Large-scale Syrian Arab Army Offensive Against US / Israeli Supported Terrorists in Southwest Syria?

A large-scale Syrian Arab Army offensive to liberate southwest parts of the country bordering Israel and Jordan from US/Israeli supported terrorists appears imminent in the coming days.

Many thousands of Syrian forces mobilized for the upcoming campaign, including large numbers of elite Tiger troops deployed to Daara governorate – the area where US aggression on Syria began in March 2011, using terrorists as imperial proxies.

Together with Syria’s 4th Division and Republican Guard, Tiger force commander General Suheil al-Hassan will likely head the offensive to free the nation’s southwest from US/Israeli supported terrorists controlling the territory.

A major battle looms. In late May, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert warned Syria against launching an offensive to regain control of its own territory bordering Israel and Jordan, threatening “firm and appropriate (US) measures.”

Pentagon and allied forces operate in the country illegally. Bashar al-Assad rightfully calls them “invaders.” In its 8th year, Obama’s war, now Trump’s, devastated the country – one of history’s great crimes.

Trump’s earlier promise to leave Syria was hollow, like virtually all positive pledges he makes. Washington didn’t wage war on the country to quit.

US troops occupy parts of its northeast and southwest. In early May, Fars News said

“the US military is dramatically expanding its operations in Syria, constructing new illegal bases in the war-torn country, and doing whatever it can to sell as many weapons as possible to vassals,” adding:

“The new mission creep base marks the latest example of America’s growing and controversial war for regime change in Damascus.”

“The new expansion is one part of what appears to be a massive US military infrastructure development project in other parts of the region as well, including Yemen, that will see new US outposts built this year on the pretext of fighting terror and protecting America’s illicit interests.”

US forces, along with UK and French ones, operate from numerous Pentagon bases in northern and southern parts of Syria.

Washington came to the country to stay, wanting puppet rule it controls replacing Assad, the nation made dystopian like post-war Libya and Iraq – partitioned, its resources looted, its people ruthlessly exploited, an Israeli rival eliminated, Iran isolated, ahead of a similar regime change scheme targeting the Islamic Republic.

Ahead of the Syrian Arab Army’s large-scale southwest offensive, its forces began striking US/Israeli supported terrorists’ “defenses inside the towns of Busra Al-Sham, Ghara Sharqiyah, and Ghara Gharbiyah,” according to AMN News.

What’s going on is a preliminary phase of what’s likely coming – a softening up of their positions ahead of attacking them and other southwestern areas full-force.

According to a Monday State Department press release, Lavrov and Pompeo “discussed issues and concerns related to Syria and the bilateral relationship.”

“Secretary Pompeo reemphasized the US commitment to the southwest ceasefire arrangement that was approved by President Trump and President Putin one year ago.”

Pompeo “noted that it was critical for Russia and (Syria) to adhere to these arrangements and ensure no unilateral activity in this area.”

On Monday, Lavrov and Pompeo discussed Syria by phone, focusing on observing Security Council Res. 2254 (December 2015).

It called for ceasefire and diplomatic conflict resolution – breached straightaway by Washington, NATO, Israel, their imperial allies, and terrorists they support.

Russia’s good faith efforts failed because Obama and now Trump want war and regime change, not peace and stability restored to Syria.

If Pentagon-led warplanes attack Syrian forces engaged in liberating southern parts of their own country from US/Israeli supported terrorists, war will escalate more than already, putting resolution more out of reach.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman


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