The “Israeli” Foreign Minister Proved Tel Aviv’s Neutrality in the New Cold War

Those who fantasize that ‘Israel’ is against Russia and/or China are irredeemably delusional.

Israeli” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid commented on the New Cold War’s Western Eurasian theater in exclusive comments to Axios on Wednesday. In his words, “At the moment, the [Israeli] assessment is that we don’t see a violent confrontation soon. I also don’t think a world war is about to start there…We have a duty to act with caution about the Russia-Ukraine crisis that no other country has.” The Ukrainian Ambassador to “Israel” promptly responded with fury, even going as far as to ridiculously imply that his hosts are Russian puppets when writing on Facebook that “Mr. Minister reiterates rhetoric of Russian propaganda and ignores the disturbing massages from his own strongest allies – USA, Britain and EU regarding the high possibility of full scale Russian military invasion into Ukraine in coming weeks.”

For as much as the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Alt-Media Community (AMC) alike have curiously converged in their false narrative that Russia and “Israel” are enemies, each in pursuit of their own political ends (the MSM tries to push the “Russian threat” narrative while the AMC pushes the one that “Russia/Putin are secretly anti-Zionists allied with the Iranian-led Resistance”), there’s no longer any credible way to deny the closeness of their ties. The author elaborated on them earlier in the week in his analysis “Interpreting The Latest Russian-‘Israeli’ GPS Jamming Scandal” that also directs intrepid readers to a link where they can review 15 of his other relevant analyses over the years on the topic of their unprecedentedly close and increasingly strategic bilateral relations.  

It would be redundant and beyond the scope of the present piece to remind the reader of all the objectively existing and easily verifiable facts related to their ties so it’s enough for now to simply inform them that none of this should have been surprising for astute observers. “Israel” pragmatically balances between the US and Russia, and if anything, it’s tilted a lot closer towards the latter in recent years since Moscow has done more to ensure Tel Aviv’s regional security concerns than Washington has through the Kremlin’s “passive facilitation” of its literally hundreds of anti-Iranian bombing operations in Syria and other related measures. This can’t be acknowledged by either the MSM or AMC because it contradicts their equally false narratives about their ties.

The MSM’s audience has been indoctrinated into thinking that Russia is the “ultimate evil” while “Israel” is the “ultimate good” and therefore wouldn’t understand why these two are working so closely together in Syria since awareness of this raises questions about these interconnected hyperbolic narratives’ credibility. As for the AMC, its audience typically believes the inverse – that Russia is the “ultimate good” while “Israel” is the “ultimate evil” – and therefore would also immediately start questioning at least the first of these narratives if they found out the truth of those two’s ties. This explains why the MSM and AMC tacitly collude to cover up the reality of Russian-“Israeli” relations, which have become so close in recent years that one can refer to both in the singular as “Rusrael”.

The unprecedented scandal that was just provoked by the Ukrainian Ambassador to “Israel” ridiculously implying that his hosts are Russian puppets who spew so-called “Russian propaganda” and openly defy their so-called “allies” implicitly at the Kremlin’s supposed command has drawn global attention to the true nature of those two’s ties that the MSM and AMBC have been covering up for years already. In fact, according to the US-led West’s own standards of so-called “political correctness”, the Ukrainian Ambassador might even be accused of “anti-Semitism” for hinting that “Israel” isn’t truly independent but is controlled by – or even worse, sold out its independence to – Russia. There are simply some narrative lines that cannot be crossed in the US-led West, for better or for worse, for right or for wrong.

“Israel” is truly neutral in the New Cold War’s Western Eurasian theater as proven by its Foreign Minister’s accurate assessment of the undeclared USprovoked missile crisis in Europe. It’s also neutral in that global struggle’s Eastern Eurasian theater too, which is confirmed by its close economic and financial ties with China in spite of “Israel’s” American ally obsessively seeking to “contain” the People’s Republic, though that’s beyond the scope of the present piece to explain. It’s simply enough for the reader to know that “Israel” isn’t an American puppet but is fiercely independent in terms of its foreign policy and that the US’ two top rivals have successfully cultivated excellent ties with it that are mutually beneficial. Those who fantasize that “Israel” is against Russia and/or China are irredeemably delusional.  

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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