The DHS’ Media Database Could Lead to AI-Driven “Controlled” Alt-Media

The US’ Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to set up a media monitoring database.

The “deep state” agency put out an online bid for creating a system that will “provide media comparison tools, design and rebranding tools, communication tools, and the ability to identify top media influencers” in over 100 languages and which will include a search feature for tracking “online articles and social media conversations”, engaging in “real-time monitoring, analysis, and benchmark of media coverage”, and carrying out analyses of “content, volume, sentiment, geographical spread, influencers, language and momentum” of any given piece of online information. Furthermore, the DHS also hopes to build profiles on social media influencers complete with their contact details, history of publications and partner sites, and an overview of their previous coverage.

It should be assumed that the CIA has already been doing this for foreigners but that the DHS’ involvement in this dystopian scheme is the domestic continuation of this trend in enabling US-directed “deep state” operatives to do what their internationally focused counterparts legally can’t, which will expectedly see the CIA sharing their collection, monitoring, processing, and dissemination experience with the DHS and other such agencies. The inevitable combination of the future domestic database with its presumably existing international counterpart will provide the US with untold power in carrying out social engineering operations and influencing online debates through sock puppets and AI algorithms that learn exactly what to say in order to produce desired outcomes.

Not only that, but this global database would also give the US “deep state” all the information it needs to know about which social media influencers to spy on in order to blackmail, discredit, or pay off if they’re unable to effectively counter them through organized troll attacks equipped in advance with weaponized narratives tailor-written by computer programs to appeal to their targeted audience. Taking this proactive scenario even further, it’s entirely possible that fake Alt-Media sites might be set up with fake writers who are nothing more than American intelligence operatives or even just AI who have used the database’s tools to learn what they need to say in order to be as convincing as possible to certain demographics.

The continued development of advanced video software could even see fake life-like faces produced from scratch and made to become Alt-Media superstars in the future, albeit ones who behave as the most effective “controlled opposition” imaginable in cleverly reinforcing pro-American narratives without being too obvious, relying as they would be on the insight attained from high-level AI analysis of the database tool. None of this is “conspiratorial” or “over the top” either, since that’s exactly the direction that the world is moving in, and it’ll soon become very difficult to discern real online commentators from AI bots if the said conveyors of information haven’t appeared in-person on a reputable Alt-Media outlet like RT.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: Oriental Review


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