America is today’s Nazi Germany

It’s not against Jews this time; it’s against, especially, Houthis.

The U.S. and its allies — in this case mainly the Saud family who own Saudi Arabia — are systematically blocking food from reaching tens of millions of people, Houthis, who live in Yemen and are surrounded by the U.S. alliance’s engines of death. The U.S. alliance’s goal is to slaughter them all. The Sauds want the land — not the people.

The U.N. has been brought into this scheme of mass-slaughter. The responsible U.N. Agency is the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Its leadership is mainly Mark Lowcock, who keeps silent about the genocide, except for rare occasions in which he says that if something is not done, then more tragedy will somehow happen in Yemen — in other words, platitudes, in the face of what might turn out to be the biggest genocide since World War II. (And most of Hitler’s slaughtering killed even more non-Jews than Jews, because the vast majority of people everywhere didn’t want to be ruled by him and resisted his rule. The U.S. aristocracy and its allies haven’t yet matched what Germany did in that time, but they’ll surpass it if they attack Russia as Hitler did — which could happen.)

Lowcock’s official web-page says about him that “Mr. Mark Lowcock of the United Kingdom … led the United Kingdom’s humanitarian response to conflicts in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and to natural disasters in Nepal and the Philippines” or that he was a functionary of the British aristocracy during its invasion of Iraq along with the aristocracy of the United States — the billionaires and their international corporations and the ‘non-profits’ which are actually these aristocrats’ main propaganda-mills and yet are tax-exempt. With Lowcock’s “designation as a Qualified Accountant, Mr. Lowcock brings a personal and analytical approach to humanitarian challenges.” He doesn’t count the corpses; he counts the money. That’s “Humanitarian,” in this New Nazism.

OCHA’s “Advocacy” banner says:

OCHA’s public and private advocacy raises awareness of forgotten crises, promotes respect for international humanitarian law (IHL), brings the voices of crisis-affected people to the forefront, and helps people obtain access to humanitarian assistance.

OCHA’s “Mid-Year 2018” report on “People in need: now and this time last year” shows, for 2018, in Yemen, “22.2 M” as “People In Need” and “13.1 M” as “People to Receive Aid.” That’s by far the worst shown for any country in the world. The second-worst is a tie between Syria and “DRC” or Democratic Republic of Congo, both at “13.1 M” “People In Need,” and around 11 million as “People to Receive Aid.” Of course, the invasion/occupation of Syria is likewise mainly a U.S. and Saud operation, and there are already millions of refugees from that — many of them now in Europe and sparking the rise there of far-right parties.

OCHA’s “Current Emergencies” report highlights two “Emergencies,” Syria and Yemen — in both of which the main perpetrators just happen to be the Sauds and the Americans. The latest “Yemen” report shows that the biggest donors to the Yemen fund are U.S. and Germany, each at around three million dollars. The U.S. Government has a much better PR operation than the Nazi German Government did, but that doesn’t reduce the U.S. Government’s guilt. (Of course, the U.S. Government is above the law, anyway, and has nothing but contempt for international law, just like Hitler did.)

OCHA’s “Yemen Humanitarian Update Covering 27 August – 6 September 2018 | Issue 26” reports as the key issue “DEPRECIATION OF THE YEMENI RIAL” and reports that “the result of the depreciation is likely to be that an additional 3.5 million people will become food insecure, adding to the existing caseload of 8.4 million people who need emergency food assistance, and over 2 million people are likely to be at heightened risk of famine.” Supposedly, the problem is produce3d by that “depreciation” and not by the Saud-U.S. campaign to starve to death as many millions of Houthis as possible.

It says that:

Some shops and businesses have remained closed in affected areas. As of 6 September, protests continue to restrict the movement of vehicles. Who [WHO, the World Health Organization] delivered a shipment of 50,000 rapid diagnostic tests for cholera and 21 trauma kits to respond to mass causalities to Aden from Djibouti on 4 September. Following the shelling that hit a truck contracted by a humanitarian organisation in Al Tuhaytah on 29 August 2018, convoys to Khawkhah from Aden have been temporarily halted. Stocks previously dispatched remain at the three delivery points in Khawkhah as distribution has been suspended by the NGO partner on the ground. On 2 September, trucks mobilised by the Logistics Cluster to collect supplies from Aden and deliver them to Al Khawkhah were unable to reach Khawkhah warehouses delaying the movement of resupplies to the western coast.

That’s a watered-down description of the reality.

