enthusiasm to this endeavor.”

It is noteworthy, that less than one year before Portillo spoke these words, the LaRouches presented a program entitled the New Silk Road to a conference in Beijing calling for a new system of economic development corridors and sea routs to be developed by China’s government as a means of breaking other nations free from neo-colonialism.

A selection from a 1997 Washington Conference features an incredible preview into the Chinese Grand design which has come to life over two decades later under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

Franklin Roosevelt Inspires Mexico’s AMLO

Upon his election in 2018, President Obrador announced the first phase of his New Deal with an “Every Young Person to Work” program inspired by FDR which he described saying:

“I have had this idea since I read how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pulled the United States out of the 1930s’ crisis. What did he do, in a tremendous economic crisis? He decided to put the whole U.S. people to work. And he decided to put young people to work, and he paid them a dollar a day, for every young person. But his idea was full employment. That is, a job for everyone. That idea stuck in my head, because Roosevelt lifted the United States out of the crisis, and for me, he was therefore, if not the best President, one of the best that the United States has had—Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by that action, by that decision. Now we are going to do something similar: All young people to work.”

Under NAFTA, Mexico was kept down by acting as cheap labor market to do the work once done by high paid Americans and Canadians. This policy ultimately hurt Mexico since free trade’s obsession with low costs resulted in keeping quality of life and production dismally low. (The formula “Low prices= low paid workers= better slaves= weakened nations” is as true today as it was 250 years ago when the British Empire commissioned Adam Smith to write his 1776 Wealth of Nations).

Until the coup run in the USA in 2020, Obrador found an ally in Donald Trump who had more than simply wall building in mind when he flushed NAFTA and restored the right of the nation states of North America to assert their sovereign rights to use protectionism, influence credit and plan long term infrastructure projects.

One of the largest projects which Obrador began to advance in 2018 (and which Trump had endorsed on record) is a $40 billion infrastructure initiative known as the Mexico/Central America Development Plan involving southern Mexico and the “northern triangle” of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras which would see the construction of a cross Isthmus and North-South railroad system and ports along with a new electricity grid and agro industrial developments for all four nations. The importance of incorporating the northern triangle nations cannot be overstated as 14% of the 280,000 illegal immigrants apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol in 2018 were from the northern triangle.

In November 2018, Obrador and Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard had called this a “Marshall Plan for Latin America” with Ebrard stating that without this “it will be impossible to deal with the immigration problem.”

Sadly, a certain pandemic and renewed counterattack launched by forces that unseated Obrador’s ally Donald Trump in November 2020 derailed the hope for a serious revival of an authentic U.S.-Mexican growth strategy. Instead, a program of de-industrialization, de-growth, destruction of hydrocarbons and agriculture have been demanded by Davos fanatics demanding nations be reduced to slave colonies under the guise of a ‘Great Reset’.

As seen across all of North America during the past decades, First Nations tribes have been manipulated and deployed like pawns on a chess board to block, disrupt all forms of real economic development ranging from pipelines, railways, and energy projects.

Obrador Calls out the Rigged Game

On October 30, 2021 Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador called out this new virulent form of colonialism while presiding over a ceremony in celebration of the ongoing construction of the $10 billion high-speed Maya Train now being built in the southern regions of Mexico. The project which would dramatically uplift living standards in Mexico by driving the growth of industrial and infrastructure production has fallen far behind schedule due in large part to vast legal battles led by indigenous groups who have been used as proxies by foreign interests to defend Mexico’s ecosystems. In many of the legal cases opposing the project, the argument has made that since several species of insect, fauna and even some leopards will be affected by the new railways, then the project must be ground to a halt and buried.

In his remarks to a journalist inquiring into the rail project, Obrador said:

“One of the things which they [the neoliberals] promoted in the world, in order to loot at ease, was the creation or promotion of the so-called new rights. So, feminism, ecologism, the defense of human rights, the protection of animals was much promoted, including by them. All these causes are very noble, but the intent was to create or boost all these new causes so that we don’t remedy—so that we don’t turn around and see that they were looting the world, so the subject of economic and social inequality would be kept out of the center of debate….The international agencies which supported the neoliberal model, which is a model of pillage where corporations grab national property, the property of the people—these same corporations financed, and continue to finance, environmentalist groups, defenders of ‘liberty.’ ”

Many people have been confused over these remarks since they cannot conceptualize how neoliberal monetarists that have parasitically driven the new age of pillage under globalization would also support such ‘new rights’ groups outlined by Obrador.

For nations of the global south who feel resentment that their rights to support their people by having their lands and resources kept off limits, they are told not to worry, since streams of money will be showered upon them from on high. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of monopoly money will be sprayed onto the developing sector as rewards for remaining undeveloped. If that isn’t sufficient, then carbon exchange markets will be set up so that poor nations can sell their un-used carbon quotas to private polluting companies (perhaps the same companies controlling the African cobalt mines which seek a monopoly in controlling the renewable energy sector). That is another way they can make money which at least can keep them warm at night as kindling since the world’s poor will not have to worry about having nature-killing hydro electric dams mucking up their pristine environments.

It is important to recall that even though Mexico currently has many obstacles between it and the New Silk Road, it is not trapped in a vacuum. It is a vital member of the Caribbean-Latin American community of nations that are currently seeing a convergence of sovereign power towards a new system of cooperation spearheaded by the BRICS+ and the associated growth strategy made possible by the Greater Eurasian partnership.

Mexico also happens to be led by a leader who has struggled consistently with the deep state structures within his nation and who is very open to collaborating with the new multipolar system led by China and Russia as an alternative to burning in the meltdown of the western financial system.

The spirits of great leaders like Lincoln, Juarez, FDR, Cardenas, Portillo and LaRouche would certainly smile at this emerging potential.

By Matthew Ehret
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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