The West’s Home-Grown Threat

[George Soros has recently said that Chinese leader Xi Jinping poses the biggest ever threat to free society ie the West. The statement was met with varied responses, the most interesting of which was the Chinese response saying this statement is not worthy of a response.]

Mr. Soros is perhaps right in saying that Mr. Xi Jinping is posing a threat to the West, but in the authors’ way of thinking, he is merely doing so with his enormous nation-building program that is poised to put China at the top of the world; not necessarily militarily, but rather economically and technologically. Moreover, if we were to rationally and analytically look at this very complex situation, we will easily see that he is only able to do so because the West is resting on its laurels, capitalizing on the previous achievements of a golden bygone era.

As China has been steadfastly moving forward with reinventing itself with a long term vision, the West has been busy fighting expensive and needless wars, squandering trillions of dollars’ worth of precious resources, including finite resources, to achieve nothing at all.

The Taliban are slowly but surely regaining control of Afghanistan. As for Iraq, during the days of Saddam neither America’s sworn enemy Iran nor the Islamists had any foot hold there. And even though ISIS has been officially defeated, there seem to be many pockets left. Furthermore, if anything, the Iranian influence on Iraq and the region as a whole has been inadvertently bolstered as a result of the ill-thought-out Western gambles.

Back to China, or should we say forward.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said recently that his company goes to China not to seek cheap manufacturing, but for the quality. He stated that in America he cannot fill a room with the kind of technicians and experts he needs, but in China, he can fill a football stadium.

This is the truth because as Chinese people are increasingly becoming fascinated with science and technology, Western high-school graduates are growing increasingly interested in sports, rap music, art, travel, etc. In 2017, China produced 4.7 million STEM graduates (science, technology, engineering and math), India produced 2.6 million and America produced a meager 588,000. The difference is not due to the higher populations of China and India, because the population of China is 4.3 times the population of America, yet it is producing 8 times the number of STEM graduates. In other words, on per capita basis, China is producing nearly twice the number of STEM graduates in comparison to America. On the other hand, on per capita basis also, the number of American STEM graduates is almost identical to India’s. What makes the situation more dire for America is that this gap is widening.

We are talking about comparing the USA China and India here. We are not talking about comparisons with long established developed countries. We are not comparing it with Scandinavian countries or Switzerland, not even with economically-struggling EU nations. Just a few decades ago, China and India lagged by far behind the West on science and technology, and at the time our parents were born, China was afflicted with the problem of TB and opium addictions, and India experienced searing famines and poverty. China was occupied and usurped by Japan and India was still a British colony. For either country to be doing better than America now or just even be on par with it, there are definitely good enough reasons to call for making America great again.

The core issue is the lack of interest of American students in becoming STEM graduates. Ironically, if an American student is scientifically-inclined, he/she will be branded as a nerd. There are countless Hollywood movies that ridicule nerds. But what is the West doing to encourage STEM education? Nothing, because any attempt from Western governments to influence people is seen as totalitarian and socialist.

As a matter of fact, many American hi-tech companies often import English-speaking technical experts from countries like India; not to save on cost, but because they cannot source the skills they are seeking locally. The list includes Microsoft, Intel, IBM and even NASA.

If a fraction of the funds wasted on the above-mentioned needless wars was spent on education and promoting education, perhaps the West, especially America, would not now be in this predicament. Isn’t this a plausible assumption?

In more ways than one, the West is committing suicide. The cycle of the rise and fall of empires hasn’t changed since the rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire and later on Rome. It is a complex subject and we won’t get into it, but to build empires requires generations of builders. Once built, empires need generations of protectors. But eventually, empires end up plagued by generations of destroyers.

When the destroyers get hold of the reigns, there is no one to blame for the consequences of their actions other than the overall failure of the empire they are destroying.

What is happening to the West now is not very different to what happened to Rome when it began its decline, and there is no one to blame but the West itself. No one can honestly attribute the whole responsibility to any particular person or even group. But if we do want to point fingers, we can easily identify self-serving interest groups which are encouraging and nurturing the suicidal trend in the West. To this effect, the biggest culprit will have to be the Neo Left and its allied NGO’s.