As the Iranian site, had headlined on May 25th, “UN Urges Imports Into Yemen to Avoid Starvation”, and they reported that, “The United Nations aid chief has called on the Saudi-led coalition to loosen restrictions on imports of food and fuel through commercial ports into the war-wracked country, warning that millions more could face starvation. ‘I am particularly concerned about the recent decline of commercial food imports through the Red Sea ports. Pressure on the currency and a liquidity crisis in the Yemeni banking system make imports less viable for traders,’ Mark Lowcock, UN emergency relief coordinator, said in a statement.”

It’s all cover-up of the reality. Yemen’s currency isn’t the problem here; the invaders of Yemen are.

On 11 September 2018, Yemen Press bannered “THE TERRIBLE HUMAN COST OF THE WAR ON YEMEN” and reported the anodyne statements from U.N. officials, and, then stated:

Yemeni Human Rights Minister Alia al-Shaabi strongly condemned the brutal assault of [meaning “by”] Riyadh [Saudi Arabia] and its allies on a school children’s bus, stating that the Saudi-led coalition sees Yemeni women and children as strategic targets.

“The Saudi aggressors have made the Yemeni people, children, old men and women as military targets,” she said, adding that “we welcome the condemnations of [meaning “from”] international organizations and the United Nations for the crime and call for the formation of an impartial and independent international commission of inquiry”. …

Besides the US, the UK and France have also been providing weapons and intelligence to Saudi Arabia and the UAE over the course of the unprovoked war.

The U.S. Government front, “International Rescue Committee” is fundraising on this invasion, an invasion that’s so enormously profitable for Lockheed Martin and other U.S. ‘defense’ contractors. The IRC headlines “Make a donation”, and their appeal says:

In war-torn Yemen, nearly 21 million need humanitarian aid, a deadly famine is looming, and cholera remains a threat.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today to support the IRC. We are on the ground saving children and families from malnutrition and life-threatening diseases. We are providing clean water, medicine, nutrition services and other urgent aid to as many people as possible.

Your gift will help us as we work to save lives in Yemen and in countries around the world.

As the investigative historian Eric Thomas Chester had reported in 1995 in his ground-breaking exposé, Covert Network: Progressives, the International Rescue Committee and the CIA, the IRC “evolved from a small organization of committed activists to a global operation functioning as one link in the CIA’s covert network.” The CIA is, of course, itself controlled by the same network of billionaires who own controlling shares in firms such as General Dynamics, Boeing, United Technologies, and Lockheed Martin, which make billions off of such invasions. So: donations to that ‘non-profit’ are actually doing the PR work for catastrophes that America’s aristocracy and its allied aristocracies — in this case especially the Sauds — perpetrate. Not only do the taxpayers fund these operations for the aristocracy, but the public are subjected to a constant barrage of PR from them, much of which propaganda is itself tax-deductible and the ‘charities’ are tax-write-offs for the billionaires who actually control them. The public, in the invading countries, pay the financial tab for not only the ‘defense’ operations (the foreign invasions), but they pay for the PR that convinces themselves that ‘their’ government cares about ‘doing good’ in and to foreign lands — their given aristocracy’s actual targets against which those weapons are used, not in and to the foreign markets (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.) to which those weapons are sold. The publics are just pawns — except in the lands that constitute the targets, such as Yemen, and Syria, and Libya, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and …

It’s just a way to do business. It’s the New Nazism.

An especially insightful reader-comment to my September 14th article, “U.S. Protects Al Qaeda in Syria, Proven” at The Saker, observed:

It is instructive that the CIA learned this tactic of manipulating and deploying Islamic fundamentalist terrorists against progressive states from the Nazis who initiated this tactic against the Soviets in World War Two. An unbroken chain of fascist terrorism which tells us the true nature of the western power structure.

By “this tactic of manipulating and deploying Islamic fundamentalist terrorists against progressive states from the Nazis who initiated this tactic against the Soviets in World War Two,” I think especially of the CIA’s use of such organizations as the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine, in the Obama State Department’s coup that in February 2014 replaced the democratically elected Government of Ukraine by Obama’s chosen junta of racist anti-Russian fascists. The pro-Hitler Ukrainian nationalists in World War II were Christian equivalents to today’s jihadists. In this view, Hitler’s Nazis were like today’s Al Qaeda, and extremist conservatives everywhere are the boots-on-the-ground local proxy forces for the American imperial corporate state and its allies. The U.S. uses extremist conservatives of any type. Since WW II, America has been flipped, to being today’s nazi (racist-fascist) empire. The ruling American aristocracy’s overriding objective is to continue the U.S. dollar being the dominant global currency. They are obsessed by money and power, and have contempt for the public everywhere.

By Eric Zuesse
Source: Washington’s Blog


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