Washington is Getting Dangerously Jumpy

Against the backdrop of the constant hysteric propaganda against Russia and China being released by the MSM on the daily basis, the Military Times would reveal that nearly half of all current military troops believe the United States will be drawn into a major war soon. The media source would note that it’s a jarring increase from only about 5% who said the same thing in a similar poll conducted in September 2017. About 71% of troops said Russia was a significant threat, while China was regarded as a significant threat by 69%. At the same time, the same pole revealed that American servicemen ceased regarding North Korea as a potential danger.

The same survey showed that more than three-quarters of American military personnel believes that the US armed forces in recent years have become much more politically polarized. That is nothing but a direct result of the massive propaganda war that Washington unleashed against its potential competitors – Russia and China, as American soldiers tend to take the claims that certain political figures in Washington make about those two states representing a major threat to the security of the US at face value. There is no doubt that through a series of preparations for an armed conflict against both Moscow and Beijing American political elites are dreaming to preserve American hegemony in the world through the use of deadly force.

Against this backdrop it’s hardly surprising that American generals would tell those soldiers that are being deployed in Europe together that they are confident that war is just around the corner. According to the statement released by the European Command of the US Air Force the 86th Munitions Squadron stationed at the Ramstein Air Base received over a hundred containers with all sorts of munitions last October, which constitutes the largest shipment of munitions carried out by the United States Air Force since 1999.

As Washington withdraws from both the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty III and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the already massive profits of American arms manufacturers are breaking the charts.

Of course, among the possible pretexts for a conflict between the US and China one can name the situation around Taiwan and multiple territorial disputes between Beijing and Washington’s allies in the South China Sea. Recently, the former commander of American forces in Europe, Ben Hodges has warned the world that it’s very likely the United States will be at war with China in the next 15 years.

The US Air Force is planning to increase the number of military aircraft in active service from 312 to 386 units by 2025, which constitutes a 25% increase over the numbers that were reported by the end of the Cold War. According to military experts, the strategy behind the modernization of the US Air Force is designed to engage large military powers, namely Russia or China. Against this backdrop, it’s no wonder that Washington has been dreaming about surrounding Russia with military bases for decades.

It’s mind-boggling that this year’s military budget of the United States of America reached the mark of 716 billion dollars, which is four times the size of China’s and more than 10 times that of Russia.

According to the document released by the Foreign Policy exclusively, the better part of all funds is being allocated into nuclear research. Those are aimed at providing the Pentagon with assured means of destroying critical targets, such as well-fortified command and control bunkers and crucial infrastructure objects, rather than military detachments. This constitutes a new strategic shift that aims at a confrontation with major international players instead of fighting terrorist organizations, notes the Vietnamese TTVN.

Tensions in bilateral relations with Russia and China that Washington keeps provoking are a direct result of a misconception that it is in position to intimidate Moscow and Beijing through the constant display of its military and political power, while applying economic pressure on those states in a bid to force them into surrendering their sovereignty. However, one cannot logically explain the reasoning behind this rationale, as the military and economic potential of those two states remains at an extremely competitive level. Maybe, American politicians have been mislead by their own propaganda that advertises the Pentagon’s military prowess on the daily basis, or maybe it’s just a direct result of the misconception that the US economy is still on the rise.

However, there’s no arguing that those policies are extremely short-sighted, as both China and Russia a have come a long way over the last three decades since the end of the Cold War. It is impossible to scare them into retreat without getting into an actual shooting nuclear conflict. Thus, the American military build-up instead of serving a strategic purposes has become a source of regional instability, while the world becomes increasingly concerned over this fact.

In fact, the sum of the forces of Russia and China outweighs the combined force of the United States and Europe. Therefore, Washington is not counting on Europe, it pursuits its own military build-up. But China and Russia remember that the best way of get rid of a dragon is to tame one for yourself. And there’s no arguing that the combined force of Russian and Chinese dragons outweighs the American dragon, should they strike together. Nobody will want to avenge the US within NATO, that is certain – Europe acts incredibly cowardly in the face of a possible nuclear conflict, as nobody there is willing to die in the name of America. The United States understands this, and it doesn’t like the cards it has been dealt with, but it’s the hand it’s stuck with.

The Washington Post would reveal that a bipartisan commission that Congress created to evaluate the Trump administration’s defense strategy concluded that the United States has lost its military edge to a dangerous degree and could potentially lose a war against China or Russia.

Under these conditions, the commission drafted a list of 32 recommendations to the Pentagon that is aimed at pushing the US politicians and generals towards the idea of an inevitable military confrontation with China and Russia. However, in order to provide a smokescreen for their warmongering, American politicians are demanding their media henchmen to push the idea of some sort of imminent threat that China and Russia represent to the US.

Under these conditions, the threat of a direct nuclear conflict between major nuclear powers is getting closer by the day. Mind you, the United States has already used nuclear devices against another state once over the course of WWII. Additionally, it’s hardly a secret that American generals would contemplate the so-called ultimate option in a number of military conflicts over the last century multiple times. Even during the Vietnam War, the Pentagon would dream about unloading its nukes. In this regard, it’s hardly surprising that the commander of the United States strategic command (USSTRATCOM) John Hyten has noted that the US should always dominate the field of nuclear research and development.

However, the United States couldn’t be pleased with developing one type of weapons mass destruction. For instance, as it’s been revealed by the Science, an international group of scientists has come to a conclusion that a research programs of the US Department of Defense codenamed Insect Allies reminds an attempt to develop a new type of biological weapons.

All of this facts mean that the international community must say a loud and resounding “no” to the arms race that Washington is trying to lead, instead of taking a sit at at the negotiating table. If it fails to provide the White House with an understanding that it will not tolerate criminal warmongering in any shape or form, all of us could soon become nothing but a pile of nuclear ashes.

By Martin Berger
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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