Ironically, much is said about the Neo Cons (neo conservatives). This term came to prominence during the first term of George W Bush. This group is not exactly the opposite of the Neo Left; despite the diametrically conservative versus left labels. Notwithstanding the evil of the Neo Cons, which is beyond the scope of this article, for fairness to them, they do not attempt to manipulate minds. Their rhetoric of promoting and exporting western style “democracy”, using B-52’s as the mode of delivery, has an onion skin deep façade. No thinking mind in the world believes their lies. The Neo Left, on the other hand, is an entity that is increasingly becoming popular and credible. It capitalizes on passions and ideas that are so close to the hearts and minds of well-intentioned people. Whilst the Neo Cons and the industrial giants feel at ease to pillage the world for financial gain, the Neo Left pretentiously carries the “progressive” banner such as that of environmental protection among other popular, sensitive and seemingly humanitarian topics; all sentiments predominant among caring anti Neo Con people. They use the same technique to evoke similar wholistic concerns and this is where the danger lies.

Ironically, the definition of the political Left has changed recently, though not formally. By the mid 1990’s theories were proposed from sociologists for example, like Anthony Giddens among others, philosophers and other academics who radically re-examined the nature of “Left” and “Right” and what was happening to them. For the purposes of this article, we hark back to the not too distant past, where Left was best and typically represented by East European leaders like Lenin and Trotsky, Latin Americans like Castro and Guevara, Asian leaders like Ho Chi Minh and Chairman Mao, all of whom fought against colonialism, capitalism and imperialism seeking independence, freedom, justice and the rights of the underprivileged proletariat, or so they said. Whether they were all truthful to their words is another story, but today’s “revolutionary” often is a privileged Westerner, a couch activist, fixated on gender and environmental issues, advocating for legalizing late term abortion, teaching school children that there are 15 different genders and counting the carbon footprints of others, often forgetting his own.

And this brings another aspect of the Western suicide. In addition to the overwhelming prevalence and focus in the West on gender issues, including that of questioning and challenging the value and future of traditional family structures, many Western couples have little interest in procreation. They just want to have fun in life without having the responsibility of children. In a way, this is good because we need to curb the global population growth. But the other 3 billion people on the other side of the planet do not believe in this and, with or without the technological advances they are making, they are generating the manpower to become huge economic hubs.

Respecting people’s inclinations and choices, including sexual ones, is one thing and how the Neo Left is hijacking and manipulating this issue is something else. Most of us have friends and family members who are homosexual, and they are always loved and respected. Many express they are unhappy with how the Neo Left is portraying them. The Neo Left however seems to be driven by men and women who have nefarious agendas which smack of interference in societal structures that have formed the backbone of strong, productive, competitive and viable self-sustaining societies. The focus on challenging and dismantling these age-old structures is evident in the thug-like attacks some of these leaders in the Neo Left display, including their open contempt for the traditional family unit.

It is not too far-fetched to say that in future, if these thugs have their way, pressure, with legal backing, will be put on any “offenders” who challenge this restructuring of family, sexuality and society by way of insisting to live the “old” way and, their human rights may be seriously violated.

Much of these movements driven by the Neo Left are far from being liberation movements. They do not endorse and enact any reform. They are mere cults. They think like cults, preach like cults and act like cults. The authors often wonder who is behind them and benefits from the destruction and havoc they are causing to families and communities.

We read the news today Oh boy about an unlucky woman who made the grade. She was arrested for “misgendering”. And to think that radical prohibitions and policies on heterosexuality and traditional family structures are not on the way?

Turning to matters of the environment; every time the Neo Left closes down a factory in the West for its impact on the environment, China builds ten, using the same technology and manufacturing the same product that goes for consumption in the West. See the irony and hypocrisy here?

With a diminished interest in science and technology, coupled with a decreased interest in procreation, top it up with living in a fantasy world of gender identification obsession, Western carbon foot prints and governments that plunder and pillage other nations squandering trillions of dollars on needless wars, how does the West expect to be able to compete, let alone survive?

China and India are doing what is right for their nations, and they ought to be commended for their diligence. It is the West that is to be blamed for sitting back and expecting itself to magically maintain its wealth.

But here’s one aspect of the problem, and we are not sure if many in the West put two and two together. Most school children in the West today do not learn about their history and the achievements of their forebears. They do not know why their countries are in privileged positions, and this is why they take their fortunes for granted.

Western children do not know that Western scientists of yester years have given them the technological advantage that they are still capitalizing on, but also slowly losing.

They would not know or find out, because instead of teaching them history, the loud and noisy Neo Left has pushed in its twisted and nefarious views and agendas and coerced Western governments to focus primary school education on ill-supported theories about climate change, how to use condoms and that young children have the right to have sex change operations as we have seen in some Western countries.

The Neo Left did not only add stupid foul words and verbs such as the verb “to misgender” to the dictionary, but they have also demonized important words and rendered their use subject to ridicule and criticism. We are talking about words like honour, duty, obligation, decency, morality, sacrifice, shame, humility, patriotism, and the like. Alas, but the authors cannot see one good thing that the Neo Left has done to the minds of people of the West, especially young people.

Now compare this to young Russian students who know what VE Day stood for. All Russians, old and young, celebrate the 9th of May. They parade the streets in solemn remembrance to commemorate an expensive victory that has cost tens of millions of Russian lives. They march proudly festooning their presence with the photos of their loved ones who perished to honour them and their victory, a victory that was not meant to be only for Russia, but for the whole gamut of Allies.

But what is the percentage of Westerners, old and young, who know what that day stands for? How many Westerners in a million remember the date of the downfall of Hitler? What percentage of Westerners take a minute of silence on the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month?

China, India, Russia are more of international competitors than they are a source of threat. They are a threat because the West has become lazy, indifferent and entitled. The only way for America to deal with such “threats” now is to impose trade sanctions because it has lost its competitive edge. Mr. Xi Jinping is hardly to blame. The culprit is more than home-grown; it has become inbred in the Western psyche. It is more demographically diverse than the Marxism that many Westerners purportedly loath.

It is the Neo Left and the NGO’s that come with it, all the way from political correctness to gender confusion to theories of man-induced global warming, just to name a few. This is not to forget NGO’s that capitalize on refugees and migration for their own gain.

Ironically, such organizations consider wholesome and positive awareness education campaigns as acts of totalitarianism as mentioned above, but they have no qualms at all about manipulating the public mind by spreading lies and misinformation. They seem to thrive on spreading ignorance and fear.

They cloak themselves with sanctity, but they are wolves in sheep clothing. We can name only a few of such organizations herein, beginning with the UN, not to forget Amnesty International, AVAAZ, Get-Up, Human Rights Watch, etc. And how can we forget Greenpeace? We urge readers to take the time to read this article written by Dr. Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace. See how he sees that Greenpeace has “lost is moral compass”.

Do the names of such NGO’s sound familiar? Some people with vested interests in the West must be benefiting from this kind of propaganda, misinformation, brain-washing and fearmongering, without giving a second thought to their detrimental effect to their own people and communities.

This is not to forget the thousands of willing recruits who sell themselves to the highest Neo Left bidder, interfering and meddling in global affairs and wars, portraying themselves as supporters, with the sole intention of serving their real masters. They manipulate opinion, take the causes they allegedly support on tangents, create mess and mayhem, open the gates for infiltrators and then move on to new turfs.

This is social engineering at it worst/best. It is all about creating controlled opposition, a tool that diverts the focus and energies of well-intentioned good people and turning them into groups and individuals that can be goaded and manipulated.

It is the Western morally-corrupt element which is solely and merely profit-driven, that is causing the most significant harm to the West, and we can hardly blame Mr. Xi Jinping or China as Mr. Soros did.

By Ghassan and Intibah Kadi
Source: The Vineyard of the Saker

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